Brit/pol/ #2597: New Wheels Edition

Church of England's plan for transgender baptisms outrages bishops

Gatwick Airport drone arrests: Accused couple are 'lovely people', say neighbours

Police at British airports will be armed with drone-catching bazookas which can trap rogue miniature aircraft in nets as fears grow of Gatwick copycats

Israeli Islamic State threatens US & EU cities with drone attacks in chilling new poster after Gatwick chaos

‘Damaged drone’ found near airport as police offer £50k in hunt for Gatwick Grinch

Corbyn faces furious Labour backlash over backing Brexit

Fiona Onasanya compares herself to Jesus after being found guilty of lying over speeding charge

Thames Estuary cargo ship: Men charged with affray

Poultry farmer thanks 'vegan mafia' for helping him sell out of Christmas turkeys after death threats

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wew really? what happened?

Imagine if everyone had treated him like the petty vandal he is from the beginning, he'd have gone nowhere.
It's why I'd put money on him having ((backing)), you see shitty graffiti all over the place, his is nothing special.

fuck pakis

Very hungover and a chicken legend for breakfast

good lad. I think I might have a magnum

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inb4 SA starts pickpocketing.

What kind of proud European would buy a Vauxhall or fly the union jack?

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How the fuck is she visiting everyone? Is she just breaking in?

does she have an actual disability or is she just a bit autistic

Good lad

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I'll pay you a Lord Ilay to stop

Local councils have done it a few times and no one really cares

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and I'd still rather do that

Typical scoobydoo look

Looks as I'd imagine him to.

Banksy is a sanctimonious middle class twat who makes money off other sanctimonious middle class twats tbh.



Whats that in Lizzys?

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Actual name is Robin Gunningham


Does he use twitter or facebook? It would be amusing if your response would be to tell him you're going small claims court to recoup the cost of cleaning your wall.

By convention a Lord Ilay is worth one fifth of an Elizabeth Fry but they're not "real" money.

who else here spending Christmas at Zig Forums?

Got the old GTX 1080ti turbo card not long ago for £650. Fucking great it is. Shrugs off anything I throw at it.

basted, I also have the 1080ti. Hopefully Nvidia go bust and our 1080tis gain value.

Good lad

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Unleash your inner anglo

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Never noticed the guy in the attic before

lel I keep forgetting about the filter

yeah no front door ether.its clearly the a cross section of a much longer house. gotta think in 3D m8. expand your mind, dude.




Anyone else here running a 970 still? It holds up pretty goddamn well

That shit played 4 times in work the other day

played in mine as well


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saw them at Field Day 2017, was pretty great

My gayman rig has a HD 4850 What games do you lads even play that you consider it worthwhile to spend significant amounts of money upgrading?

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So good

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The Undateables is the best TV show of the last decade tbh


me on the spectrum

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stop posting this

*listens to real music*

evening, lads

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Music thread?

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I'd love to meet Alice and bring her out her shell.


Worst part is 1:13 tbh, she starts relaxing and coming out of her shell but the great autistic manchild keeps butting in and one-upping her.

tbh tbh

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doesn't she say at the end that he's too autistic for her or something lmao. and that she was really just looking for a normal guy
tfw no autistic gf

The painful thing is that I'm probably this autistic to most people

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this is fairly cool tbh

this. I feel that the only difference between me and the undatables is that I have a single shred of self awareness and shame, enough to never put myself into crindgy situations like that.

Well at least he can't get his pillow pregnant. Probably a good thing.


imagine this cunt knocking on your door at Halloween and asking for sweets.

its strange to think that your face and head is mostly empty Sinus space

take the bloomer pill

most of it is probably full of snot tbh


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wrong link fuck

dont worry he'll have ED soon

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Reminds of the guy who dicked most of the girls at his uni's anime club.

lad lad lad if you booked a hotel room on the first date these days you'd probably get accused of attempted rape

Maybe there is something to the autistic neanderthal theory.

If things go tits up with the mrs i'll find out what spacca dating agency this is, fake some autistic traits and grab myself some special fanny like Alice. Tickityboo

it'll be fine lad

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everyone just treats him like a retarded child, even Richard talks to him like he's not normal, yet everyone is trying to say autistic people are normal

lad how to take a qt prude bisexual emo girl on a first date? she may or may not be my old mate's little sister

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it's the elephant in the room tbh, he looks like james may if he'd been dropped on his head at birth

pretty sure Mary and the fam were travelling "home" not to another country. also they did go back in the end.

I see you're too stupid to understand that Mary and Joseph were refugees.

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Welcome to the new version of circus freak shows, where they are "better" than the old fashioned ones because at least they aren't 'mean'.

They fled into Egypt which was a part of Rome, and then went back. guess that means open the borders!


He is to James May as Hugo is to Bart Simpson tbh

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Surprised anyone could be this retarded tbh.

Look elsewhere tbf. That sounds like hard work and could get you in a fight with an old friend. Don't shit where you eat lad.

ye lad, she's a virgin but she finds both attractive

They've been doing this for years now, even before Trump and Brexit we were bombarded with "UMM JESUS WAS A REFUGEE NOW LET THE REFUGEES IN"

Is James May autistic?

These things aren't adding up lad.