Brit/pol/ #2598: Crimbo Eve Edition

Poll: One in Four German Adults Do Not Celebrate Christmas
Seventeen million Germans, or nearly one in four, over the age of 18 do not celebrate Christmas and the majority of those are young males.

Queen Elizabeth II Will Urge Common Decency, Respecting Differences in Run-up to Brexit
A traditional seasonal message from British and Commonwealth monarch Queen Elizabeth II will be broadcast worldwide on Christmas day, with the content of the 2018 address widely interpreted in UK media as being an appeal to civility in the run-up to the official Brexit date in March 2019.

Queen Victoria's daughter died in debt to tobacconist due to secret smoking habit, documents reveal

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everyone spam so we get a new thread for crimbo lol

I love history but /his/ has been so bad since its inception, sad.

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Not the best Christmas tbh lads smh

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Yeah, I don't care about history, but can imagine it being shit if the board that is for it is shilled to fuck.

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There needs to be Christmas slags tbf lad

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that's a nice choccy lab
looks like hes seen some shit though tbh

shames me when i dont even drive

He needs something to cheer him up this Christmas tbf

and what a beautiful doggo he is


Summat like this?

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we need to unban 22 to get the shit posts out in time.

Phwoar, meant it more as in easy lasses around Christmas time

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Perfect innit. I want to snuggle up to her and sleep on her mound like a comfy cat.

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why the FUCK wont I die between her thighs

he'll kill himself by 35 they all do

she looks exactly like a slag I was chatting to that I went off because she revealed herself to be an even bigger slag than I thought.

Uhh guys. Our guy is cracking. What is going on big guy? I know you browse here.

Because you have't doxed and kidnapped her yet? Obviously you will racing against me and I have money to fly over to Sweden unlike you.

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Love that image tbh

Merry Christmas lads

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Merry Christmas lad.

Second can of lager lads

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on my fourth beer and second slonk

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Lass, we always bully homos, no matter the time of year

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Every time

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What the fuck is this lads?


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Should've just pumped and dumped her then.

nah lad it was revolting

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more details needed tbh

She said all her mates were blokes. That's enough to know.


Is that literally it or are you watering it down?

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Fair enough
She's probably got a dutty bucket anyway.

The implication was that she had fucked them all, it was the way she said it. I cut all communication.

Going to have a bath and then start drinking
this documentary is mad

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Cheeky civic posting tbh

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What sort of civic is she?

got all your presents lads?



I got the Mrs a proper prezzie and a joke prezzie.

Whitest looking Mexican I've ever seen.


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this is VERY comfy

embed code not valid

ok fuck it, doesn't seem to work with vimeo
Happy Holidays with Bing and Frank (1957), 25m


wew lad, he's /arelad/

I know, but he looks a bit fucked. Yesterday in his vid it looked like he went 5 hours straight watching TGSNT.

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white latinas are top tier civics tbh

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Good lad

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Think I might watch BR2049 again tonight tbh

would watch if someone streamed tbh


this, only he can save christmas now

So whats the scoobydoo on this Common Law stuff?
Is Lawful Rebellion the way to go?

Fuck you lad

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Need a wee, one of you lads mind my pint yeah?

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*spikes your drink*

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Reckon Jezzas wife deserves the Jeb! treatment.

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Nice. I have a soft spot for Hungarian, Czech women tbh.

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why the FUCK am I not choking on her toes right now


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Kino tbh

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what channel, lad?

London Live, near the end tbf though


Watched some Twin Peaks kino just before tbh

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zoomers will lead the race war

Lads, it's a terrible feel

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Smh so degenerate yet so good

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**I thought the rentboy work paid well?

dude women get paid for existing why get mad at that shit

who pays for that stuff lol
is it old people?

people get off to giving women, look up findom.

gettin slonked for christmas

Where do you think we are?

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*enters thread*