Brit/pol/ #2601: Brythonic Phenotype Edition

EU Slams Concessions to Yellow Vests, Demands Macron Deliver Progressive Agenda
Emmanuel Macron has “lost authority” after offering concessions to protesters, the European Commission has complained, urging the French president to plough ahead with “crucial” neoliberal reforms.

Iceland crash: Three British people including child killed
Three British tourists, including a young child, have died after their vehicle crashed while crossing a bridge in Iceland.

Analysis: Why the number of migrants travelling across the Channel has soared at Christmas
Word is spreading in Calais that now is a good time to go.

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Good lad


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Good lad


Been proper into kate bush lately. Mate really likes that collab song she did with prince but i'm not feeling it, guess it's a grower. babooshka is a top choon


wonder if steiner would hate women more or less after a flotation tank session

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great pic

love blondi me *sips*
like this vid tbh cool archival footage

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there is a channel called HCterrorist and he even said that his videos are non political they're just ww2 colour footage and youtube still deleted them with tens of thousands of views
absolute cunts

also his videos are banned in germany

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Yeah I love the war footage with pop music over the top genre. its cool.

It was a grower on me to but it was of its time and I think it was when she broke up with her fella after 15yrs. Probably why it sounded different to the others.

The flotation tank thing sounds ok. She said you can induce lucid dreaming from being sensory deprived. Told her I did all that in the 90's and she said "This is different".

Ginnie get out smh

drinking expired pomegranate juice which is now alcohol tbh

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UK terrorists tbqf

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lel imagine being so limp wristed and inept you think the way to stop rebellious teenage larpers and dafties from idolising the nazis is by taking youtube videos down.

i like it too

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Me too, I do realise that it might come across as disrespectful though, juxtaposing something so modern and carefree with what was such a violent time. It's just modern generations viewing things through their own lens and applying things from their time to it.

I've heard that too, apparently you hallucinate lights and music and stuff. There better be a way to get out if you want though, it would freak me out being in a dark tank unable to leave.

>tfw no Nazi mommy gf

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Based, how long expired?


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lads why is the nigger in the white suit watching them?

Chechnya videos are the best for this because of how fucking miserable the whole conflict was.


i wish there was a northern ireland one, that would be even more miserable.


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presumably the same reason we are, staring at blondie.

i get this feeling when blacks are anywhere it's all a weird version of the black and white minstrel show

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I just find wahmenposting really tedious at this point

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This is why I dont understand that degenerate daddy nickname women memi about all the time. Maybe they are all just depraved cunts.




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Someone explain this to me?

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Are modern Europeans homogenising? I don't think so. But lots of people in the nationalist community have inter-ethnic marriages, Englishmen with Germans and French etc.


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Globalisation by the backdoor. Your backdoors

I hate women tbh

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Because most people in the e-celeb nationalist community are Williams able to travel around the continent to join misguided dafty organisations.

All the more for me

That's true, Woes and that lad he had on one of his chats were talking about it and said as much.


reported to the police, tbf

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I unironically hate whiteknights that put women on pedestals and support them having no sense of responsibility more than I hate women tbh

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I mean, would you take an English bird over a continental one?
I know you want to say yes out of loyalty, but actually faced with it, are you gonna pick a chavvy slag from Leeds over a classy french bird?

*contracts ebola*

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This is literally every man who has ever donated to a thot twitch streamer or 'political activist'

Russia says new missile flies at 27 times the speed of sound and renders all defences useless

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Surely noone in here has ever done that? I really don't understand why those lads don't just go straight to camgirls

I seem to remember some bloke here kept going on about Lauren Southern but I'm not sure he ever donated.

I honestly can't believe men pay for 'premium snapchat' and so forth. Assumed it was just a memmie

this. man need to stop giving money to cam whores, trad whores and just normal whores

well we still have MAD

Thousands of women make a living off this shit mate. Our society is so fucked.

Nothin' personal Anglo

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say what you want about the premium snatch chat birds but at least they're honest about what they're doing

I unironically blame men for it though. If there's an easy living available then people will take it

Anyone know ginny's premium snapchat?

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Is the audit still active?

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Gods work

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imagine being so pathetic and desperate for female contact that instead of turning to anime or improving yourself you pay real money to be in some thots phone contact, and receive low quality nudes

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That kid called dovahkiin is 7 years old now.

sickening. I'm giving all my future children sensible names

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Probably the last half decent game Bethesda will ever make lad.

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Imagine unironically using that word for getting sacked.
Almost worse than the real life baneposting.

I'm sure there are plenty of nice lasses in England maybe even lurking this thread.

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dont forget the mumsnet mummies lol

I think I'm just going to name my kids (hoping for 3) after the characters on quake champions.

Was this intentional?

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Lad aren't you in your late 30's now.

Yep. Locked and loaded


Not: Lionheart, Wuthering and Heights?

she clearly had something on her mind. maybe a kind of buyers remorse?
>not baneposting irl
hotheads out

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She looks a bit like a girl I recently did a photoshoot with

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That isn't Stacey Q.

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Post more of your photoshoots lad keke

Top slag

It's a way for an autist to get his willy wet tbf

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