Brit/pol/ #2600: Esoteric Yazidism Edition

BREXIT 2019 CRISIS: Theresa May to ‘run out of road’ next year

Labour to consider prison sentences for people taking part in illegal fox hunts

France to overtake UK as world’s sixth biggest economy post Brexit

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Good lad.

Da, butt.

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Yet we should be legalising muh drugs because there's not enough space in prison

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fetaan jayid

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not many ppl do foxhunting but plenty of young people do drugs, unless they aren't living life to the full

I can 100% guarantee that Fox Hunting is more humane than slitting the throats of unstunned animals and leaving them to writhe in agony for several minutes in order to produce halal meat

are they real ghost stories?

should ghosthunting be made illegal

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I say it's harassment tbh

what about lost spirits that need to be hunted to cross over to the next realm? They'll be damned to living in peoples attics, listening to interracial sex in the rooms below. eternal cuckholds.



bruh how we gon save evropa?

Whiskey sours and dark choccy toblerone for dins.

vote UKIP to help spread the message of Tommy and Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad to the masses

cryin rn thinking bout evropa

no, ghosts are real

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reminder that you should all be buying stocks rn. After everyone sells off for a tax deduction this month, stocks should surge back in January.

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fucking hate small dogs like that

Why are you talking about bums lad?

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fyc of saes

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you sound mean tbf

bruh im finna save evropa

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*eats your pug*

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Typical wogs whining racism when a non-white gets arrested

he looks like he should be telling a sob story and trying to cadge cigarettes off cunts outside a train station in the norf

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nah you're going to get dabbed on lad

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* machetes your dog's head off *

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Take that up with Jamaica.

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*shoots a .303 bullet through your neck*

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He's a disturbing nonce

wrong webm

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what did you lads get your servants for boxing day?

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good lad

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same but for christmas presents.

Good lad.

spend your money on a new audio interface lad

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Good luck lad.

Will want one at some point but I don't really have any hardware atm tbh.

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my burrow, the loamy soil, roots, worms, wood to gnaw on and the sun to greet me as I look upon the surface

truly I want for nothing

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are gophers allies of the badger menace?

*pumps diesel exhaust into your house*

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Jevvish tricks lad, the sales today are shit. It's all Jevvish psychology, just wait for better sales in the coming days

G-sync is only worth it if you're playing fast fps games and have a decent nvidia card tbh


Peroni and vape for dinner

and maybe one codeine

has anyone here ever been in GI?

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There's more than an element of truth to this I agree, not really noticed any amazing savings today anyway.

I've a 4GB GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, not ridiculously good but decent enough I think, at least for my needs. Daft thing is I don't really even play games much nowdays, I just wanted to make use of my card features for the fuck of it but I'm not splashing out half a grand on a monitor tbh. AMD do their own equivalent too cheaper I think.

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when you say codeine, do you really mean tylenol 3s?

Should I buy a Switch lads?

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Good lad

Good lad.

There was a lad on here who was a member apparently.

boxing day sales are nothing special

Idk it just says dihydrocodeine on the box and it is from the chemist

Thanks lids

Fair do's lad. tbh you can get a decent hi res monitor for less than a few hundred quid.

Yeah It's FreeSync iirc

You can get cheaper ones but this has above average specs for less than £300



fuck off wews no one likes you

Are any of you prepared for rolling brownouts or power outages? i ant to be able to shitpost during the habbening. Might but a solar charger for laptop batteries and have some sort of emergency satellite internet ready to use.

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Reminder that Scottish patter is only popular on tweeter because talking like a downy is prime internet humour

fine, but you should at least be prepared for power outages. Routers don't work when there's no power, so no shitposting if there's a big ice or wind storm.

is there gonna be a big storm soon

ham radios lad

comfy wews

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does Zig Forums not have spare generators on hand as well as 2-4 years of food/supplies?

Watching that Bird Box movie everyone has been going on about


Scousers basically aren't human.


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Aren't humane or aren't human, lad?

alls fair in love and happenings x

As if that's supposed to scare people instead of encouraging more of the same, T.B.H.

t.taig infiltrator

Ha, I've just been looking at that exact same monitor and being tempted. Cheers
£230 on Amazon right now. I really am tempted and seems decent. Kind of surprised the refresh rate is just 60Hz still tbh. Should I buy it lad? Tell me I should buy it.

think how many radiation pills you could buy for 230 quid

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