Brit/pol/ #2606: Frozen Edition

Britain is to shiver in freezing temperatures as Arctic blast and Beast from the East sweep towards the UK after a balmy New Year's Eve

Two large ships return to English Channel over illegal migrant crisis

Remainer Sadiq Khan defends London's New Year fireworks after he was accused of 'politicising' show by turning London Eye into an EU flag in tribute to Brussels

Hackney shooting: Woman injured at New Year club night

BP claims an oil spill off Australia's coast would be a 'welcome boost' to local economies

Suspected far-right attacker 'intentionally' rams car into crowd of Syrian and Afghan citizens in Germany

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You are literally using the same argument ((they)) use against brexit.

Good lad

I love you winter-chan

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Good lad, nice digits

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nth for shitskins freezing to death se we dont have to remove them ourselves

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biggest william on the board? For me it's SA

Da, butt.

No it's just a fact of history isolationist nations fall behind and get fucked by their neigbours, Japan narrowly avoided that and then proceeded to fuck all their neighbours.

For her.

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Strange how underpopulated France is, their birthrate began to reduce in the 19th century and I don't think it has yet been explained exactly why.

For who, lad? You posted a blank image

A revolution every few decades tends to kill off people

Liberalism. It's got to be.

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Both sort of right actually, found this interesting post.

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Pope fetishists btfo


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Brazil going full Pinochet. Bolsonaro vows to fight the Marxist trash in 2019.

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Some really cuntish behaviour tbh

Bolsonaro is still a shit Israeli stooge

Is there any physical evidence he visited Cornwall? Or is it all circumstantial?


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So is all mainstream politics. They own the apparatus at this point.

It's a step in the right direction, I'd honestly be surprised if any leader even so much as slights Israel in the next few decades.

the Japan one was a Japanese guy but I still found it funny

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lovely strawman

The very fact Israel is a concern for a 3rd country is part of the problem lad.

The Ottomans and India and the East Indies were all pretty big though

tbf God is everywhere so he has visited everywhere

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Brazil has bigger problems than Israel and the yids tbh

They have diaspora in every nation forming ethnic pressure groups.


Yeah how long as the military been on the streets in Brazil now?

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Can't wait for the Corbynist Revolution tbh comrades

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would let her get a green card by fake marrying me if she just let me coom in her and make bbys

Jesus lad calm down.

It's been like that since the Junta.

Not exactly wide open tbh.

Soon Comrade.

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Who are you and how did you get steiner's trip?

a thin blonde haired blue eyed 6/10 low self esteem lass is literally a 10/10 in america tbf

Why were they never returned to their bases?

New year new Steiner I guess

plus UK normie conservatives are 10x better than burger normie conservatives tbf


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fucking kek lad

please unban 22st okay ty

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Tbh lad, no


Dealing with more or less that is basically the plot to the GitS series tbh

Dunno why you are asking him when he wasn't the one who banned 22st smh

tbh every "unban 22st" post just adds another week tbh

Even if they wanted to they can't since they don't know what ban is his

It's a shame the Balkans got fucked by Communism and then got fucked by globalism coming the other way.

Is it not a permaban?

you don't want ugly daughters lad. I get the attraction of a wife that isn't attractive to other lads, but she's also not going to be attractive to you either.

Lad our Conservatives are basically left wing democrats.

I hope it never happens tbh, I would like Japan to stay Japanese.

Can't really compare the two.

saved lad.

She's not exactly a troll tbh.

she isn't uggo lad just not a thot looking

It's just from some map acc tbf lad

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really wish someone would fix this pic

smdh its like alpha centauri

Russia kind of relies on poor infrastructure for defense.

wish she'd freeze something other than ocean tbh

That and snow, and tbf it works

keeek never actually read it, did a yank write this?


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winterchan is real and she is a chug goddess of the great lakes tbf

Manchester Victoria station stabbings suspect held under Mental Health Act

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Because having loyal military troops roaming the streets is a pretty good way of keeping your regime going.

I kinda dig ugly-cute girls tbh


very large brained post, this

Brazil's democracy is enforced at gun point?

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No it was a military dictatorship until 1985.

So why are they still deployed post 1985?

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oh wait I misread that first question nvm, they didn't return to their bases because they need the manpower to deal with the massive crime rate, army and police work together in really rough areas.

The noise he makes when he calls it a t-bone steak always makes me fucking laugh


Yeah I saw lad.

yeah he makes such good autism sounds

True tbf
But Brits could have sauntered up to medina and stole their black cube if we wanted tbh

get ready lads

And then aline all the muslims in a Jihad. Large amounts being in the empire.

They would've just replaced it like every other time they've done it, I do support dropping a nuke on it though, just to see what happens.

>DDR's anthem sounds like the intro to Pinky and the Brain

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smh we gotta hit india with some sort of bioweapon tbh

tbh I'd rather release a bioweapon so when they visit they catch it and spread it when they return home

Or just trigger the Sino-Indian war that's been brewing for ages.

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neither of them have the resources for a protracted war smh they'd just dick about in the mountains

Yeah real smart idea lad, now all of the UK is dead.

East Germany was a fucking weird place tbh