Google proposes changes to Chromium which would disable uBlock Origin
Looks like I will be crawling back to Firefox, on hands and knees.
We were wrong. We were so wrong!

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does Zig Forums have people dumb enough to use jewish Chromium?

chromium is objectively faster and isn't any better than firefox

are you aware that pozfox now has "install and run studies" (literally install and run botnet) and send telemetry enabled by default on all OS's?

let's also not forget that pozfox defaults to google as a search engine, defaults to autocomplete enabled (which gets sent to google), and includes google's tracking code on the add-on's page.

the only answer is GNU webkit based browsers or qtwebengine(which is just chromium).

So you think it's better to use a browser that disables adblockers?

This is it. We are doomed. There is no escape, the powerful people saw Intenret as a place of freedom and they tried to control it for years. Now they are going to reach the last 1% that values their privacy. We mean nothing. Power is in the pockets. It's over.

It also disables uMatrix.

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You don't buy a new car every time a new model comes out.
Only update when the version you have stops working.

Why is anyone even updating their browser?
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
And no, "security" issues are not problems.


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Bugfixes and security patches, faggot. Have fun spreading your ass for the latest exploit because your retarded ass stuck with an old browser instead of upgrading or switching.
Software is free, identity theft isn't. Take your boomer car metaphors elsewhere and switch browsers, preferably to something slimmer and simpler with fewer potential exploits.

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They intentionally include security vulnerabilities in their products to force you to update. That way if a significant portion of their userbase refuses to update to a newer version they can just leak the vulnerability and allow pajeet botnet masters to get into your system with ease

Doesn't happen, ever.
Unless you are going around to whatever blackhat / * / random website, you aren't going to expose yourself to any vulnerabilities, and even then, disable javascript when you go to those sites. Problem solved.

"Random websites" are the heart of the internet fuckwad, you don't belong on this board if you're seriously advocating people only use a handful of the largest websites just so they can continue using software with security vulnerabilities

Not what I wrote.
Go back to school, bent dick.

Keep using IE6 forever you dumb fuck boomer. Hopefully you'll kill yourself after pajeets send your browsing history to your family

Do you suck dick with your trashy mouth?

top lel, go back to facebook you dirty geriatric

Everyone is starting to fucking see the truth. They won. We lost. This is the final decisive blow that they have dealt to us.
We fucking surrender. It's all over. We should have listened to blackpillanon. Their victory has become eternal and there's nothing we can do about it.

The air of defeat and surrender is ITT. It's all fucking over.

Retards. We have no choice but to update. Read . This is fucking it. We are doomed as fuck.


Updating is a brainlet meme. How many times have you been pwned by browser exploits? How many times have you been screwed by shit pushed in an update? Use your brain retards. I can't believe people argue this shit in a thread about an update breaking uMatrix, a security hole ten times bigger than any esoteric "exploit".

user, the devs themselves are exploiting you. They provide software with nice features to make you switched, then start sneaking in botnet in the updates. It's a literal trojan horse, they don't even hide it because it's legal.

9/10 I lold

Lulz, im past the pizzas with you kid. There are REAL lulz coming your way. And no, I didn't buy your IP…I did it the good ol' fashion way. And if you keep your retarded shit up. Your GOING TO BE INTRODUCED TO MY GOOD BUDDY SQL-i. If I haven't made myself plainly understood now. I don't know what to tell you except enjoy the show & challenge accepted. Im going to ruin not just your world…in fact im not even worried about you, im coming after your people. I want you to feel that 1st.

Stay the fuck off the chans. LAST WARNING.

I do not have a Google account.
I do not use any Google software.
I do not use any online services of Google's.
I do not use any website that indirectly serves data from Google's serves.
I can say with 100% certainty that no bytes on my hard drive have at any point been on any Google server.

I am your inspiration. Be more like me.

This has to be the gayest shit I've read in a long time.

fun times ahead

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Who could have foreseen that an ad company wouldn't like ad blockers (a ledditor identified the author of one of the shoah'd replies as Kus Resa; see below)

I think the best thing people can really do for now is to get the word out to extension developers and browser developers (especially Google) that the proposed APIs and manifest should not be restricted to such an extent and that users should retain enough freedom and capabilities to easily control what to do with extensions and requests within their browser.Once the v3 proposal is set in stone and implemented it will be too late of a surprise for the majority of unaware extension users who will notice a shifting of how and what ads/trackers/requests get blocked and it will be near impossible to rollback the changes as the browser market leader has a low incentive to do so.I don't want to sound too dramatic but the implementation of the v3 proposal as it is right now could be the beginning of something that will have wider implications on the web and users' ability to decide how they can browse it.Due to Google's position of power on the web and influence on websites it will almost certainly affect more than just Chromium/Chrome users.

uBlock Origin issue page:

More discussions:

Will popular ad-blocking subscription include versions with cosmetic filters only? Will privacy/security-oriented Chromium forks spread once a future Chromium version is announced for the first implementation of Chrome Extension Manifest V3?

...Why not just make build a new browser engine? Spread the word and it'll eventually beat Chromium.

The whole web (HTML5 + JS + CSS) has become so pozzed that something new needs to be created, but that is too for Zig Forums.
Just forking Chromium is not worth the effort.

google will purposely slow your shit down. look what they did to fuck with microsofts browser edge. if your browser is slower to run google shit it wont catch on.

What is preventing someone from editing their hosts file?
What about a local DNS server?
I understand that having the browser capable of blocking ads themselves is another layer of fail-safe protection, but it certainly shouldn't be the sole level of protection.

Hosts-based adblockers aren't nearly as good, I'm only running a hosts blocker now using zerohosts+hosts-gen and for example it doesn't block the privateinternetaccess ad on the bottom of this page

I see your point, but native ads are hard to block anyways.

There is literally nothing we can do. It's all fucking over and everyone knows it. If we even try to make anything better, Google will kill us off. We have no choice but to conform, or die.

You can't. Give up and submit if you value your life. We are doomed eternally.

Don't use the WWW.
There's one option.

There is literally no reason for us not to surrender now. We are fucking cornered and have officially lost the fight. Anyone still fighting back needs to give up now or face the consequences. Goodbye forever, freedom. Praise be to Google. We officially throw in the towel now that this final blow has been struck against us.

We. Lost. Forever.

ITT: We write our surrender note, now that we literally have nowhere left to run, and have lost eternally at the hands of Google.

These kike motherfuckers' profits r shrinking - thanks to vpns, tor & ublock! :D Use firefox niggers.

No. Kikes are more powerful than they have ever been in history. We lost. It's time for us to unironically kill ourselves.

We have literally nothing left. We lost.

We are history's greatest losers. We will never have another victory again. Just 10,000 years of darkness. At minimum. With nothing left to live for, suicide is the only option.


The hacker community always are this cringy. 99% of them are actually retarded and could be out coded by a random person from Zig Forums.

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It's just 1 blackpiller trying to make it look like there's more who share his outlook.

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Why does this faggot repeatedly make the thread so many times?

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This is a really stupid idea.

Are your nigger-brained, what makes you think this would actually work? I mean, seriously user. Are you being serious right now.

You win FAG of the day for that post. Holy fuck, it seems I'm not alone... half of Zig Forums thinks you're a niggerfaggot!


I think the hardest part will be to make a fast renderer for webpages considering how many variables there are to consider.

The idea of replacing html/css/js with something better sounds pretty exciting though.

In the current state, it absolutely is. I do wonder though, if scattered about in the world, there are people who would just like to revert to very simplified internet format without the plethora of styling options and any javascript.


That's it. What is more, it wouldn't involve reinventing the wheel for a sensible protocol developed around these concepts, which could use existing technologies.

If you just want to display text and images in a list then anyone can do that easily. Parsing a html-like document isn't hard at all. The utility it will have is almost 0 though because nobody will want to install or use some special browser for what is effectively less advanced than a word document.

Absolutely, it is easy and such a browser should be something that a talented programmer could make themselves in a few afternoons. Simple, and easy to maintain.
Well, that's where we come in.

Yes... First they'll come for the ability to block ads, then they'll add fake news protection (NewsGuard), then they'll start blacklisting problematic websites, then they'll permit only whitelisted websites and in the end only google's services will be allowed. Sorosfox is not any better:

Just use Links like any normal person.

The blackpill spammer is a moron. That's why.

except it won't make a lick of difference if standards don't get enforced and everybody can do their own shit to "improve" the spec.
we'll be right where we are now just with something else to shit on.


Yeah guys just give up it'll get ruined anyway! It's over the jews won!

how much of a normalnigger do you have to be that these are your options in the current year lmao >>>/reddit/

daily reminder that webkit and brink were a mistake.

Why hasn't this piece of trash been banned already?

It doesn't matter if it's slower than the rest, what matters is if it's fast enough and doesn't have obvious spyware embedded in it. That's what people who care about privacy want. We just have to keep it small and make sure the coding standard are on par with something like OpenBSD. Once we'll be able to render a web page, we'll get followers and extra coders.

Freenet already exists though.

Too old

I only use it when required by my school, just like I only use google education when required.

Y-you wouldn't download a new car would you user?

Because he's exploiting social behaviors.

Your car cannot be remotely exploited to spy on you and steal your credit card info.
At least, not yet.

LARPer spotted, even advertisements on popular news sites have been used to deliver malware.

Convenient contingent of collected links:

kill yourself, you're literally spamming in an anchored thread

That's the correct outlook to have. If you're in hell may as well find a way to enjoy it.

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Fucking moron. Adblockers will be dead soon. This is serious shit.

Everyone is seeing it now. They fucking won forever and we will have to carry our loss for the rest of our lives. It's all over for us.

Gonna need a sourcerino for that

That's what you want you defeatist.

1) It's a proposal which is currently being discussed.

2) As others have pointed out there are still other ways to block ads.

3) You can always just support Firefox and other browsers and try to make them don't go that way.

4) If you had the skills, which can be learned, to organize the development of a new appealing browser or platform you are free to do that.

5) Even if you have to support companies by having their ads load it's not the end of the world.

Not that nigger but the guy from ublock said under the new system the level of blocking would be very limited and afaik google said adblock (which is shit) would work but didnt mention any other blockers

It's being railed widely on every forum, but I don't see a response from chromium devs anywhere. This could very well be a case where everyone says don't do it, and they say fuck you and do it anyway.
letting ads load does nothing. You need to click them. Why waste time loading countless ads I will never click?

Read the bug report.


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Sure, just write 10 million lines of code in your free time.

Surf is less than 5000 lines of code.

how to watch CP photos in text browser?

all chromium forks are owned and controlled by Google (unofficially)

it can
(((Modern))) cars can be controlled remotely. (((They))) could suicide you by driving your car into big truck or into water

Would be easier to just fork chromium before this change

Is there any evidence that Tor browser is pozzed? Just because it's a fork of FF doesn't prove this, when FF itself is open source and anyone can remove the botnet telemetry from it.

If you're still using Chrome or Chromium then you're a retard and deserve to have your PC flooded with malware and ads.

imagine being this cucked

mozilla is just as bad

Microsoft proposes changes to Windows 10 which would disable Chrome