Intel's Next Chip May Be Auction-Only

That's it. They've officially lost their fucking minds.

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What makes OEMs choose intel over AMD? Surely the rare customer who cares about what CPU they have is already building their own machine. With AMD offering same performance for much lower price, why wouldn't an OEM elect to go with them to cut costs?

Intel giving them (((kickbacks))) in exchange for not selling AMD.

I used to work at a normie electronics store and sell computers. Everyone would look for the Intel sticker. Deciding which computer they thought was better would usually boil down to which computer had the bigger number after the letter i on it. Some also looked at the RAM, more equals faster after all.
I even tried to sell some people on computers with AMD CPUs and they wouldn't even consider it because they thought Intel was better. Trying to convince them that a computer with an SSD would be faster than a computer with a hard drive was fucking impossible. Then they would buy the piece of shit with a hard drive and some retarded anti virus, and then return it the next week because it was too slow.

Why not have benchmark programs running on the computers you wish to sell? Why would some normalfag off the street believe you over the Intel advertising he's seen? You're just the minimum wage guy working in a store, Intel have space suits! The best approach would have been for you to ask them what they use it for and show them a benchmark that is relevant. Proving that an SSD is faster than a mechanical drive should have been an easy endeavour, even for a nigger.

It was at Staples, and the computers were all locked down to shit, so even if we wanted to we couldn't.

this is for the same reason a chip, the same, will be sold a certain price in china, a different price in India, yet another price in the US or Europe.

A chip you will buy in a box will be like 200USD, the same will be sold on dells about ten bucks for the same. or 20 for HP, Apple and so on but still the same chip.

because its real price isn't this, every chip has a threshold value for its materials, 10ish dollars, depending of how much gold is on the pins.

what makes the value is the function it has been imprinted, and making thousands, even millions of chips is nothing much bout its manufacturing cost, since every chip is manufactured the same way more or less.

it's what it does that sets its price.
same for software, its prices varies where you live but as an American it's made "illegal" to buy something on a country it's sold cheaper.

it's all about speculation and jewry.

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Nothing personal, but most people are going to assume you're retarded owing to previous experience of Staples employees. On the rare occasion I go, it's always staffed with Pajeets trying to sell me the Staples Generic printer ink. "It's just INK guy! Don't pay rip off prices, INK is INK!" That would be nice if it were true, but they don't always get the electrical properties right and you end up with a shitty print-head. I bought their generic once and it leaked everywhere.

They do that with textbooks too. In America, an engineering book might retail for $250, and $20 in India. Granted, it might be in black and white, and use shittier paper.

Get a laser printer like a proper white man. Inkjet is complete judaism.

I have one, even though I rarely need to use it. The inkjet in question was for family. I think the fad fizzled out, but 3D printer filament is another nice attempt at a jewish trick.

Fair criticism, no offense taken. I only took the job because it paid better then the other places that had offered me a job. With like one exception everyone was an incompetent moron who just made shit up. I've moved on from the job anyway, couldn't put up with their shit after a while.
If you don't mind me asking, what country was that in? I worked in the US and they didn't sell generic ink, but would tell us to fearmonger customers away from buying cheaper cartridges elsewhere.

Best part is it's even cheaper than alternative toner and you get color. Only downside is you have to print regularly or ink will dry up.

it's the GHz myth all over again.

Canuckistan. For some reason Staples is always crawling with slimy Pajeets. To be fair though, you don't really see many white faces working in Canadian big-box stores.

The absolute state of normies trying to tech. Sad.

Normalfags don't even have the brain capacity to comprehend what benchmarks are. And besides, they love to feel like they know more than the sales rep, so they wouldn't listen to you anyways.

fuck this gay earth

What do you print if you have nothing to print? Pics of your waifu? Must be comfy.

You must have missed the part where I said to supply them a benchmark that is relevant. The most ideal benchmark you can name is actually the software you intend to run on the machine.

No they achieved maximum kikery

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Staples, Office Depot, all those stores are comically/cosmically overpriced. There's no reason for them to exist. You only go there if you're on an absolute work deadline.

They're just like North Korean department stores fully stocked with goods that nobody is allowed to buy, just to look good for western cameras.

Avoid Dell computers, that's all I'm saying. Michael bumped his head so many times under the Intel CEO's desk that he wears a hard hat now.

So, what, show them which machine loads Facebook faster? Shame that 90% of computing power is absolutely fucking wasted when the average cell phone is more powerful than what the majority of the market needs.

Then you'd sell them an i5 or whatever AMD have these days that is power efficient. As for the cell phones, they're actually running a lot of complex computations in the hands of a normie. Whether we like it or not, those selfie image processing tools and realtime filters are serious business. It's actually comical to think about the vast white-man-hours of hardware/software engineering that were poured into the effort of turning Da'Quan into a talking real-time animated monkey as he makes a facetime call to Dontravious. Marvellous. Just White Man's Burden things.

Newsflash: My next processor may be AMD only

Do not listen to blatant AMD forum shills, AMD64 and i386 do not deserve your money. Try another architecture for once, or god forbid, go outside.

All tech books are overpriced as fuck, I can buy 1000 page philosophy book for

True, if you care about Intel's bs enough not to buy their chips you should not settle for AMD.

That's just the way things are for state of the art tech. Philosophy doesn't change quickly and has been around for centuries while fad tech can last for 4 years.

Also unlike learning a new piece of tech most people don't read philosophy to make money.

it's because they already have tech 500 years ahead of us but just want to slowly leech as many soybucks from retarded goombers as possible before the masses catch on to their bullshit

AMD64 is x86_64 you dumbfuck

I think you're the dumbfuck, not user. He precisely used the Āµarch names.

i386 is a version/instruction set of x86 32-bit and a subset of the following x86 versions because otherwise they wouldn't have that endless backwards comparability and you wouldn't be able to run MS-DOS era Windows code on it.

>PLEASE CHECK THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE BUYING. Brand New Paperback International Edition*Printed in black and white* Cover Image & ISBN may be different from US edition but contents same as US Edition. Not for sale in the United States and other countries, may be printed on the front or back cover access codes or CDs not provided with this bookPrinted in India*English languagesuper fast delivery, we ship order 48 hours online trackingdelivered packet 3-5 business days. We ship DHL/FedEx/Aramex express service*Customer satisfaction guaranteed. please contact us before leaving negative feedback. Kindly request for positive feedback for the business. Thank you.

Moore was right after all. Silicon was never meant to clock-at these naive frequencies. It is just a matter of time when both the newer gen intel & amd chips starts falling apart due to extreme clock speeds & cramped-up transistor count.


More news at 11

Non-mutilated men don't need lotion to fap.

This was a premium chip by a US company. The chinks were selling it for way below market value.

Presumably they have chips coming out of the front door of the factory that are sold through the official channels. And chips coming out of the back door that are sold in China which dont have any of the development costs factored in to the price.

Protip for International Rectifier: if you dont want the chinks to copy your shit make it in your own country you lazy traitorous scumbags.

It's because they only have 50,000 of them. They're losing to AMD fucking hard, and they can only cash out on their extremely jewish tricks once more, because once the lid's blown open, their PR will be fucking worthless.

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Yes, this is a big problem people always had with manufacturing in chinkland. They fulfill your order, then just run the factory some more to make some shit for themselves, and sell it. No need to pay you licensing fees or anything beyond the cost of materials of course.

Also sometimes the chips (or other goods) coming out the back door are actually the ones that failed QC. And sometimes they just sell or steal the process and make a clone factory somewhere else to make the same thing. It's like piracy for physical goods.

Redpill on the future of chips: i686 will continue as long as embedded manufacturers need it, x86_64 will be the main desktop arc until we get better bandwith on our motherboards, arm will always be an apple-nvidia-cia operation, risc-v will be interesting but unlikely to change the desktop world, anything else is a meme(except ppc64, but only BIGCORP uses that)

In a few years, that that last tweet will be considered prophetic.

I read it ... but I don't understand it.

Is this for, like, cray machines or one-off prototypes?
It's not like I'm going to join the auction, right?

< #the_price_the_(individual)_market_will_bear
But to prevent international transfers, they make it somehow magically illegal to buy from someone outside your designated zone.
The MPAA and RIAA have been doing this for two decades now and use faux economics to justify their actions

AMD performs like shit. You can't even run emulators at full speed on AMD.

Yeah AMD is total garbage it's why Intel is working so hard to make such a great CPU that it can only be sold in auction in extremely limited quantities after a decade of selling quad cores CPUs for $300+. Ryzen is horrible but after all this time of Intel charging people the same amount of money for a 5% performance increase and the same amount of cores for 10 generations of CPU they finally decided to randomly add more cores for the same price! Intel truly is our greatest ally!

The ssd will destroy all their data if they unplug the machine.

America also made it illegal to marry little girls.

History of the USA during the industrial revolution. You people are morons.

in the past yes, they've tried to do a lot of ultra integrated shit lately. Like its very hard to get a low end Atom with a PCI-E slot you can actually use. Its part of the reason they were basically offering Atom low end chips for free. Their latest shit is integrating WiFi onto the cpus so its going to be a little harder for AMD to offer parity without an added cost / complexity.

Right now OEMs and server builders want AMD because its got the core count Intel isn't delivering in power envelopes Intel isn't delivering and most importantly now meltdown and spectre spooked an awful lot of companies that depend on cpus being secure. Not like "oh they leaking data" more like "they have our financial trading program and are making money" sorta stuff.

The AMD CPUs also have far more PCIe lanes which for applications where work is being offloaded to an accelerator such as a GPU or FPGA, or in applications where you need lots of high bandwidth storage and networking to match, when the Epyc CPUs blow away anything you can cobble together with Xeon's.

So I see this is your first time witnessing a corporate hype stunt.

One million x86 chips starting bid at 299 each...
250? 200? any bids? 5$ and a handjob?

Hmm I should go work in a Ferrari factory
Oops this car "failed QC" guess I'll go "get rid of it"

You would just replace the part on that car that failed QC.
Cant do that on a chip die.

Listen to this user. This is exactly what happens and these are the people who govern what succeeds in any market.
It should be illegal for these brainless apes to acquire or spend money.

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Damn prude 'murica.

You're literally fucking retarded. He implied that not all chips that fail QC actually "fail QC".

honestly, a company of that size and heritage cucking out to 'feminist frequency' said more than any of this ever could

You would have no idea if they passed or failed.
The ones coming out of the back door in China dont even go through QC.

You mean you're not allowed to abuse the fact that Turkish games sell for 1/10th the price as American and European games to get cheap deals?

Shit man, that's awful. I totally feel bad for you right. Totally.

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