Wanna make games

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Are you even perusing tutorials, wikis, help docs?

yeah nigger, I am going to follow a simple tutorial over making mode 07 without understanding of linear algebra.

all this shit is basic CS and tutorials are useless for this.


you're getting it wrong.

and? why the fuck do you care what anyone tells you? do whatever you feel you need to do you retarded niggerfaggot

You don't mention your end goal, seem to misunderstand what mode 7 is have no idea how it relates to game engines and/or modern hardware acceleration. Synthesize your goals into something at least you can understand and you'll be in a better starting spot.

Just learn how to use SDL, everything else is bloat. Use the native C++ bindings, or use pygame if you're gay.

Then learn linear algebra, it's pretty simple stuff.

I'm trying to say I'm trying to make art ofr my game and people tell me learning realistic painting is a waste of time and just do small as fuck pixel art.


If you're going to do shit just because "people tell you" to then do as I say and kill yourself.

I think you're getting ahead of yourself, OP. Can you draw a pixel on the screen?

Learn Linear Algebra, then? Heres a free textbook, even: open.umn.edu/opentextbooks/textbooks/a-first-course-in-linear-algebra-2017
Use some generic lectures like Khan Academy if you're stuck. Then once you're done you can move onto a suitable introductory computer graphics book + API documentation/guide for whatever you intend to do.

Zig Forums is full of LARPers


Threadly reminder not to use Monogame because they use a communist hand symbol as their logo.

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Nigger, how new are you? I've been calling you LARPers out for a while now.


I wrote that using my Android phone.

Android, Windows 10, what's the different. It's all botnet spyware for normies.

t. LARPer

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SDL is in C. FSML is a c++ wraper of SDL. Never used it, I just used pure SDL in my c++ code. You won't make that many calls to SDL library anyway, once you get a framebuffer and audio initialized it's all your code.

Lmao OP. You don't even know what you want to do. You mentioning "mode 07" is especially hilarious. "Mode 7" is justone of the graphics modes of SNES. It was common on 8/16 bit machine to have several graphics modes. Nowadays you only have one... linear framebuffer in several resolutions and refresh rates. If you want to draw something with a correct 3d perspective, rotate flat textures, whatever you think the "mode07" is, you just calculate for every pixel and do a write to a framebuffer or if you use OpenGL / DirectX / Vulkan you do some library call. You don't need to know all the math behind it from top of your head. If you need something, you google it and use it. You can implement your "mode 07" in SDL in couple of minutes. Stop being a lazy nigger.

Who are you quoting? And yes, 99% of the posts containing the word LARP are by me.

engines suck
try allegro5

Then learn it. Linear algebra is 1st semester tier.

That's pretty sad, honestly.

Couldn't some dude run FreeDOS on a recent computer and just use Mod X or something? The VGA and DOS interrupts shit still works or what?

I mean Mode X (as opposed to Mode 13h, which is actually linear).

Unfortunately I must agree with you. LARPers are destroying Zig Forums and nobody is doing anything against it.


hmmm this faggot makes some good points

Seeing as mode 7 just allowed the display of a single textured plane, can't you simply use a standard textured quad in 3d space to replicate it?

OP just forget teh algebra and tl;dr the matrix transforms equations from someone's tutorial or code. You don't have to understand all the details of maths and be able to do proofs and shit.

BTW not a larper.

game engines are the cancer that destroyed gaming. Go with a framework at the lowest. Learn actually how to program and how computers work, then you'd also realize how ridiculous it is what you ask.

imagine being this deep into a LARP...

Clone atari 2600 games other than pong in love if you want to learn how to make games. If you can't manage that, I suggest something a bit your level... maybe with popsicle sticks and non toxic paste. In any case, maybe try Warlords or Breakout.

modern cards emulate the bag stuff just barely, I done some bare metal programming 2 years ago and I couldn't even modify the standards palette in mode 13 or get a vsync poll, let alone an interrupt. Since mode X was not an intentional graphics mode I'm very sure it will not work on modern hardware.

I mean vga, stupid phone

also you missed my point. Whether you use mode 13 or X or some cga ega mode, that's just how you address your pixels, you still don't get any special features like hardware sprites or texture shering or rotation. I was making fun of OP because him mentioning mode 7 tells me he doesn't know shit, he knows his snes gayms and the "famous mode 7" but if he looked at Google how to draw textures at a perspective instead of mode fucking 7 he'd get all the info and math he needs.

If you want to make a game, use someone else's game engine.
If you want to make a game engine, make your own game engine.

I got ur engine rite here fam.

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