Alt righters call leftists crybabies who want a safe space

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Zig Forums doesn't like Trump btw

Yeah sure, they don't like him now, because they're Nazi Hipsters, once X thing gets popular and people see how dumb as shit it is they pretend they never supported it. Same with Milo and Spencer and Carl of Swindon.

I don't think they ever liked Milo but tbh I believe what happened to them is kinda like what has happened to socialists who used to like and voted for syriza. They (and us) just lose hope of not being able to have what we want, so out of desperation we go for the closest thing, even if we know it won't do anything or even cause our movements harm, or we realize it later. Zig Forums needs to realize that they'll never get a guy that'll do the things they want through elections, same for us.

The bigger mistake is thinking Zig Forums actually has any coherent beliefs beyond provoking outrage and making shitty political memes. Out of every serious neo-Nazi that board produces who actually takes his beliefs seriously there’re a thousand LARPers who are there for laughs or are complete losers who hide their “beliefs” (cowards)

The aut-right are retarded hypocrites, we know.

Zig Forums are pretty much more overtly racist lolberts, they'll crawl back to their daddy to vote for him in 2020.

The anarchists and leftcoms have been saying this for decades now. Y'all niggas need to stop falling for respectability politics.

Zig Forums and the aut-right aren't necessarily the same thing and while most of Zig Forums are losers it only takes one genuine reactionary from there to pump some lead into a strike. We should consider them and those adjacent to them dangers to any emergent working class movement.

well there's this other board but nah not gonna mention it

At this point, I no longer know what "alt-right" even means.

As far as I know, it was Zig Forums's handiwork, until shit hit the fan and Trump began shilling for Israel and zionists. Then they pussied out and denied ever supporting Trump, nevermind the fact they flooded the internet with Trump memes.

Either way, if you're refering to Trumpturds, they get far more triggered when someone burns that piece of shit made in china cloth they call the american flag. Just look at the whole nike boycott shit. When it comes to Zig Forums, you can easily trigger them by sending an image of a white woman getting gangbanged by a bunch of "niggers", or even just tame family pics of an interracial couple (black male/white female).

The only thing “serious neo-nazis” have done in Burgerland is either, stab gay uni students, or shoot each other over religious shit.

Hi Zig Forums.

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I think he was talking about 8/pol/.
4/pol/ is just a bunch of retarded boomers so it's obvious that they'll like Trump.

They now don’t like trump. They use to like him. And viewd him as “anti-establishment anti-Zionist”

Oh god, was it fun to watch them get completely fucked by the very guy that memed their asses off for. The fanatical denials of reality and the claims of 23-dimentional Chutes and Ladders were the best part.

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How did they ever trick themselves into believing either of those?

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Memes are a hell of a drug.

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They don't want to talk to me because they never read book about politics of philosophy other than mein kampf or some other sci-fi. They only communicate with maymays, if you write more than 2 sentences in one post they are unable to even read what you wrote. Really makes me think sometimes.

Serious Neo-nazis are the paperweight level.

Even tankies have more potential than """serious natsocs"""". Yes they hate Zig Forums with passion but they are the kings of spooks and passivity. When it comes only to Zig Forums, NS larpers there unironically even associate with capitalists and have very poor understanding of what left is, I don't even take them seriously.

Spectacle stronk. And you gotta admit Trump is pretty good at it.
It is unlikely that Trump read or even heard about Debord but he seems the purest avatar of what the French drunkard is talking about

Lol, as if you lefties have any potential.

Here you admit you don't know that if you want to achieve something, you need effort. Here you admit that you couldn't give less of a shit about your folk and family. I don't sperg to my coworkers and boomer family members, I just ask them simple question and let them come to their own conclusions.

You retarded lefties abandoned anticapitalism so you could reinforce your anti-white politics. We'll gladly co-opt the proworker rhetoric, you're dipshits for throwing it away.
Trump's not perfect, but it's obvious leftists are jealous of the powerful movement behind him.

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Really fires my walnuts

Nice strawman. You completely missed the point fashie.

No, we're just baffled by the fact you fashies are still sucking his dick, despite the fact he's a fucking zionist shill. Weren't you all against k¡kes? Now there's such thing as a good k¡ke? Why didnt you vote for Sanders, then? He's actually a much better jew than Trump; at least he actually wanted to benefit the working class and not vow down to big pharma and multinational corporations, not to mention being fuckbuddies with Netanyahu.

You mean you don't understand why working class people despise leftists, and instead side with Trump? Hmm.

You support LGBT politics, despite most of the working class being straight.
You support feminism, despite most of the working class being for traditional gender roles.
You support unlimited immigration, despite the working class wanting strong border security.
You support international entities, despite the working class being patriotic.
You support censorship, despite the working class liking freedom of speech.

We here on the rightwing will gladly take up the mantle of anti-capitalism. You threw it away, it's ours now. Enjoy having muke and contrapoints, We'll welcome the working class into our rightwing resurgence, happening in europe, brazil, and the USA.

Liberals are not leftists. There is barely a left in America

European countries are losing their leftwing, as rightwingers become anticapitalist, and leftwingers become nationalists. Who do you think is funding the migrants to come across the world into europe? It is extremely rich capitalists. Who is funding all the tranny politics? Again, the capitalists.

Who do you side with? Do you side with the working class people trying to preserve their home? Or do you side with the international capitalists?

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I love how libertards pretend that they have a broad mandate, because a guy who lost the popular vote to an awful cunt who supports all the things that they (and we) hate got elected anyway because of the electoral college still being a thing in an election in which voter turnout was at a twenty-year low. Oh, and now he has an approval rating in the thirties. Clearly Trump has the working class' unwavering support.

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There is this word "capitalism" that seems to mean something that they dislike, but they don't really know what it is. They only know that the way to fight it is to work harder for their bosses and accept lower wages and fewer benefits.

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The NPC meme is real, you lie so quickly about so many things and try to change the subject to stop the conversation, because you refuse to explain yourselves. Is it working? Do you have the working class revolution? No, you have trannies, Muke, and international corporations on your side.

Try actually being honest and explaining yourselves for once.


This is not how you argue.
Hilarious. I’d love to see what international corporations want to be expropriated and have the workers take control of them

Meme magic is the shining path to the glorious future! Praise Kek!

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You leftists barely try to address my points. I make a point, and you all respond with lies about superficial, unrelated stuff. You refuse, you fucking refuse, to address what I actually said.

look at . He says that Trump lost the popular vote, despite democrats using illegal aliens to illegally vote. Without illegals, Trump would have won the popular vote. But that's not the point, he can quickly lie and then move onto another lie. It takes so much effort to disprove that one lie, and even if I disprove all of his lies, he succeeded in pulling the conversation somewhere else.

I dare you, I fucking dare you, to actually try to refute what I have said. Try not lying, lefty.

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It's not how you argue because all your points are directed at liberals and we are socialists/communists not Shillary lovers.
Again as it is always the case with retards, you need to read a fucking book.

Citation needed. The burden of proof is definitely on you here. You can’t just assert that SO MANY illegals voted that it flipped the popular vote in Hillary’s favor without hard proof.
Funny since you didn’t address a single argument I made in

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You ignored my points about the resurging rightwing in Europe, too. Try addressing my points instead of lying and being snarky.

your post was not worth addressing because you also lied, right at the start: "hurr I hate capitalism because black people in TV commercials is literally genocide"

I point out how extremely rich capitalists, including but not limited to Soros, will fund Bangladeshi people to come to Italy. Only with large sums of money can that be done! And then jews actively brag about bringing in muslims in Europe to diversify it, and you strawman me as complaining about TV commercials? Lying lefty, typical.


t. frog xD

This is what I talk almost in every other thread. Why they still in 2018 have no clue what left is? Like come on, I don't need deep analysis but you should know who you are talking to.

Because right-wingers are just fucking stupid. It’s obvious he has no clue what communism is, has never read a word of Marx or any other socialist in his life and can’t argue to save his life because he dismisses every rebuttal as a “lie” without attempting to debunk it.

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I don't know what are you talking about. Why should I exactly want to censor nationalists with help of big corporations? You really think you crashed party of super secret sjwlib forums here, don't you kid? I've seen a lot weak strawmen of right but this one, I'm not even convinced you are trying.


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Fuck off memester, isn’t it past your bed-time?

Not even liberals are in favor of that at large.
But of course since you get all your info from memes you probably think that anyone with a inclination left of the far-right is out to shut your mouth.

Are these the revolutionaries I've been hearing about? Pretty uncool to side with porky, bruhs

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What's sad is that this pigeon chess is impossible to differentiate from Zig Forums actually trying to argue.

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I'm just pointing out how lefties side with corporations over the working class nationalists. Look at you bruh, you're unable to say that corporations shouldn't be able to censor working class nationalists.

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Can the workers silence both instead

1) corporations shouldn't exist
2) if they have to, they shouldn't be allowed to censor ideas, because they'll censor ideas hostile to them (such as that they shouldn't exist)
3) if they have to censor ideas, then its better that they censor fascists as well as socialists
don't mistake us for liberals, we don't believe in shit like 'fairness' or 'balance' of ideas. if the 'rights' of fascists are all violated is only a concern to us insofar as it means that the liberal society is out to get its opponents.
and if its a 'working class' nationalist or not doesn't matter either, reactionaries come from all classes and proletarian class traitors don't get excused

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No, you're just memeing.

Is the fashie in this thread a falseflag?

Now that's a nice meme.
I feel pity for people who still hasn't understood that you can't change stuff through elections.
Norway has had one of those "far-right" parties in power for a while now and during this period immigration to Norway has actually INCREASED LMAO cuz they obviously cannot displease their capitalist overlords since we live in their fucking system.
But go on, continue to waste your time supporting these "right-wing anticapitalist" LMAO this is fucking oxymoron, you should really read a fucking book some time.

Poe's Law makes it impossible to tell.

it's like a reverse Poe's Law:

call it a meme all you want, but there is an populist uprising across the world that dislikes capitalism. People who wear the hammer and sickle have been opposing it and siding with multinational corporations.

You're the dudes being left out of the party. I've had great fun making friends with lefties turning to nationalism, and lolberts turning to anticapitalism. We have fun memes, political energy, and owning the libs. It's your choice bros, you can side with capitalist globohomo, or have fun with blurred line nazbols.

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just for the record, how about you define capitalism?

when the private sector does stuff

socailism is when the government doess stuff and the moar stuff it does tshe more socialist it is

t. retard

In an advanced society, people specialize in their jobs, and trade their specialized good. One man farms, another is a plumber. Instead of trading a lamp for a blanket, societies use money to make trade more fluid.

Capitalism itself came about not too long ago, when people started investing in trading ships. You could buy a fraction of a ship and get a fraction of its profits. This system transformed into the stock and bonds we see today. People who create no value and simply play this system are able to amass vast sums of money to get what they want. Just one example from the vietnam war:

Capitalism is not just an economic system of investment, but a controlling of governments to benefit the investor/speculator/capitalist class. All I say is that countries have a right to rule themselves, not capitalists.

but in that case the European nativist-populists aren't against capitalism at all. leaving UKIP and AfD aside (due to their obvious pro-rentier economy positions even after Petry's faction became dominant), even FN, SD and PS in the west and north are socdem at best. Visegrad countries' nativists are just cucked to national capitalism or socdems. none of them are against capitalism as you defined it.
I totally agree, which is why it is so absurd to hear people like Farage talk about sovereignty and shill for capitalism in the same breath.
I only wonder why these populists rave and rant about niggers and muslims and benefit cheats and the EUSSR but never mention credit rating agencies - if they are so against capitalism that is.

capitalism is people voluntary trading and working. Capitalism has existed for all of human history until Talmudic thought spawned Marxism, variously disguised aftwards as socialism, liberalism and the Frankfurt School to subvert the West from within

Not defending dumb conservative boomers praising the free market and capitalism.

as long as my people thrive, that's fine. I can settle for socdem if it means big, happy families with healthy children in a thriving country.

Muh Volk

where's your much-celebrated anti-capitalist right-wing populism though?


hello Zig Forums s'uh dude

You're not just a retard denying basic human social behavior, you're a loser too. You just lose, because you're fighting against tens of thousands of years of evolution. People like to belong to a group and have group identity, it is a natural and powerful glue that holds entire nations together. Look at blacks, they only vote when they see another black running for office. Look at the massive crowds Trump pulls, too.

Is it really so hard for you to understand you leftists are losing? You spurred the working class, and now the working class is throwing leftism to the trashcan.

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People may tend to identify with those who are closer to them in some ways (culturally, ethnically, linguistically) but that doesn’t mean that these groups are as meaningful as YOU think they are or anyone owes any type of allegiance to them.
The nation-state is a product of the 19th century and so is nationalism. Nationalism has not had a very good record

can't tell if filter lol

is this the leftist = libreral = SJW narrative or the >muh tranny BO narrative?
take your meds

miss me with that gay shit

oh wow brownpanels you sure showed us

I can't even tell anymore

you're like that guy on nationstates who used to RP as a realistic prewar Turd Reich

I love how everything this asswipe writes sounds like halfassedly-written GURPS alternate earths background shit with its mix of hyperbole and 'uh stuff happens because reasons, it's really bad and you want a cool campaign setting so don't ask questions that would kick the setting full of holes so the CSA has slaves even though they could build robots just roll with it okay'

I'm not against that but most people who say they're for it want to ban unions, dissent, and porn

lol, again with forgetting history. The Roman Empire lasted 1,500 years if you include the Byzantines. Also:

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Top lel. You really have no fucking clue whatsoever, do you?

By trying to prove that's all fake news

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you should have been crucified

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I can think of several different ethnic groups and languages in ancient ITALY alone, not to mention the whole Roman Empire. There were Romans, Etruscans, Oscans, Umbrians, Faliscans, fuck even Greeks
You really are a brainlet trying to project a 19th century meme back thousands of years into the past into a wholly different world

nice spooks lol

lol when you idolize a multinational slave state as an isolationist paradise, read a book please.

Did someone here make that image to fuck with Zig Forums, or is it actually one of theirs?

That’s the magic of half of the Zig Forums posts on the lefty boards in general. You can rarely tell when they are satirical or just actual retards

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One may be able to make a case that the Roman Empire after the Edict of Caracalla in 212 A.D. was a nation-state in that every non-slave in the entire Mediterannean was considered to be a Roman citizen–and thus entitled to Roman rights–just by virtue of having been born in the Empire, but of course you would be hard-pressed to find a rightard who actually knows what the Edict of Caracalla was.

I'm gonna rape you debased leftcomm, because consent is a spook too

Based. I've always hated Puke and Contradictory and I even look to people like Marx as heroes. Karl Marx would an hero in this generation seeing those fucks appropriate his rhetoric. I've been calling them out to challenge them to debate since I knew about them. Still waiting. Roo's alright though.

Come to the grey side, we have funnier memes

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Didn't that kid get beat up by a bunch of normie patriotic republicans and run out of town?

they stabbed two jews as well. no great loss there.

come to the muslim side, our women stay silent by the will of allah

Nice spooks

Everyone is a hypocrite.

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Nationalists are fuckhead morons but this is the most retarded response, stinking of lihbrul ignorance of history.

She could have easily responded that Rome was a multicultural society but she went the idiot route and decided to claim that Romans didn't consider non-property owning people as humans which is ludicrous. Fucking bet she is American and a BERNIE supporter

Slightly different, but the Ancient Greeks didn’t consider slaves as “human” as other humans (i.e. non-slaves) were. They saw them more as tools and property than actually people. Probably the same in Rome

muh IQ


You're right but unintelligible. Still it's Twitter, everyone who uses it, right or left is an idiot worth euthanizing.

>Zig Forums has always been at war with Eurasia Orange Retard

yup, same thing with all the tradthots they orbited that after they turned out to be diaperfags who crave dark meat

go away

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We need more left-wing diaperfag girls. No fair that the fascists get all the kinky girls