Have you signed the S.W.E.A.T. Pledge yet, wagie?

Have you signed the S.W.E.A.T. Pledge yet, wagie?

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How would you convince someone this steeped in "terms they understand"?

You could start by not assuming that it can't be done.

Then what?

uhhh idk lmao

You can't convince, only emancipate.

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For the religious right, I would start with the environmental issues and show how the whole economic drivers we've been using the cause, maybe take a little side trip to explain corporate propaganda and why they think it's a hoax, move onto the history of the revolutionary period. Their ideological forefathers reacted negatively against the liberals who made (the European) serfs become mill town industrial slaves. There may have been no serfs in the Americas, but the industrial and wage slavery was just the same. Explain the origin of the term "red-neck"

Rowe is also generally against democracy. "Can't trust them kids to elect decent people", so some nuts are harder to crack, but most are on board with fighting the government, as they are steeped in individualism. The right-wing collectivists, of course, are usually the nationalists, so fuck them.

Now if only we could convince the left-wing collectivists to ditch their political ambitions. Read some Bookchin or something, I donno.

This is the only convincing he needs

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I don't see that at all. In fact, what I see is that he thinks that he owes his labor to the people who give him the "opportunity" to work. His boss is of central importance, and thus all his work must belong to him.

This one is so old. Made it in 2015

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Do you not know that Mike Rowe is an actor? Here is his life: His parents are teachers. He goes to school. He takes up acting. No drudgery between these points. He doesn't know what's it like to work the same blue-collar job for a year or even a month. Him being presented as a spokesman for blue-collar issues is like somebody who plays a doctor on TV giving health advice.

Also his main claim to fame was his show Dirty Jobs which was just poverty tourism.

Bob Black fans will defend them

then again, I see their point. works both ways I guess.

Lol I always assumed this was just some guy.

That makes it worse.

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Nope. I don't know jack shit about TV personalities who are not athletes.

Not him but it's news to me also. It all makes sense now.

pic related
I like how it says "nothing more" but omits the standard "nothing less". Real subtle, my nigga. Also "pursuit of happiness" is like "access to affordable healthcare" btw.
read The Jungle and then neck yourself my dude
I am picturing an enthusiastic mortician.
Somebody should tell the capitalists about this outlook on debt.
Wow, he is actually high-key against OSHA. He should chop of some of his fingers so he can have solidarity with the working man.
This distinguishes you as somebody who will do more for less and will get you stuck getting paid shit and being assigned all the crap work for the rest of your life.
"My discomfort at complaining is more important than the problem causing the complaining" sounds like snowflake talk to me.
Piracy is also free, but I'll never see your ass endorsing that. You know what's not free though? Gas to get to the library or electricity to read the books at home.
"I believe that I am a product of my choices - not my circumstances."
"I will never blame anyone for… the challenges I face" even though they're demonstrably caused by people and won't go away just because I ignore them. What a submissive cuck.
"I will never accept the credit for something I didn't do" - TELL THE CAPITALISTS.
Then you're a morally and ethically bankrupt.
Yeah, Trump worked his butt off for that small loan of a million dollars, huh? And you Mike Rowe worked your but off for that nice watch you're wearing in this picture?

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congratz you fell for his bait

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