Brit/pol/ #2599: Merry Christmas Edition

Too Christmasey to find links smh

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Good lad

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That blankpost at the end cucked me from posting this thread

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Watching that BBC BBC Jazz thing. Jokes tbh..and nice

for him

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Decent, pal.

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if i was a mod i'd make all the threads and they would be nice with lots of links
clearly this lack of OP's is because of a mod shortage tbh

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Jesus was a model refugee. He went back home before he grew up.


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smdh finally got home from being innawoods for christmas

Well got old chap, well got

smh lad we were worried sick, Merry Christmas to you and yours

how are the pups doing this christmas

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yeah there was no internet or phone connection, I tried to take a picture it was like being in fargoland at my grandmummies house. only thing to do was listen to wild turkeys. not even cold enough to go ice fishing

what the fugg
I wanted to play vostroyans guard last year as well. settled on praetorians then gave up because plastic crack was too demoralising. too expensive and time consuming and I find the game itself really boring tbh

where'd you go innawoods? relatives? that's cool lad

fat and pissed tbh Merry Christmas

wew, there were lads looking for you on multiple boards last night.

yeah my grandma lives on the tip of the "thumb" sub pennisula of the normal michigan penninsula and its very very isolated farmland (about 5-10 miles between farms) and very very flat until you get to the lake huron coast which is all fishing villages/ mini ports



I literally just watched bad santa on dvd like 3 times in a row

In Michigan? Is there any snow yet? Are the woods spooky? Do they make that comfy creaky noise when it's windy?


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yeah there was some snow but now its melted, its not cold enough for heavy ice though. there were migrating canadian mute swans around and other migratory burds on the lake. the woods are very pretty north of where I was. in my grandma's town its like being in fargo

i get what you mean by thumb, that's just crazy to me. if you fly over the UK it seems to me like one big farm/town conurbation with limited forest

sick model though tbh

always makes me kek how this song came about because she got so butthurt at skinheads bullying chinks but that verse is so extremely "racist" by modern lefty standards

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yeah its almost too isolated in some parts of the USA and Canada. where I live normally is not too far from the big cities but innawoods is very isolated if you don't know everyone in the town. you can drive for hours and see absolutely nothing but barns

Yerr merry fackin crimbo boys just been havin a few cold ones by meself out in the shed here. I gave that glittery corey to Echo like I said and fackin hell you shoulda seen the look on her face boys it made me so fackin proud I was nearly fackin cryin. That cunt of of a fackin harpy bitch inside is even cuttin me some slack and she's lettin me use the old washo half-price today so I've been trying to get me dunders all washed today and that'll hopefully give me a few spare quid to get me airbrush fixed so I can get the fackin coreys finished. Anyway boys I'm gunna sign off now, might pop back inside and see if that cunt's in the mood for giving me a christmas handy haha! Later boys merry crimbo

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smdh did he died? I haven't had a computer for 3 days and now its like the economy is collapsing and drump is getting BTFO epic style.

whats a corey?

advice for 2019 lads

wish one of the founders was given an immortality potion so he could keep that ideological strand of american thought alive that believed that the naturally high birthrate of americans would be enough to populate the continent and mass immigration wasn't necessary smdh

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yeah thomas jefferson would have had an autism ragefit if he saw shartica today


i will never not laugh at those jokes about the founders being brought back and saying "you let the niggers and women… vote?"

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the stock market went down a lot i heard



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that lad posted it the other day now its stuck in my head
love when the chorus kicks in

kek did you not see me post it 10 minutes ago?

finished me second turkey sandwich

shit didnt see
sorry lol

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that armour doesn't look practical but she is ready for a fight

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Sounds very comfy. Merry Christmas lad.

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It makes sense that the shemitah would be invoked on a Christmas. Well, back to toiling for another 5 years to get back to where i was last year.

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thanks lad merry christmas


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xth for roast cat and spiders

The collapse is coming I told you lads.

lucky I finished my prep before christmas

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don't worry lad the central banks can print another 20 trillion dollars

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Just gonna die tbh

good lad, I have most of my shite together as well. going to pick up more ramen and beans tomorrow and get some more tradeable shite

buy 5 cases of lip gloss and a ton of lady razors lad you'll be king of Michigan

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do you live in the UK?


How fucked am I?
Where do I start?

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good lad, I did buy a case of shampoos for the explicit purpose of buying a gf

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the yorkshire state must be built

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Unironically lad? Because I think I might actually put something together this year just for just in case. What you got?

Wondering what would be best for our environment tbh, think food, some vital items for trade and maybe a generator would be more use than a load of survivalist gear tbh. Though I love survivalist type gear so will end up with some anyway. Depends on the type of shtf I suppose and best to plan for both, but even as bad as we are I can't quite see us going full Bosnia quite yet.

Get a crossbow, freeze dried goods, buy lighters in bulk, buy gold in that order.

buy a premade bug out bag, get your slingshot licence and grow some tomatoes


Crossbow, some silver and I have stored 2 weeks worth of food and 2 weeks worth of alcohol.

im just starting tbh, but Im pretty cool.

you dont need a license for slingshots, bows or crossbows.

You've likely got 6 months if shit is actually going to go down.

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Im thinking about rabbit/chicken coop. How expensive would they be?

food expires fast even if canned.

get a crossbow a pair of baofengs, fire starting stuff, collapsable water containers, silver, comfort food that keeps long time, shaving stuff, soap, first aid stuff, fish antibiotics, DIY manuals on house framing and wiring and plumbing

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I know, bit disgusting isn't it but it is Christmas so just going to ignore that.

*tries to resist a joke about you and prep*
Yeah pretty good plan tbh. It's one of the things that would be a kingmaker in a real shtf scenario and I don't really have the means apart from joining a club, and the chances of them agreeing to let me store one at home would be slim. Guess I'd be forced to either kill someone who has one or buy from the black market in minecraft.

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Best to start growing your own food if you are rural tbh.

go back to the goyhedge comments section you 27 year old boomer

the scoobydoos are such a swinish race, last saturday I sparred against some kike who was "krav maga" expert in open sparing and he was the biggest pushover autist

actually tbh you should try growing your own food if you have the space anyway.

Im in a pretty small and overpopulated island although im semi rural. Ive got enough land for a atleast one coop.


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chuckled haha
yeah but then the government has like 100x as many guns as people do probably so it would be pointless really i guess

tbh Steiner has good taste in milkies so I trust his advice on this

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nah theres always international arms dealers and defectors.

will you keep mummy gretchen on a leash and walk her through the settlement making her oink like a sow for the amusement of your concubines?

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maybe in minecraft. tbf she is too much of a swarthy german for my tastes


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they literally can't help it can they

Crossbow is on my to buy list, already have a decent powered air rifle. I'm still not sold on the viability of silver tbh. Food, water, first aid and tradable items/goods are a definite though. Just have to rotate it when expiry is near.

SyriaHo won't put out, serves them right.


You're not fucked lad, muh shemitah has been a memi for years and never happens. Smh @ happeningfags