Brit/pol/ #2604: NYE Edition

No easy answers to migrant issue - Javid

More illegal boat migrants arriving in Kent

Woodhill jail’s Islamist unit still has no inmates

Vladimir Putin ‘to re-open’ Soviet military bases in CUBA sparking Cold War 2 fears

Number of Britons seeking Irish passports rises in run-up to EU exit

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good lid

1st for a new machine as the old one is fucked again.

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Goode ladde

Even children and simple animals understand the concept of 'achievement = reward'

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whats that song

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n*r"man" scum

Newly declassified docs reveal former PM Major’s mooted Europe vote

They're probably mad about it having references to Britain's imperial and feudal past

I think the idea of Britain existing before the featureless multicultural entity it is today irks them tbh

this tbh, they are just salty cunts

white privilege, lads.

In that case the answer is simple. If they don't like it then they can bloody well fuck off back to Wakanda or Venus.

oh god her website

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Exactly, they despise us.

They couldn't make a legitimate case for institutional prejudice against them because there fucking isn't any.

skills like these tbh

how intolerant smh

they hate us, our ancestors, traditions and our land. Theres not much more to be said besides we're incapable of living together peacefully.

feels bad man
it says a lot about how good our ancestors were if these fucking niggers hate them. We should be more like them

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they'll have plenty of legit cases when we're through

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The fact that niggers hunt down wildlife for gibs is enough reason for me to hack them with a meat cleaver en masse

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they want to destroy our memory, which is why its so important that we remember.

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are these lads based and redpilled?

This is a direct consequence of decolonisation and foreign aid, and the industrialisation of Africa.

NO but do you know what you are? filtered

The fact they just seem like normal lads makes it more comfy, why did they get into fife and drum? Are they re-enactors? They look like they could've been soldiers, maybe that's where.

ethnically conscious Englishmen

its just ive only seen that flag used by dafties before

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sir marmaduke rawdens march sounds like a right banger wonder where i could find an mp3 or something

I have a white wyrm flag its the englisc gateway one though.

I think I like that one it is more consistent with conventional english heraldry

the flag of english rebellion since 1066

big man marmaduke was one of the first mad lads to colonise barbados


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tbh esoteric dafties are always weaklings

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i know im not one to talk but most of our daftie groups seem cringy as fuck
im sure there's a few good ones

w o w w h o c o u l d h a v e s e e n t h i s c o m i n g

You'd embarrass them in other ways.

Theres 30,000 spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) on government payroll out there.


that hurt until i remembered what you look like lol

spice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine)?

You're right, I suppose just having long hair is way less masculine than wearing a frilly maid dress and a wig.

more that you look like a primary school sports day flasher mate

That's just conjecture whereas you actually are an effeminate possibly-gay cross-dresser though tbh

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going to ask a girl ive not seen to for a while to come round
every time we meet we have sex
wish me luck lads




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shes not a normie tbf

i will keep you posted m8ty

You'd like that wouldn't you


why does he say obsessed like the brightonhomo did hmmm

all women are normie

get out

but you are lad

if only lad


mums going mental tbh

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she's hysterical lad finger some sense into her


The virgin William v's the chad Jamie

The nominee will probably be pic related, I don't think she has a chance of winning the democratic nomination.

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his name is literally beta

really disappointed tbh smh

liderally Paddy O'Sanchez

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Anyone reckon there's going to be some ficki fickis and the odd murder tonight lids?

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Didn't he lose against Ted Cruz?

what are some good movies about the english civil war?




A Field In England
true kino

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petted a horse the other day but i was nervous
is it true that you have to be confident and touch them firmly and that is more relaxing to the animal?

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They smell your fear

just like women

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I miss it when jauffre read them to me.

Lads what is the most aesthetic dafty symbol?

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The only one that matters.

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insulting mother mary should warrant the death penalty tbh

Stopped reading there.

Never liked it tbh.

I love it when they say this, because it completely fails to mention the jizya which is how the caliphate sustained itself economically. They had no interest in converting the people of captured territories because as soon as those people converted they could stop paying the jizya.

I've never been a fan of the germanic runic stuff personally.

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I like the celtic cross but its largely been assosciated with skinheads and stormfronters