what safe ways are there to communicate with:
-humans you know from real life
-humans you know from internets
it has to support Tor and not be a botnet
examples: email, instant messaging apps, voip, cellphone
what should you choose for those two scenarios?
or is communication with humans a mistake?

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talking to them in real life, at work, at school whatever

What a sad waste of digits

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How bout you just stop worrying about if the evil jews and cia are watching you and just use the same software everyone else uses. I swear sometime it feels like half the people on Zig Forums have paranoid schizophrenia.

email - disroot with pgp encryption
instant messaging - xmpp with OTR
voip - jitsi, or don't use it
cellphone - don't use it


What a waste of quints.
Put a condom on your tongue when you talk to them.
Put condoms on your fingers when you type.

100% safe comms. No word-AIDS for you!

Now go and think about a more intelligent way to ask what you want to know before you try again.

Real life - at home, with loud music playing and speaking to each other's ear to prevent the wall mics and pocket mics from hearing your conversation
from far away: your own XMPP server with OMEMO

shame Terry didn't run you over too.

Nice get.
Ham Radio, 802.16, 802.11
By safe you mean where your comms aren't breached right?
You can't do that but at least you can hide your ass under a burner device or account.
3LA can breach undersea cables with their submarines and they don't care whether the data is encrypted or not. They can just crack them once it breaks like how the previous encryption got obsolete. Telecommunications have 3LA backdoors and FCCIA
Why bother? Are you a potential target? Then you shouldn't put comms on wire/wireless but on a tavern/pub through speak or messenger pigeons.


whisper next to a running tap while covering your mouth and inside a faraday cage

Yes radio is safe. Nobody can intercept that.

Why the fuck would you want to talk to people

but how to schedule appointment with them?

this. what to do if they have smartphone with them?

get the fuck out of here CIA nigger before I holocaust you and turn you into soap

normies now require a phone number even if you just want to buy something or go to doctor or other service

but what if you have many contacts in your xmpp account, will all of your friends see same xmpp ID of you?

not sure. should stop?

Good question. I honestly can't answer. I've gone partially normie and used a non-account tethered phone for communication. I try my best to get people to use secure platforms, but it's not very sucessful in most cases. I don't just defoo the people, I just accept that I have to use a cellphone and try to detach it from myself as much as possible.

Seconding xmpp with omemo. Even retarded normies can be convinced to do it with some handholding because it's not that hard to make an account and install a program. makes a good point though, trying to secure comms is good practice but the recipient is always the weakest link. They could be logging your convo or have malware spying on it. Nothing you can do there. But at least some glow in the dark has to jump hoops and waste his time to get you.

Also drape a big shroud over your heads so they can't lip read you amirite

And kill your friend after so he doesn't betray you

Isn't encrypting radio very illegal in the US?

They rarely actually call that number, mostly send automated texts. It just sits in their db for years until they sell to a telemarketer. If they do call but can't reach you they'll shrug and move on. So you can get away often with giving a fake number.

You could also get VoIP number so you can make calls from your computer but that's expensive and you have to give your details anyway when subscribing. You could use something like Google Voice or Viber for free, but then you've joined a botnet anyway. One thing that works though if you get a new phone number, make a GVoice account, then cancel that number, Google doesn't really care and you can use that Voice number forever.

Lastly you can get a cheap disposable phone with no ID. You'd still be carrying a tracking device though, unless you left it at home.

Tox, since Briar doesn't support a simple remote way of adding friends. It might be a better solution since it's also available on desktop and supports calls while Briar is in early development.

But this implies that both of you are using non-botnet OSs.

what's that?

If they refuse, then do not communicate with them. but thing is, what platforms are secure? I don't know any

there is another problem with xmpp
you have a single account name/identifier
so you send same account name to person A, person B, person C, etc
those people can compare and know it's same person (you) who talks with them
this is especially dangerous if you used same xmpp account for real life contacts and internet contacts

another problem:
xmpp server or your contacts can monitor when are you online, then this can be used to compare when one of Tor users is connected to Tor network at same times

I don't give a fuck about law, neither should you

you can give fake details. and pay using anonymous methods
but there are problems:
-like with xmpp, voip server can log when are you online and connected, when not. then can be compared to when one of Tor users is connected to Tor network only at those times
-if you get sudden connection loss in voip, they could check who got disconnected from their internet or from Tor network

for incoming calls? or both?

even if you keep it at home it's still very bad
you will make them know where you live and you will make them know every time you change your address
they could also call you to check if you are at home or not

this is only for jewphones, so it's automatically a botnet

isn't it a meme and broken?
also, since it's p2p you can only get messages when both you and sender are online
and they could see and track when are you online

some phone that isnt an i/windows/android phone that needs you to login to nsa.gov to make calls
in some cases it's not that easy, but again, I do my best
I've only used, in this order of frequency:
mumble using a very secure vm that is isolated and only accepts certain hosts( for use with irl friends since it's relatively undifficult)
tox(I no longer use)

LineageOS exists.
Anbox exists.
I don't see anything wrong with this. How else would you make a serverless communication app? Anything that has a server is automatically shit since you depend on someone else's services. Anything that needs email/SIM to register is automatically a big fucking no. You're left with nothing else, other than XMPP which only has a working client on android (it's desktop clients are featureless trash which desync randomly), doesn't support calls/video calls and is server oriented just like email so your account can be shut down either by accident or deliberately forcing you to make new accounts whenever a host dies. And if you're going with this route Matrix is a far superior protocol so I'd use Riot.im or another client.
I don't see how it's broken. I was testing video calls and calls on it and it worked fine on qTox and Trifa.

Meanwhile the fellow in the trailer down the road is just copy pasting CP onto flash drives and selling them via word of mouth.

You're doing it wrong, m8. If it's actually locked-down *tight*, then they can't even see it or know it exists.

but it still has backdoored hardware and it connects to cellular networks, they can track the position

what's the point? even if it isn't a botnet, it runs on botnet hardware, so it's a botnet

you don't see anything wrong that they can check when are you online and offline? and then use it to deanonymize you?

Your absence or deviation from the typical internet usage patterns of what is typical for your demographics can be a flag in and of itself. Governments are aware of this as we know in the Chinese social credit system a lack of participation in social media and other typical behaviors is seen as negatively affecting your score.

Uh, no you can create multiple accounts and most clients make it very easy to use them. That's like complaining everyone knows your email because you have only one address.

You could just keep have tor connect/disconnect randomly throughout the day, and only log on to XMPP sparingly.

You're right though, XMPP wouldn't help if someone took over most of the Tor network to such an extent.

Both, you can even call international if you put some money in it.

The idea isn't to be a cyberninja who can't be detected no matter what even if every alphabet ever made it their main and only mission to catch him. It's to make a tiny bit of effort so that at least your data is not up for grabs to any clown out there like server op, cell provider, isp, advertisers, trackers, skids who break into the serb, companies who buy the database and so on. Government can still get it if they try.

You realize that your front door's lock is probably very easily picked, right? You realize that someone could just wait outside your house to figure out when you're out, break in and install a hardware keylogger? When's the last time you even checked?

How do install a hardware keylogger? Aren't they as easy to remove as they are to install?

They could install it inside any of your usb peripherals. But unless you're using full-disk encryption, it's probably easier to just embed a software keylogger into your OS

So does your entire PC.
Librem 5 and Pine64 Phone are getting released soon.

Yes. I don't see anything wrong with that. At best they can just guess where you are within 6 timezones. You can leave your device connected whenever you want and it's not like there's a single better way of message delivery. Who the fuck will track you here? There isn't a central server. You can only be tracked by your contacts and if you're dumb enough to add a random CIA nigger as a contact then you'd be tracked no matter what service you use. Majority of other services provide delivery reports. You can't run away from this and the fact that you're trying to means you don't understand how communication works.

irl communication: smoke signals
internet communication: pictures of smoke signals

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First of all define the people you are communicating with.
Are they dumb?If they're dumb, setting up a hardened network is useless if they'll just flaunt their latest botnet handheld device, use it, and expose all your comms to 8 three letter agencies and several rogue dataminer apps and they're not done yet and even even put your real world name and picture under your super-haxor 'anonymous' contact number/uri/mail that will sync tonight with their google play account services and you just stare as it's written in that 50PiB cloud forever under RAID10.
Second, What info do you need to communicate that requires you to hide it?
If it's just some small talk dumb comms like going to the X restaurant tonight or sending a meme then you're just wasting time here and just go on with your daily life as goyim, never look back.

If not dumb,
Near-future suggestion would be to buy the Huawei Balong 5G with NSA/SA (Non/Standalone) once it's out.

From what I heard you could do wide local-area networks with 5G much like wifi/wimax "meshnets but for dummies" and without the need to configure a crappy software plus it'll have highest data throughput and signal strength reaching kilometers is my guess IF you have the proper antenna and configuration. Think of it as wifi hotspot/AP but 5G standard.

There's also been very recent issues with huawei routers breaching privacy with their backdoored modem (probably sends visited URLs to a chink company) but from what I know the higher-up guys on Huawei were already caught and jailed and for some reason the chinks still trust huawei since it's still the most easily crackable modem that can do radio cell bands (openwrt btfo) that you can even change the fucking IMEI by rewriting with NV flasher and even lock frequencies or even add new ones.
Also the backdoors on modems is a commonplace happening on any manufacturer around the world. It's probably just that Huawei being much easier to crack (replace the ROM) among Chinese/Russian true hack forums probably sparked this backdoor propaganda by their weaker competition.

that's wrong. you shouldn't need to create multiple accounts. it should, by design, provide unlimited account identifiers so you would give different identifier to every person you contact with. just like bitcoin clients can easily provide you 50 bitcoin addresses (or more if you need)
if you need to create multiple accounts, you will be lazy to do it and keep using one account for many contacts

but then you won't receive a message instantly when someone sent it to you

they don't need to take over Tor network. all they need is to have your XMPP server to tell them when you login and logoff from your account, or get that data from XMPP server ISP, then compare it against when Tor users connect to Tor network, this can be received from all ISP

it's not easily picked. and there is many locks to pick before getting to my PC

what if he breaks in, but someone else is inside house?
what if neighbours see it and report to police but also tell me when I am back?
what if alarm in the house starts?
what if they activate traps and explosive devices?

PC is easily visible and I often connect or disconnect something, would quickly figure out, then remove hardware keylogger and make password change in FDE

you cannot leave your PC running when you are outside of your house. FDE only works if the PC is turned off. if they get your PC while it's running, they can read password from RAM

wrong. everything should be hidden from CIA niggers and encrypted. the harder it is for them to get any data, the better.
just like with Tor network, you shouldn't use it only for buying bombs and weapons, you should also use it a lot for watching cat photos, so there is a lot of noise

Try Briar - briarproject.org/

The fuck am I reading.
Password for what? Your RAM can be read without you knowing even if you're literally using the PC.

Tell me, genius. How would you ever receive a message without being online? Are you retarded? What's your solution to message delivery, come on. The only other solution is leaving messages in """cloud"""/servers, which is worse than p2p.

If you're this paranoid you can buy a 4G router and buy a SIM card without registering it, then just keep paying for it with cash.

>Try Briar - briarproject.org/
this shit only runs on jewphone

you leave, then CIA comes in, reads your FDE password and all your CP and bombs

for Full Disk Encryption

cannot, I do not allow. If they come in, I kill them and pull electricity from the PC

I don't know how and I don't care. If you use chat programs, CIA will know when you are online, when not, they use it to deanonymize you.

at least the person sending message won't know if you received it and when you received it. also, both of you don't need to be online at same time to communicate

that won't help in this case. they can still compare against you too, if they find your SIM to be one of the guys they look for, they can use triangulation to find where your flat is, then when they arrive they can use some scanners to identify where your room is. they will hunt you by the signal level, just like with WIFI

Lock your doors, hide your PC/phone, lock them into a safe, put cameras all around your house. Pretty sure it's legal to make non-lethal traps in some countries/states, use those. Make a killswitch which will wipe your PC and then emit a small EMP.
RAM can be read by software and completely remotely.
Why are you even communicating with people you don't want to communicate with? Why aren't you then using a separate account for every person? Why are you trusting a random server more than people you talk to?
You can use a (((blockchain))) communication app, which solves exactly what you want to solve. It's serverless, distributed, doesn't need both parties to be online and nobody knows when YOU receive a message.
Yeah ok. But if your attack vector is hiding from the government then you literally can't win, and your chances of winning are 0 if you want to use internet.
Either way, there's nothing binding you to an unregistered SIM card. That's why they're illegal in Germany, for example. You can leave it outside or even in your house and say it isn't yours. Also, there's nothing stopping you from buying a new one every week, other than the cost. But, how exactly will they know what you connect to and if you're the person they're looking for if you route all your traffic over Tor? Your IP is hidden from everyone except the entry node, so a person you're chatting with won't know shit about you.