What do you consider right wing and what left wing?

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Meaningless terms. Most of "the left" are useless socdem/liberal parties or social clubs more interested in performance than abolishing capitalism.

"Wings" are just weasel words for liberalism to hijack the legitimacy of other ideologies. If it's not anti-capitalist, it's not "leftist".


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They're not really though. Not all left wingers are leftists.

People who are socialists, as in they support worker ownership of the means of production.
people who call themselves left, but aren’t.
everyone else

It's really this simple user.

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Modern descendents of historical political tendencies involved in 1700s France, modulo some shifting of the Overton Window in most of the world, following the abolition of totalitarianism.

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In our current predicament left and right are just memes.

The left wants to replace the socio-economic structure of society with something entirely new. The right wants to make only superficial changes to the current socio-economic structure of society (pass new laws, encourage or restrict certain activities, advance the cause of a particular identity).

at the most general level, the left is for an extension of human rights against property rights, and the right is the opposite.
the right to own a person vs god-given human liberty in the slavery question
or the right to absentee ownership vs workers being in control of the fruits of their labour

A definition is useless if not many people agree on it. Can everyone tell me what they think *most people* would interpret by the words?
Especially is suspect on this front because I highly doubt many self-professed right wingers would think that definition applies to their own ideas.

Who is actually genuinely for slavery in this day and age? That definition isn't particularly useful in describing people's actual views.

In the current liberal capitalist political climate it goes as follows:
Far left - anarchists and communists
Left - socialists
Centre-left - social-democrats
Centre - liberals
Centre-right - christian democrats and liberal conservatives, usually grouped in Centrist Democrat International
Right - more conservative christian democrats and liberal conservatives, as well as milder national conservatives
Far-right - national conservatives on steroids, fascists and also literally Hitler

Everyone who is struggling for the universal emancipation of humankind is a leftist, everyone else is right-wing.

Left: capitalism must/will be replaced by workers owning the means of production
Centre: capitalism needs to kept but it does cause serious problems that need active and vigilant fixing and correction
Right: capitalism kicks ass, it doesn't cause any major problems. If any measures are to be taken at all, they are to protect capitalism

We did it reddit!

That's true though.

so NatSoc is leftist then? Asserism is too?

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Please stop posting and start reading Marx.

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You mean where he says that the transition to socialism should feature a dictatorship of the proletariat?

Left wing: Any person or ideology that has the interests of the working class (socialism, communism, anarchism; even market socialism falls into this spectrum, albeit leaning towards the center).

Right wing: The scum of the earth (capitalists, fascists, conservatives, monarchists, etc).

No, I"m saying "workers owning the means of production" is a shitty marksoc meme which exposes people using it as retards who only read a wikipedia article on socialism and thus misunderstand both the nature of capitalism and consequently of socialism. At the heart of commodity production is economic value, whose particular product under capitalism is wage labour, therefore any working definition of socialism/communism, as a negation of capitalism, must above all include the abolition of wage slavery and more precisely its root which is the above-mentioned value. "Workers ownership" on the other hand is so general and unspecific it's worthless as a definition and must be relentlessly shat on.

The term "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" assumes that there still is a proletariat and thus also commodity production.

That's true, but I wasn't talking about the DotP, but it's final goal that is socialism, that user above said
Which is a repetition of the old wikipedia meme

this, the Right is about loving Beauty, Strength and Goodness

the Left is about hating everything that is Good

Watch this Beauty, Strength and Goodness.

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Both of these are anti-capitalism in words, pro-capitalism in deeds. There’s a screencap of Asserism being exposed as a scam somewhere but I don’t have the image

Lol do you really fucking believe I'm going to associate myself with non-communists by reducing all thought to some bullshit false dichotomy? Left-right is totally useless, it tells you nothing about the world or the people in it.

I don't know if "SJWs" do it on purpose, you know f.e. all those drag queens that look very evil with their makeups woooow spooky, but seriously now, I don't know if they want to make people like you think about them they are actually evil threat to you and your ideas or they are unaware of it. I noticed it on myself, the more I hear shit like this the more I want to provoke. I couldn't give a two rat fucks about about your ideals of man woman family, unity of race etc. but if some nazi asks me I always say I hate all of what you stand for and I wish to destroy it just to piss you off and make you believe your own spooky propaganda. If I had fedora I would tip it just to make absurdity of everything obvious but you wouldn't get it anyway, you would just fully trust I hate """""beauty"""" (get on that spooky shit mate with your subjective standards), your race, """"traditional"""" family and all those other things. Just because of shit like you just posted.

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I genuinely think that politics is more like spectrum. However I understand that people really like to put themselves inside of boxes because it's useful. It's easier to play for your team than play for yourself, sadly.

Left wing: Economic controls
Right wing: Corporate tyranny

in burgerland
"""leftist""": Aposematic-haired shrill hotpocket-happy Slaanesh cultist who hates fun, vidya, anime, frozen fruit, sex, pr0n, imageboards, good music, armed proles, and me because I'm huwite
"""radical leftist communist karltural marxist""": Smashie/Antifa/non-pacifist who protests Blrmqph existing
"""Grygor""": Somebody who has read theory enough to have an ideology beyond >muh norutees
"""rightist""": Bible-beating smug hotpocket-happy closetcase who hates fun, vidya, anime, frozen fruit, sex, pr0n, imageboards, good music, armed proles, and me because I'm out of work
"""neo-nazi""": MAGAchud/Chodeboy/Kekistani domestic terrorist bootlicker
"""grand wizard""": Somebody who has read one of the few books they don't want to burn and has more than the most vague, bastardized understanding of their own ideology

Beautiful, like Goebels!
Strong like the Reich that got its ass kicked!
Good like that was for the German people!

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kinda true


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nonsense. the definition I gave is the political science one that attempts to define the left-right divide in its proper transhistorical context
if you wanted this why didn't you ask for it in the OP? you dismissing my definition as 'unpopular' is similar to dismissing a scientific definition of light in favour of 'that bright thing that makes things visible'.
it was, when feodals were opposing slavery, which made them at the time left-wing. much like when liberals were left-wing when they opposed divine right and wanted to replace it with popular government back when the left-right concept was born.
the current 'popular' distinction would prob be something like "left is tolerant of different types of people, right wants people to be more similar"

This but unironically

You're.. not actually agreeing with me.
Both your 'definition' >>101888's has the problem of how can you reasonably say one is good and one is bad if the terms are basically defined that way.

It's a tautological claim.

I'm talking about is

Ok yes I see your point, definitions need to be precise. But at the same time we need to agree on them so we can actually speak. I think we can do both we can make precise definitions that are nevertheless as close to the common definitions as we can.

This doesn't mean I can't critique those definitions.
It's because get confused when people talk about how they love or hate or whatever one 'wing' or an other. I don't really know what they mean and would prefer they talk about particular policies and ideas.
It seems they are talking about what some socially constructed group is doing or saying without rigorously defining what they mean by that group.
This is just noise IMO.

DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET WHERE THE SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO IS A LOT HIGHER? (sorry if it looks like I'm shouting, speech to text some reason thought I was)

but I'm sure pro-Feminist Egoism makes sense to half the idiots on this board. c'est la vie, negro.

Schizo post

Ableist post

you can't, and shouldn't. that's the point. its an analytical definition.
not in this case, since 'the left and right at the present in this or that specific political milieu' and 'the left-right divide as transhistorical phenomenon' are two related but different things
in this case for example you run into the problem that the left and the right mean different things in different countries. the US and UK are relatively similar, but even there both 'the Left' and 'the Right' mean completely different things.

In a positive state of lift the left wing will produce a positive (clockwise) torque about the aircraft. In a positive state of lift, the right will produce a negative (counterclockwise) torque about the aircraft.

Tradition vs Progress.

That's such a reddit post.

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Ok, I'm not sure I understand what you mean by an analytical definition.
Could you explain?

Jej that's such a Cuckchan response.