Firmware Botnet Disassembly: Why hasn't anyone tried this?

So we all know about the Intel ME, AMD PSP, proprietary UEFI and platform initialization implementations, binary blobs in general, etc right?
These things are major blocks in the road towards a truly free and secure operating environment, but so far progress has been slow in terms of removing/mitigating them.
This got me thinking. I know that hackermans will disassemble proprietary software to find ways to exploit it and shit, so why haven't we started doing that with these troublesome blobs?
Why hasn't someone taken IDA Pro or radare2 or that new NSA GHIDRA thing to them and looked to see what's really going on or how they can replicate/replace them with clean, verified libre code?
I can't do this myself, as I lack knowledge of x86 assembly code, but I know other freetards do, and I wonder whether this would be even remotely doable, and if so, why nobody has attempted it yet.


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They are signed binaries nowadays. You need to know the signing key to resign the binary, otherwise it won't flash.

There's already work being done. You should have done better research yourself into the current state of things instead of creating a poor quality thread.

Cryptography, not enough manpower, and things like ME and PSP are unironically well written - they contain only backdoors and (((unintended bugs))) that serve only their owner (not you).
It would take too long, so it isn't worth, because hardware gets older and less used.
Read FAQ of libreboot, it explains a lot:

It is actually so hard to get rid of proprietary firmware, that it is easier to create new hardware, ie. EOMA68 and Libre Risc-V:

In my opinion supporting companies, that make ethical hardware is more effective in long term, than buying unethical hardware, and disassembly that shit.

Good, affordable RISC-V hardware can't come soon enough.

it's hard because 'the law'
e.g. Purism engineers had to censor their findings on Intel's FSP.

What about them real backdoors tho?

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try harder moshe

Actually they are planning to make a working device in two and a half of year. The growth of Risc-V (and Libre Risc-V) market will be exponential, now it is slow, because it's a new thing. Also what else could you do? Buy an Intel processor with ME shit? I'll rather wait 3 years.

lmao, no. It won't because normie doesn't give a shit about libre this or open that. If it runs vidya fast and does facebook and pornhub only the price matters otherwise and that risc stuff will always be way more expensive.

The three neckbeards browsing here who save up their benefits for a few months to buy one don't really fucking matter, nor will it make that market cheaper. They weren't even enough purchasing-power-wise to make the ARM-market non-retarded and there the chips are literally a dime a dozen.

Up to 40% less power consumption, no patents, easier colaboration and better security because of free software (cheaper to develop) - it's perfect for the mobile devices world.
Normies are not the only target.
In this update, developer explains, how is it going to succeed.

fuck off Intel shill

If Risc-V can't do it cheaper it won't be used.

You don't understand the mobile world.
No player in it wants to give up even the tiniest bit of control, be it over the end user or other producers, there's just too much money to be made from it.

Wrong. Normies are the ONLY target. What the "enthusiast" market wants doesn't really matter and is certainly not enough to pull an entirely new platform. Have you ever looked at the current numbers of people that even use Desktop Linux? It's tiny. If these RISC things don't run Windows (and with that games etc.) they're already dead in the water for the desktop market, which is shrinking anyways. Also, ever heard of "wintel"?

Dude, I like risc as much as the other guy and don't even have any intel CPUs anymore, but it's just not realistic.

Also, what this guy said. Nobody cares about quality for the consumer. The truly important think is to squeeze every last penny out of them for the stockholders.

Ok, I see the point, but I hope Risc-V will be cheap enough, so we can afford it.
I know it sounds unrealistic, but we can make normies care more about security. I told my normie friend about EOMA68 and libre hardware generally and he told me "Wow cool, I could buy one and install GNU/Linux(yes I made him talk like that) on it, so I can have extra computer". He suprised me, because he uses an iPhone and all nonfree crap. Education is the key...

Normalfags are NOT a target. At all. Developers and manufacturers are.
I can set up a Linux desktop with some rice and a browser and make most people think it's Windows or Apple.
They already use Android in the billions, a FOSS product.
Normalfags are ignorant and apathetic, so just make them secure and FOSS fans without them even knowing. Make it the easy option. That is how to free the washed masses.

protip: convenient and popular proprietary applications will always cause people to reject FOSS. If you want to change people, you'll have to convince them that freedom is a very high priority.

LARP harder, any Apple user is going to see right through it because they care only about the brand and your setup clearly isn't official, and most Windows users will immediately notice that the UI isn't the same, that they can't run that one obscure program they use everyday, and that the options they like to change aren't in the same place or even exist anymore.
Android isn't FOSS. Some parts of Android are FOSS, many aren't, and the most used versions of the OS have built in DRM that locks you out of some functions if you get root.
Bringing Android as an example of successful FOSS is advanced stupidity.

You can also make convenient and popular FOSS such as VLC, Notepad++, 7zip, Blender, and many others, but that takes a lot more effort and attention to user demands than what LARPers are willing to put in.
Only one reason: it's already been tried.
And (((intel-aviv)))


Feels good, man.

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but linux is not good for "enthusiast" market. linux is shit for it

Yes and FOSS community don't give a fuck about user needs.

free hardware = DRM doesn't work
free hardware = there is no way to stop piracy
free hardware = it's harder to mine goyim data and sell it to third parties

there is no money motive for free hardware
we need to kill profit motive, we need to HOLOCAUST CAPITALISM
after we defeat capitalism and change society goals, we can have a market for free open secure privacy hardware

free hardware won't be possible if a single jew is alive

what if:
-intel factories will be blown up
-intel management and owners will stop breathing
-intel workers will get bullied in real life and forced to stop working there
how will they produce CPUs if they physically stop existing?

Android that people have in their phones is not FOSS, it's closed and contains binary blobs

So the biggest motive left is power over others?
Nice try Stalin

probably shit too

Thank fuck for Positive Technologies. Based Russia is cracking the fuck out of (((Intel))) and there ain't shit that those Jews can do about it.

I'm sure the Russians are much further along than they publicly admit, too.

Blender works just fine. Most people don't like it because it's not 1:1 copy of and they have to learn from scratch. Once you swallow your ego and give it a chance you'll be surprised how powerful and intuitive actually is. Webm related, some memes I made with blender. For first one I modeled a speaker, added an empty control to it's cone, bake sound to f-curves so that speaker moves together with music. Then it was just a matter of making a mask to replace contents of the original picture and adding blur with intensity linked to another f-curve also synced with sound to give it "bass-vibration effect". For second one I just added 2 spotlights, in one direction they follow sine f-curve, other one just follows music to create rave laser effect. Then I just added few keyframes of white screen to create flashing effect. Excuse my 4cuck tier memes, I just thought the whole 30 year old boomer thing was funny and it also gave me an excuse to play with blender.

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List better alternatives, state why you think extremely succesful FOSS is shit, and/or go commit die.

Nice maymays


here is original before intel SHUT IT DOWN:
save it to your PC and spread everywhere you can

what's the point of using linux if you use it on top of fully backdoored hardware?

It just werks, no forced updates, no spying from smaller "agencies" and advertisers who don't have access to those backdoors, ricing, ease of maintenance, ease of setting up networking, printers (just plug it in and it works), speed, development tools, CLI software, reliability, free (cost), no telemetry, less normalfaggotry...

You probably share all your data to Faceberg too, don't you?

Thanks for providing the onion link.

Unironically, not breaking copyright law.

Is there any news about this?
Fully remove IntelME on Sandy Bridge and above would be execellent.. Cheap boards & cpus everywhere.
I can't believe he would just stop digging down the rabbit hole because Jewtel told him to shut it down.
I've heard about Talos systems but you need to add a non-free GPU (there is no free vbios for any nvidia & amd cards afaik) and it is fucking expensive as well. (with custom fees if you are in Europe..)

maybe they offered him this choice:
a. you shut it down
b. we suicide you

this is why such things shouldn't be done with your real name, they will kill you
we need to be anonymous terrorists