Brit/pol/ #2605: Happy New Year tbh Lads Edition

Happy New Year! Stunning London Eye fireworks welcome Britain into 2019

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lood gad

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cousins are not for finger blasting



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Very good lad

lethal memmies

alright lads I'm off for a new years walk

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For her

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inshallah lads.

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The illegal memmies once again prove the most powerful.

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calm it down son this is a nofap board


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>tfw no hot cousin to share childhood memories of frolicking in the fields and woods with

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also xth for his triumphant return in 2019

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Feels lad

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The best is when your cousin told you she fancies you at a wedding after party while drunk and then a couple of days later sits next to you while sober and rests her head on your shoulder

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literally in tears rn tbh.



the race pimps of Zig Forums sure do fit the stereotypes of haters

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he'll just be re-banned, lad, don't get your hopes up.


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She has a kid now and is happy tbh

not mine

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dont forgot foot fetish




Hey now lad there's nothing wrong with wanting Kate Bush to tie you to a fence in a public park during the day, strip you naked and then repeatedly kick you in the balls whilst screaming the chorus to Wow

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Should have done and just fucked off to Medway with her tbh

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2018 lasted like a month tbh

boring year

shit i was aiming for need more whisky tbh.


N-new year new me

hopefully everything burns this year I am sick of this status quo. people expect me to be outgoing and excited and then they force me to watch these movies full of niggers and everything is how white men suck

Becoming a Five-Percenter lads

tbh, why invest in a future that has made it clear it does not want you?

night lads

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You can do it lad bring home the bread

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thanks for the input

happy new year

The years feel like they're going by faster and faster. Next week I'll be 89 and in a retirement home.

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yep this has been my life view since 18 or so and I suggest all nihilism lads turn to self improvement not for the purpose of "scoring" within modern society, but so you can be strong and take from the people who kept you down your whole life during times of stress

tbh Im afraid of getting old too

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*eats the bread*

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at the end of old age is the peace of death lad, youth is a bit of a mene because its just tall talk and "possiblities". its ultimately nothing unless you act on it

I'd rather the western man abdicated en mass and everyone was reminded at once what they have been attacking

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Atleast you aren't a keto homo lad.

Fuck offf.

Good lad


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DVD as a home movie medium that is

Get a trade it's not even a memi.


I maintain there was a time when it was decent

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>tfw been on Zig Forums since I was 11

destroyed my brain tbh


52 lad

Happy new year lads

2019 - we're all going to make it edition, tbqhwy

go back to /tv/ shitposting.

this. portman was kino

I'm only calculating to the nearest 10. I'm fucked.


smdh, I just got an MS degree in architecture/cultural resource preservation at 28 but I still feel like a loser, never had a gf, moved back home, only make 15 and hr, etc.


tbh Zig Forums got me to quit drinking and smoking pot and start working out at age 23

Lad I have no doctorate of any form I make taps and boiler s work for a living.


literal perfect mummy age


dam it


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is it fun? my current uni job is easy and makes okay money

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wew. Indeed lad, I couldn't imagine that would be particularly good for a young mind. But then you're still young as fuck anyway, so plenty of time to self improve tbh.

just got this