Death of thatcherism 2019

I've come to realize that a major Lab revolution is inevitable. Decades of deindustrialization has left this country with shit wages and low tax revenue, which will drop further after Brexit and cause May to start privatizing the NHS which will break her. We're going back to British Leyland, British Steel, and British Rail whether we like it or not. The question is though, who will succeed Corbyn in 20 years?

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Death of Thatcherism? A Labour victory is not just going to magically bring back the factories and industrial laborers. London is still an international center of high finance and real estate money-laundering, and is the only thing powering the UK economy at this point. How is nationalizing the vestigial remains of British industry going to change anything? So far the Left has been completely unwilling to challenge the power and supremacy of finance capital.

It's a first step in making the UK economically independent again, where Britain wouldn't have to rely on India/China for manufactured goods, Europe for services and America for defence. It's by no means socialism in of itself but it has the affect of giving Britons the tools to do so.

It's either living under a mountain of cheap plastic, payday lenders and landlords or forging industries where profits are shared amongst workers and the labor surplus used for a common good. Capitalism has failed in Britain, people won't admit it until May has to justify truncating NHS.

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I voted for Brexit so the EU won't dunk on Britain like they dunked on Greece. 4D chess.

Lads we need to about internal Labour disputes. It just can't fucking go on the way it is now.

Corbyn is a complete meme. Like it or not, Brits won't vote in a socialist. The Bernie crowd exists only up to a point, not everyone in the UK is a student. People in their 60s remember Leyland and strikes and aren't going to vote for it, even if May is the most unlikable politician in human history.

Brexit is going to make the lives of thousands of workers from Eastern Europe hell and you are celebrating it. Looks like to you "leftists" the national bourgeoisie is more important that the actual, flesh-and-blood workers.

Shoo shoo Blairite

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[laughs in 40% of the popular vote]

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The Immigrants will be allowed to stay where they are. Brexit won’t cause deportations you idiot.

It should be ended by abolishing capitalism.

People in their 60s also remember when guns weren't banned, when grooming gangs didn't exist and when they could actually walk to the place where their appliances were made. What did capitalism bring to Britain? It brought the closing of chapels, children being raped by foreigners and cheap curry. And in a few short months, it'll threaten their very own health when May tries to make cuts to NHS.

Capitalism will either end in Britain or Britain will end up not existing as Scotland, NI and Wales would leave. Then what? England just becomes an island to be abused by foreign capitalists until workers strike back violently. Though this assumes May doesn't just rip up the NHS and force everything into violence immediately though.

Their lives are already hell, just like all migrant workers are under capitalism.

That's all what capitalism is really; a messy hodgepodge of cities backstabbing each other over magical numbers on a spreadsheet. It's hardly different from feudal lords backstabbing each other over magical numbers on a scroll somewhere while the people live in garbage.

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Come on fellas, how many more disappointments is it gonna take?

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if Corbyn is unsuccessful then Britian will go full fash and purge the american, german and russian porkies in another world war

Until the ballots close down completely, and my only realistic alternative is livestreaming assassinations

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wew, look at Brazil where socdems in power for over a decade created the environment for fascism to come back.

I guess if you're a performance artist or government "socialist" but some of us here are communists.

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How many times does that have to happen before reformists stop trusting socdems?

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Aren't the same shit?

>electoralism and not just labor, but also consumer organization are mutually exclusive

Until we abolish the present state of things.

Indeed they are, the interests of the state are antithetical to that of labor and electoralism legitimizes the state. Ancoms of all people should get this.
Organizing shit like tenants unions is organizing workers, if you're getting porkies into your organizations you fucked up.

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A hard Brexit also means Scottish independence

And a reunited Irishland