"Big data" used for social credit system beta used in china and mandatory in 2020

So china is using the generated data of users to power a measuring system that will give a score to people. The score will influence what they have access or influence, enhance behaviors like in operant conditioning.
I don't want this future anons, what can we do besides promoting freedom respecting software that is of course in general free of spywares ?
Do we need to make or local community aware of this ?

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Why not? It's an effective system to keep people in check. We can help get rid of degenerate faggots by making degenerate faggots have a low social score. This gives people a motivation for not being a degenerate faggot.

Chinese government already has become Big Brother! It made the society in the novel, 1984.

You'll be among the first in the gulags.

Testing grounds for future world-wide application. Mark of the Beast Jew.

Certified brainlet
You don't deserve those dubs

You have slave mentality.

Okay, how would you suggest giving people a reason to have good morals?

We make laws, hold trials for those suspected of violating those laws, and impose punishments on those found guilty of violating them. A social credit score bypasses due process, and that should concern you. If it doesn't, you're a useful idiot.

Isn't the trend in the US to promote degenerates ?

How did our ancestors did ? *Beat your kids.*
There's a lot of reasons for why the traditional way is not as effective as before. Bad parenting comes at first. Violent communication. TV. The internet. Lack of parental authority and more.

The problem with that is that if the structure of the government is too much centralized and obfuscated then you'll have rampant corruption.
Something that would mitigate this is that when the mandate of an elected is valid he should not be able to have a private life until the end of his mandate. That way we remove potential obfuscating of those to who we give power. Another one that could mitigate is that it should be possible to get elected when you have a criminal record. Secret services who spy on the population should also go away.

Well the US doesn't have a social system like this to penalize you for being one.

We already have rampant corruption. Do you think it is a good to put a system that completely bypasses due process in the hands of this corrupt government?

Seriously what, the main problem with this is complete control by those that control these systems, and looking at which people have most power and influence at the moment I can assure you this is not going to be good, at all.

Alphabet/Google is deeply involved in creating systems such as these as well, I forget its project name but recently a video of it surfaced on the web.

It really depends on who is holding the power, in China case it sorta works because their government genuinely wants a good image on surface at least.

But if the same system were to implemented by the leftist, oh boy your mother and daughters are going to have to suck at least 3 Somali nigger cocks in front of cctv only then you can buy 1 loaf of bread.

The Chinese Communist Party couldn't be more "leftist".

Fucking ameritards. I'm almost glad that China will become the world's greatest nation just so they can wipe out the retarded burgers.

China is has had its Communist revolution and America/Europe is undergoing a Communist revolution. What you're seeing in China are the remnants of the revolution, the Communist Party of China has full control there.

I don't see any western leftist ban Hip-Hop, plus they've already experienced what the extreme left could do to their society during the cultural revolution, believe me many survivors don't want to see that ever happen again.

not really
I bet being LGBTWTFBBQ will increase your social credit score because it's Progressive™ and Tolerant™
leftists will dictate the scoring process, at least in the west, even if china is less degenerate

Chinese communism is nothing like American leftism. Source: I've been to China. American SJWs who call themselves "socialist" or "communist" would be MORTIFIED if they ever went to China, or basically ever ventured outside of their American leftist bubbles.

China is extremely racist and anti-gay. They're also not feminist at all either. They treat foreigners and even Chinese ethnic minorities like second-class citizens (compare quality of life for Han majority vs. Uyghur minority, who are in camps in a lot of places still). Han Chinese people take no shit from other races in China.


You might call them leftist, but look at their economy. They're super capitalist. The "communism" part really just means keeping communist party members in power and riches. That's all it is these days. Chinese elites, basically. If you're associated with the party, you're set for life. If not, good luck making it in life.

China has hardcore income inequality. Billionaires and super impoverished people. But China also has a greater "power distance" meaning that poor people actually accept their place in society and understand that not everyone is equal.


China is officially atheist because they worship the communist party members. Keep in mind that their brand of communism means most people are poor, aside from people in coastal cities, especially government-directed SEZs (Special Economic Zones) such as Shenzhen.

If an American SJW went to China, they would not see eye to eye with anyone.

Social credit is about securing power for elites. All those seen as lesser cattle are monitored and assessed for being potential risks to the ruling class. It has absolutely nothing to do with "good morals." Elites are completely immoral.

Chinese government is the worst organisation that has the controlling power over people. They capture people without warrants and touture them. And sometimes Chinese government kills people without legal processes.

It is just a dictatorship and recently it has become worse. Before it was dictatorship by group. Their leader changes every the years. But now Xi Jinping is the only one dictator for his death.

Chinese government leaders changed every ten years. But the current leader Xi Jinping will hold the power till his death. Because he is similar to the dictator in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

There is nothing wrong with dictatorships

Yes, I'm sure the trend of the last 200 goddamn years will switch to the opposite any day now and we'll be living in the fourth Reich where you get a bounty for each faggot or nigger scalp you bring in.
Morals are already a degenerated concept. What we need is a nation of high-quality people that keep to mores instead. If you have to tell people to stop being shit, you've already lost.
And if you let the currently degenerated power structure pass morality laws, you'll be on mandatory estrogen and wearing a pink tutu while sucking off Tyrone, not in some white utopia.

Stop buying chinkshit and recommend others do it as well.
Also, get a rifle and learn to shoot, keep plenty of ammo in your home. Politicians are a lot less likely to try to fuck over a well-armed populace.

Yeah, dictatorship is okay for you slaves. But for me, a freeman, it is not what I can put up with!

Yeah, dictatorship is okay for you slaves. But for me, a freeman, it is not what I can put up with

Nopes. I will buy them more and more since Chinese are anti-SJW (anti-feminist and anti-gay).

Both China and the West are being controlled and influenced by the same groups of people. China has has its revolution with millions of deaths as a consequence, and the revolution in the western world is a bit different but equivalent. The only reason degeneracy and other "Leftist" shit is being pushed is for the weakening and demoralization of the west so it can be more easily taken over by countries such as China, Russia, etc. In the end they're all working together but it's just a game and prophecy fulfilling for them. Communism is only about the destruction of a nation so it can be more easily replaced by your own governance model.

You're right morals come naturally to some people, if not they aren't worth saving.

This is not new. They already had this since 1950s or even earlier. It's just a digital dàng'àn with some added features/optimized for the digital era.
It's inevitable unless we change the worldline with some big event like WWIII. is right in some way. How do you enforce the law on a large population? Keep in mind that by 2050 world's population will be around 10 billion people. You should be scared of this more than some meme system that most likely won't work properly half of the time.
Unless you live in some remote village in the mountains you're wasting your time. Try to imagine yourself as an average normalfag. You have 2 options: listen to some fag from Zig Forums talking about shit you don't understand or go to Stacy's birthday party and get your dick sucked.
They'll most likely be dead before this comes to the west. Most of them don't even understand the concept of filesystem on their computers. Talking to them about AI big data neural network face recognition social score surveillance system is like explaining calculus to your dog. To get somewhere with this you would need to do some of the following: do something with money, make a crypto currency that rewards people for taking care of their privacy, infiltrate entertainment industry (music, sports, movies), infiltrate dating/porn industry (don't know how this would work, maybe make some weird hentai about free software or something), make memes (most realistic option).

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t. kike to the white-nationalists
I don't believe a single word of it.

Hm, Henry Kissinger is one prominent person involved with China very early on, but he was certainly not the only person heavily involved in both China and the West
Not a white Nationalist, just don't want to be genocided.

You sound very undeducated, read into the chinese communist revolution and the figures behind it

I wouldn't know where to send people to, to be honest... I'll have to find a good resource on it.



Even intelligent people are susceptible to propaganda, just a different kind which strokes the ego. Think the urban middle-class writing off rural folk as dumb hicks. We're fucked because a certain group of people have completely infiltrated our avenues of communication, entertainment, and information distribution, and completely control what goes into the minds of everyone in the western world

So you're basically Hitler.

Isn't because of it's central and obfuscated nature ?
If that bypass can be done by a small group, handful or one person then no.
After all such system depends on how it's implemented and how the whole country is organized. Some countries have such laws for exceptional/emergency cases which is understandable, what isn't understandable or ok is that these state of emergency became permanent. Thus they became a totalitarian regime under the sheet of being a democracy.
Btw that might be called reinforcement.

People are hopeless
< But user, so what if they read everything I post, don't you know that satellites can track all of your movement anyway? The solution is so fucking simple: just don't use it. But no, people get addicted to bad shit all the time, even if they know it's bad. Trying to get normies off the botnet is like trying to get a smoker to stop smoking.

Religion works great.

Do you have reason to consider the system "benevolent" (i.e. its values and motives to coincide with yours)? Because past experience shows clearly that it's a very unlikely thing to happen.

But it's technology which allowed them to achieve this state, isn't it.

Actually, this just begs the question: why haven't the CIAniggers implemented a similar social credit system? Or has the public just not heard of it yet?


How does that fit into the popular statement that the average Chinese has a higher IQ than the average European?

except that christianity is illegal in china

The West in its current state is much more corrupt and treacherous towards the citizen, thus if/when they implement something similar (assuming they haven't already), it will most likely be hidden and kafkaesque rather than openly declared like in China.

No u.

An alternative version of it exist but not for the same reasons, it's called the Fico Score.

It's ok when we do it.

Take a step out of your echo chamber and look at real human beings you paranoid drone.
Those types of people are rarer than literal Nazis

Fucking this
I know it's hard for autists to accept, but nothing will ever improve. The average person will love and embrace this future with open arms. Blackpillfag was right. We cannot stop (((them))). WE LOST.

So are Orthodox Jewish people. SJWs hate actual judaism and Israel.

Talking about yourself in the third person is degenerate. -50 points.

Fucking thank you for this, user. Everyone, and I mean everyone needs to understand that you cannot stop this. The only thing we can do is fully embrace it or commit suicide. As more and more people on Zig Forums are taking the blackpill, as they should. We need to drop any notion of fighting back, and focus our efforts into living in the inevitable dystopia.
Now and forever:

Doesn't change the fact that we lost and should not bother fighting back. Take the blackpill like the rest of us.

Exactly why there is no reason for us not to surrender. We are losers, for all eternity.


I suggest we follow them.


God bless him. We should have listened.

As a female hacker and apt social engineer, I welcome our new Sesame credit overlords.

No reason for us not to embrace it.

If you cannot spot something wrong with the last few posts, I urge you to leave 8ch and any other communities I browse.

Yep. This will only work against us.
"we found you browsed chans every day for a decade, your social credit is minus eleventy quillion.
Note how many on this thread even are saying "and that's a good thing!". Short sighted, brainless bots.

I think you're the short-sighted brainless bot.
The only way this affects you is if you're some urban fag living in some botnet city. Be a real man, move into the wilderness and live off the land

Good post.
WW3 seems to be the only way to derail a lot of the anti-human poison that has been happening.
What a pity, as humanity had such potential, and it is all being thrown away, diverted by (((them))).

Do you really need it spelling out for you, fuckwit.
No facebook A++ means no credit card, and cash is being phased out already.
No job, no bank account, no ability to pay taxes, nor be a land-owner. No access to education for you or your children. No gun license.
If you haven't attended fag-embracing class for the mandatory amount, you become a non-citizen.
You can try to disappear and start a commune, they really encouraged that in waco and charles manson's gang.
How often do you use money, or the internet.
They already want people to have a fixed identity online, this is the ideal way to enforce it.
You really aren't capable of thinking for yourself, are you.
Same as the dogshit for brains who say "lol let them come 4 my guns lol we gun shoot them y'all". How many times has that worked out, as law after law is passed,

>thinking similar system wouldn't be used in the (((west))) to punish everything non-degenerate
you naive fool

What part of live off the land didn't you understand? If you seriously believe you need a credit card to survive you're just useless nigger cattle, no better than the "brainless bots" you whinge about

Kill yourself.


Nice work ignoring 90% of the post. It must have really hit a nerve when you read brainless bot. Your face turned read and you started thrashing at your keyboard. Second time you've quoted it. Maybe you should have a break from the computer, Mr. Wilderness. On the internet paid for with a credit card.
Cash is disappearing, some countries are 90% cashless now and are discussing phasing it out completely.
You clearly don't have land or a cabin, I doubt you own any property. Bit of a hypothetical prepper, aren't you.
Do you even have a job.
Are you planning to buy an axe and walk into the woods then build it all yourself with your non-existent skills.


Projection. Face it, you're useless nigger cattle, leeching off the very same institutions you claim to hate. No amount of deflectionary criticism can change that. Learn to take care of yourself, learn to live without being babied with government and corporate assistance. Then maybe people will take your faggy boomer posts seriously

Do you think that a nuclear holocaust will change anything ?

is right in some way
One way for people to stop behaving in a way that negates them and future generation is education, with education you make their vocabulary evolve but education can be poisoned like it happened in the US seek the book "The Underground History of American Education: A School Teacher's Intimate Investigation Into the Problem of Modern Schooling" for more details.
But it goes further than just being educated it's also how we communicate with each other, reading this board is a good example of violent communication seek the book "Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life" to understand what it means I think this is even more important than education, because people don't need a lot to be happy, they just need to stop the chain reaction that they are part of to stop most of their troubles.

Yet everything I said is true, isn't it.
You are repeating yourself with that impotent nerd rage bubbling out. Bla bla "you claim to hate" bla bla.
You didn't like being identified, did you. Npc.
Go back to watching netflix.

Any kind of major cataclysm will interrupt and disassemble the current control structures. They are reliant on the internet and mass media to influence people. With that gone, people revert to common sense and in the moment logic, trust in their kin and so on. Not sitting around waiting for omnipresent voices telling them what to think.

step 1: world nuked, russia vs europe, china vs US or whatever
step 2: survivors and civilians dies from starvation, lack of medication or just kill themselves
step 3: new leaders and tribe lick mentality comes back to 100%
step 4: people revert to common sense and in the moment logic
Seems legit.

They are reliant on smartphones and proprietary software.

Aren't you waiting for a major event to do something ?

Such patrician posts! Someday all will face the fact that our techological overlords will win forever, and we will live in a forever distopia. Blackpill user was so much right its not ever funny!


Based. Blackpill user wins again.


More deflection. For the third time, you need to own up to the fact that you're just nigger cattle. You're the type of person to bitch and moan about the government and corporations, while at the same time wageslaving, paying your taxes and mortgage like a good goy. You'll be working shit jobs, taking pride in your meaningless promotions until you're 70 like the worthless nigger cattle that you are. All because you're incapable of taking care of yourself, needing the government and the nestle corporation just to survive. And yet you'll bitch and moan about it the whole time while doing absolutely nothing to improve your situation.

God I hope you're right. I am becoming more and more racist and elitist with each passing day. Every day I have to deal with niggers and other types monkeying up everything. My parents are white and gave me a proper education but going through life every day and seeing people disrespecting everything just kills me inside. I feel like there's no point to playing by the rules if I'm just going to get fucked constantly. I constantly wonder what it was like centuries ago where people lived with their own people


I don't see a social credit score happening in the west, at least in the way China has it. The first system we'll see is a Customer Lifetime Value score, but instead of being for a specific company it's for many. And even if we did have a government one, it wouldn't be that left-leaning. They're not going to give more points to someone who doesn't "support the troops", or who thinks capitalism doesn't work and should be abolished.
Not that the social credit score would be okay if it supported the "right" kinds of morals though.

You still haven't explained to him why you're any different.

you have white jews backed by a military industrial complex occupying brown muslims.
They don't hate Judaism, but they certainly consider israel problematic.

Nestlé not so great tbh, Van Houten is superior.

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open normies eyes to what google truly does, anons

I bet you couldn't even go a week without using the internet.


The customer service for AMD Products is very poor. I purchased an AMD Product which failed soon after installation, however the customer service told me to buy another one. I did not get a refund for my AMD Product. In the future, I will always purchase Intel Products.

Evelyone risten to this crever man

That is exactly what a totalitarian regime will do, after promoting infidelity, homosexuality, cross-dressing and eunuchs, making pre-school, generaly underage children available to sexual predators, sure. Punishments for parents and concerned public dished out by the regims legal system is just an error that will self-rectify the moment they have even more power over you, do I get this right?

Yes, a totalitarian behavior control system is inherent incapable to push for even more degenerate behavior, Mr. Peabrain.

Exactly what your overlords in the USA want for themselves. You are not under the illusion, that you will be belonging to this new, inherited, small and closed upper class, aren’t you?

Exactly, the movement to introduce it in the West call it “nudging”, superficial soft totalitarianism like “political correctness” under a thin coat of “caring” lies cold and stone hard autoritarism.

It exist, as a shadow system of different parts, that just need to be connected. The glow niggers own databases, the banks, insurance, medical and social security databases.
What do you think “social media” in the West is?

You need curency to pay your taxes. If you don’t pay taxes you will be an outlaw and the state will destroy you. How old are you, 14? You should know that to use this site you have to 18 or older!

The government is going to destroy you, not babying you, like a farmer destroys a pest or stray animal that he don’t own.

t. an israel government person

Pretty sure that's an anime setting

This is the expected development of a dense technological society. When I say technological I don't mean 'individuals are well versed in technology' but rather technology is present in their lives all the time. When you create artificial habitats like the big cities of today, you've stripped a living being off of the need to survive by using the environment and made it use the society and infrastructure instead. It's only natural to have the infrastructure know of its ants - furthermore, you can have it auto-regulate itself by shunning bad goy behavior and thoughts by collecting data on them. This is the culmination of the quantity over quality / capital over people principle and it will only get more relevant and more potent. I for one don't see it as a bad thing in such a context, in fact, the bad thing here is the context itself.

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Uncontrolled self-containg industrialism was a mistake.

There is literally no stopping this now.
Blackpillanon was fucking right and you people refused to listen. The coming dystopia is inevitable, and will go on for the rest of our lives, and for the next 10,000 years. At the bare minimum. We have nothing to live for anymore. We surrender our freedoms, and this world. It's all fucking over.



archive.fo/JIP56 (a copy-paste from original source because the latter is full of javashit)