Brit/pol/ #2602: Vienetta Will Save the White Race Edition

EU Slams Concessions to Yellow Vests, Demands Macron Deliver Progressive Agenda

Emmanuel Macron has “lost authority” after offering concessions to protesters, the European Commission has complained, urging the French president to plough ahead with “crucial” neoliberal reforms.

Iceland crash: Three British people including child killed

Three British tourists, including a young child, have died after their vehicle crashed while crossing a bridge in Iceland.

Analysis: Why the number of migrants travelling across the Channel has soared at Christmas

Word is spreading in Calais that now is a good time to go.

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Good lad.

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Second for why can't George Lucas just release the unedited original trilogy remastered?


Good lad, good edition.

Fuck white people.

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Ireland is seriously blacked.

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Just refresh for your (you)'s lad.

Yeah that seems to be the trend of things, and the tightening has coincidentally coincided with the vote to leave the EU and Trump being elected, where now all of a sudden we have to vigorously shut down dissenting "populist" voices. I don't think it's sustainable for them in the long run but it's pretty concerning how everyone to social media platforms to banking and payment systems are all working together to channel what is allowed and acceptable thought, it's getting pretty fucking Orwellian.

Keeek, it looks like one of those flying worm things in half life 2

I don't want to have to kill people

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do you think this is all a big plan to make dafties more bold by making the police seem incompetent or are they really that bad?

you can be in the administration side of the new machine

What some lad posted in the last thread after the new thread, what I was replying to here

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Stellar Sea Cows were like twice that size like damn.

Legit think they are really just shit.

scoobydoos going Super Saiyan rn.

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*walks over to soph's house*
check out how 'ard I am

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I think there is more to this story than we are being told.

sophfags out

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We're not a chinas level of totalitarianism but I truly believe we are in the middle of an information war. I don't even think that another recession will be enough for people to wake up as we tend to be more resilient than Europeans (and we have proved this in the past).

What would be the final straw of the anglos back lads? Theories welcome.

smh we were supposed to be blooded at age thirteen in hill fort cattle raids smdh

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We must learn how to hate again.

memi ban

civil war started by the growing isis population

millie b is a massive ugly taig

*kills my own brother for being a liberal epic style*
It's got to be what they want though. No permanent government with decades or even centuries of experience and knowledge can't see the inevitable consequences of their actions, unless they really are that arrogant they must be baiting us into a response with the aim of implementing and justifying their solution. Yet inaction is also suicide. Diabolical fucking niggers.

I think I'd rather kill than be some admin bot.

No real right of passages exist anymore for white males, smh.

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fugged the cropping

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you're a massive ugly taig and soph aspin looks like a 48 year old chain smoker and not in a nice mummy way

continentals out tbh


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coalburner taste tbh

Civil war usually happens when the govt loses control. I think this is when we lose it as a populace. Not even the bombings of the IRA europhiles, Muslims, austerity and subversion of the church, 3 day week or cocky workers unions are enough. It seems like civil war is the only option these days.

Somewhere between or a combination of these two tbh. Not everything is a psyop but there's something about this that smells well off. I also think the Christmas day illegal immigrants were planned with more than just opportunism in mind but to subtly set a narrative and attack Christian values.

When they come for our dogs.


tbh Enoch Powell said that the elite didn't give a fuck because they would be too wealthy or too dead to suffer the consequences of their actions.

R-right lad,y-yeah

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is it?

I don't think Gatwick Airport is a psyop in Infowars style, but we're not told the full story. You're right about the Christmas boat refugees. I bet all cucked priests and pastors were telling their dwindling parishioners that Jesus was a refugee on Christmas Day.

it would have to be a separation between military and civil institutions for it to break out, anything else would be considered disobedience

a sure sign of it impending would be if militias started controlling the streets, then we would see martial law and then the army would pick a side once deployed

The average is between 5 and 6 depending on the source lad

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how can u get fanny before puberty?

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We already have scoobydooish and Muslim street militias.

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And that's another thing. The police are not only under payed but also forced to be effeminate and they have evolved to accept their servitude via threats they have on their pension scheme; the same can be said of the military.
I doubt the army & police would pick our side because we don't offer the tidbits the state offers them for their services. Nationalism has been milked out of our men not because they are not nationalists, but because they are no longer men, just salary chasing NPCs.

Is the average length during erection or while flaccid? I've never bothered to check tbh.

Trim your pubes. It will make it appear larger.

Pension pot chasing NPCs.

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Na when it comes to the cut I have to believe there are enough Englishmen left that realise the pension won't mean anything.

they're going to be upset then when retiring is banned

We don't even have enough money to pay for their pensions anyway lmao

Yeah true, can't underestimate short sighted self interest. Above and beyond grand conspiracies this is probably more of a driving factor than anything else. Not that their isn't a grand conspiracy, just that most of those involved in it aren't bonded by the ideology but by a shared self-serving interest and willingness to go along with any damaging agenda so long as it profits them at the time and they get away with it before they die and damn the people who have to pick up the mess. But nevertheless it's always struck me as a bit implausible that governments can't see the inevitable backlash on the horizon, and that they're actively provoking such a backlash as to further implement one world globalism. I could understand the consequences of mass immigration when I was

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It really does feel like the end times on the horizon.

Indeed. It helps set a narrative, already heavily pushed, associating Christ with shitskin rapist opportunist scum flooding our country.

gatwick was literally just strong arm negotiation from some french company who later bought out over 50% of their business

Pretty much yeah tbh, don't have much more to add apart from remember that an economic crash will be used to buy entire countries from under the peoples feet, it's a two way road, it can and will be used to our advantage but we are really on the fringes at the moment, they have all the chips.

"I'll shall die in comfort before my shit hits the fan."
t. British govt

this tbh you could never discuss this in america everyone is so brainwashed but this is in reality what the state forces are

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Just lock them in the basements like the Russian separatists did to Russian officials who wouldn't let them take power in Eastern Ukraine.

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I'm increasingly coming round to your suggestion of running the country like a mafia I'm also becoming more convinced that's how Russia has been run since it's inception, the more I look into it's history.

Hope you had a nice Christmas lad.


The bugman fears the deano


I thought so as well, after hearing the news about the French take-over.

Thought you were called cyclops for other reasons tbh.


The point is they shouldn't be fighting (((someone else's war overseas))) but defending are clay.

I think it might just be a slavic way of thinking tbh.


Revealed: homeless people given one-way tickets to other areas

they better rush out a new bingwahoo or we might see an uprising from an unexpected vector

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Look all I'm saying is that if Dave is trying to escape the country with his millions in his private jet, we should legally be allowed to scramble 2 GR-4 Tornado's to shoot him down as a warning to anyone else who is thinking of trying it.

Lol wtf


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Does anyone here live in those post industrial paki infested segregated towns?

Im considering moving to one.

How do you circumcise a homeless man?

Kick Dorset's mom in the chin

What a fucking lad

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just a post industrial wasteland one lad

don't even think we should have large standing armies tbh they just end up doing police actions for the oligarchy

No just London

the best is his impotent REEEEE

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This tbh, just have local defence militia's and if any foreign power tries to fuck with us just drop 50 nukes on them.

sounds exactly like a little brother when you force him off xbox and he physically cant do anything about it.

The fuck off was the best part smfh so funny

Also let the militias fight each other.