Gotta get them mid-term votes for your party!

Gotta get them mid-term votes for your party!

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Workers of the world unite! Would you abandon your foreign counterparts in their time of need?

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this is the moment of truth when the nationalist scum will either get purged or still cripple the left in a moment of possible comeback

somehow you have to make the harmless scary I guess

Not an emergy!






Meant to post this too, Trump is cutting off aid

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Trump is showing up in my city tonight to shill for Lyin Ted. Pretty funny tbh.

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link? I'd like to throw it back in the faces of the trumpanzees

democrats are faggots that have to pay people to go around and remind monkeys and spics that they need to vote. i met a couple of them in my neighborhood over the past couple of days. surprising that these vote recruiters were always vouching for the democrats. i hate republicans too i wish they really were fascist

ok maybe
you can't be fucking srs

this is nothing compared to the Burger population. Shows you how meaningless Burger politics are.

I'm all for open borders. The bigger the working class, the better.

Either way, immigration is the least of my concerns. If immigrants happen to be dangerous criminals (which several studies have debunked ad nauseam), then you have your trusty ak47 to protect yourself.

They're probably fudging the numbers too, just like they've always done throughout recorded history that is partially made up of these fabrications

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Real talk: they're not getting inside. I don't know who is organizing this but it's the perfect ploy for Trump to use the military to build the wall. National Guard units are already mobilized for this purpose, though if any are "accidentally" allowed to get in I have no doubts Trump will sign an Executive Order forcing Voter ID requirements in all 50 states. It remains to be seen what the results of that will be.

Not mentioned in this whole episode is how the Mexican government is incapable of dealing with this. Forget about starting revolution in America - the caravan has proven it is plausible in Mexico. Not only did they completely run over Mexico's southern border security but existing military checkpoints are told to stand down rather than shoot or arrest incoming migrants. Mexico's own porkies think they can profit from this, that wages will crash further and everyone who gets locked on the Mex side will happily be their wagies. Instead, they are creating a massive disaster that can only result in revolution.

The time is coming. Either AMLO steps in and starts rebuilding the meager social security and infrastructure Mexicans enjoyed before NAFTA (pic related) or it'll be a civil war. It won't be one that will need outside assistance either, because if push comes to shove Mexico's neoliberals will turn tail and escape into America rather than stand and fight like they did last time.

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Crash and burn. 90% of America's "aid" to these countries is military arms, support and training. America financed the fascists in exchange for not having migrants flow to the US and for stopping communism. Well, now communism is dead on paper while the migrants flowed regardless. The money will then be given to Israel who won't give it back, permanently ending the flow.

This is how revolutions begin: the authority in these countries has been shown to be both illegitimate and powerless against mass action. It's only a matter of time now that Trump is threatening to pull money.

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Half the battle is knowing, the other half is violence. Mexico has violence, and the knowledge of the capitalists' inability to do fucking anything right is becoming known.


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Nobody rolls into town and direspects me! Not Snake Plissken, not nobody! Bolas!

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Nah. Unless Trump goes full fascist (he won't) the National Guard can't do shit on the border except call the Border Patrol if they see something.

The rigged elections in Honduras in 2017 was really the last straw I think for the people there. The coup in 2009 got the ball rolling. I'm wary of hyperbolic civil war claims but if people get boxed in the pressure has to go somewhere – either it will go out or it will go upwards and towards the U.S.-backed Honduran oligarchy.

The thing to watch is that the percentage of Americans who say immigration is a good thing has been steadily increasing for several years. Look up the Gallup polls. It's really the 30 percent of the country who are die-hard Trump nuts that want to plant landmines and shoot on sight.

You're funny. Trump doesn't need to go full fash because all the parts are already in place. The inland checkpoints, the surveillance drones, the detention camps and the ability to search any vehicle at any time. The recent move to privatize some of ICE's camps works with this. Everyone has already internalized this as normal, the only missing component is a physical barrier. Even better the NG has been training on this for about a year now, so they are well prepared. The decision to do this was made seventeen years ago.

As usual, we'll dump the problem onto Mexico who won't be able to handle it. Either their government starts enacting Socialism again, or the social contract between working class Mexicans and wealthy Mexicans is torn apart.

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It's Soros isn't it? There's no way people would want to escape poverty and go to the USA.

No reason to walk in when the American-owned railroad doesn't give a shit if they ride in so long as they don't steal anything. See my broader point about porkies being the source of their own destruction.

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This caravan has very few people. It won’t result in revolution. Weather it succeeds, or fails has no impact on anything. Trump claims it’s 4,000 people, and it’s probably less.

They won’t be able to, they won’t be able to enter America. That’s why the boarder is militarized. To force Mexican neoliberals to hold onto control, because they have no option if they don’t.

they got private planes

Because airports have no security officers
Affluenza kid did it

Folks with private planes have their own airports, like Boeing Field.
From article on website: We're updating our Master Plan! I laughed heartily.

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epic wordfilter

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