Networking Beta is released! With binaries to download.

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wow, do you anons really play this garbage?

Funny thing is that the only people who play it are the ones who want to show that Linux has games and then say: "I don't like games."
Of course they don't like them if they're that shit. Even an emulated Mario cart game from GBA is more fun than this garbage.

That's what happens when you think only the programmer matters and ridicule and shame and push away literally everyone else involved in development of real software.

Men use ioquake3.

Fuck off retard, it's a good game.

Don't know about gba, but I love me some emulated mario kart wii. Can't do networking though.

You guys gotta realize that SuperTuxKart is memetic as hell. I often joke with Normies that this game is cool, and pretend I don't know what Mario or MarioKart is. The game is a wonderful memetic exposition of the FLOSS community at large. It is significant, and it is actually a bit fun.

That's a good think. Keep everything else that appeals to retards in an OS made for them, that is MacOS and Windows.

This. I always thought it was just a meme, but I tried it out the last time someone made a post about network support and it was actually pretty fun.

got it.

Supaa Takkusu Kaartu Adabansu Dabburu Ekkusu

cddepppp256 in the background looks like he's a green Sonichu.

Needs a Guh-NOME character to be truly memetastic

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fuck yes i love kart games


It looks nice. But it kinda makes me sad too because it reminds me of when I didn't hate living as much as I do now and could still have fun. I should play it.

The Prophet SAAWS strictly prohibited the drawing of beings; there are many hadiths in Bukhari and the Sunnah to support this.Most people believe this commandment came after the angel Jibrael said he would meet the Prophet but then did not show up. Later, Aisha found a puppy hiding in their house and made it go away. Following this, the angel Jibrael appeared and explained to the Prophet that angels do not enter a house with pictures or dogs. Some angels bring the mercy of Allah and bring blessings to our homes; without them being able to enter our homes, they cannot bring mercy. However, the Prophet did allow the drawing of inanimate objects such as trees and rocks -- anything which does not possess a soul:''I heard the Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) saying, "Every painter will go to Hell, and for every portrait he has made, there will be appointed one who will chastise him in the Hell.'' Ibn `Abbas said: If you have to do it, draw pictures of trees and other inanimate things. [Al-Bukhari and Muslim].''There is no reason for "characters" in this game if it is not necessary. Why not replace the characters with only different colored cars and no characters riding them? I have made an edit to show how this will look.

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>literally demostrating reason number 956845642 that shows how (((islam))) is abhorrent and repugnant
(((israel))) and (((arabia))) will be turned into ocean.
the hebrew and arab languages will be destroyed fully, even a greeting in the latter one menctions your sand shit eating fake god. ridiculous.

That's a great idea. Next time Super Mario or Mario Kart comes up, I'll say I've never heard of them, but they sound like rip-offs of Super Tux and Super Tux Kart.

Christ why is the resolution so low and the AA so shit?
Is it because of Irrlicht? God damn.

A real conversation I had

Tux and Friends Brawl-Adventures when

If you didn't get that, I meant Super Smash Bros

lmbo. you'd have to be dense to think something free is a rip-off.

Slap City is bretty good. Not free though.

Well, they were normies, and while not all normies are like that I've had the misfortune to be almost exclusively in assosiation with the ones that are. For example, I plug a paperclip into a tv to watch Over the Air television and they think I'm stealing cable or doing something illegal. I once used speakerwire to connect a VCR to a tv (via Coaxal) and the response was "Wow, you're a genuis" and I knew he was being sincere. That made me feel sad.
Someone else FINALLY uploaded videos of the latest version. The official SPK jewtube channel is fucking dormant. Why the STK devs no longer bother with that channel? Laziness, or real life?

With Pottering as the Piranha Plant?

Nah, people actually like the Piranha Plant...

I am a spokesperson for SuperFuxKart and I would like to inform you that SuperFuxKart only works properly when run on Intel Products. Always purchase Intel Products to run our games because AMD Products are less user-friendly. Based on our personal experience, AMD Products are also less programmer-friendly, and that's why I always purchase Intel Products.

Should have shilled NVIDIA cards, nice try bot

They don't have the resources to do polished videos on a regular basis. Any effort going into a new trailer is because they want to promote it well. Any interested community member is more than welcome to work with team STK and create videos promoting STK.

Well they can outsource promotional video production and marketing duties to anyone capable.

I thought Hedgewars was a ripoff (it is, really) but it surpassed Worms Armageddon in many ways, so I say it's ascended into something fun and worthy of respect which extends rather than clones.
The same seems to go for Tux Kart. That Toad's Turnpike map I saw looks like petty uninspired plagiarism, but most of the rest of what I've seen is great and original. Yes, it's clearly and openly inspired by other games. No, that doesn't make it bad.

Super Crash Bros.

I've fap'd to the plant long before it was in smash. Big lips and no eyes is a patrician fetish, although comparatively rare

Dashie (and maybe Kiki) should unironically be a main character. Almost all of the game defaults are poorly modeled so they look ugly, and they are poorly animated as well.
Poorly animated is tolerable, but poorly modeled? That makes the game look ugly. You can see a lot of effort going into some of the tracks, I wish the same when into the characters too. The Lamborghini model someone did is more tempting to play as than most of them.
Dashie looks professionally designed and cute, but that's more of a bonus. Probably because she is. It's a great looking model that's fun to drive as AND doesn't look like a robot when celebrating.
did Libbie died?

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Got a question for you
I wanna make games that are also compatible with linux, what are my options?

Godot if you want a free software platform. Unity if you don't care about free software.

Godot, SDL.
Actually run it on a GNU/Linux machine.

at least its not some gay clickbait hosted on youtube like every other game

brainless bot

If you got so much to complain about, build it yourself.

It's Open Source, meaning anybody can literally do anything with it, granted they allow anybody else to do whatever they want with what they made for it.

I'll even give you the links myself:

Did you even read my post?
Just because it's open source doesn't mean I can merge a request changing every text box to 'hitler did nothing wrong'. and forking doesn't affect the original game.
The appropriate course of action is suggesting a change on the forums rather than some narcissistic pull request.

there are mods you can freely share with someone

try this librevidya


I welcome you to GNU/car

No thank you. He will simply revoke the license because there is no attached interest.

Looks like a combo of Halo and Unreal 2004 if it was made by Russians.

I love it already...

So this is capable of running any RC in existence?!

SOLD! or in this case FREE!

Wait sold, sold for free or for free? I need to know if...

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More STK videos:

does it have a 32 bit version? i have an old netbook I'd like to play it on.

Someone posted this track on the forums:
It isn't pretty but it looks fun. I always wondered if they could add loops in tracks.

Honestly I'd be quite mad if someone used half of those in an online game. Some of them are downright cheating and should have been blocked off or checkline'd. The big ones, at least.
The last one looks like it takes a bit of skill and speed but otherwise if you're cutting out more than just one turn without risk then thats being a cunt.
That's fuckin cute.

The game is actually really fun to play online, meme or not.


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it will probably run on anything if its like the normal supertux. i remember playing it on a modded nintendo wii

Who's gonna add Libbie as a playable character?

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Libbie would be nice too.

How exactly are mediumfags getting btfo?

Medium weight class used to be overpowered


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The same Wangblowscuck behind that "bug report" also made this:

Who let this asshole out of the cryogenic chamber?

You fags better fite me when netplay gets official. Tired of my friends crying about compiling it.












Kike mods are trying to get TOR banned. Don't let them get away with it!

Whatcha saying schlomo?

Masons, Masons everywhere...

Schizophrenia is one hell of a drug.