Beware the Social Score

What will YOU do when the Chinese Social Score comes to your nation?
Don't think for one minute that it won't. Generation Z has been raised to rate everything, from the products they buy, to the sellers they buy from, the restaurants they visit, their teachers, and even the doctors they visit. They rate their uber driver and the uber driver rates them. You have a large generation very used to the concept of rating.

The social media phenomenon has inculcated a narcissistic driven behavioural reinforcement system, by which people are nudged into group pleasing actions in return for high scores. Whether the motivation is purely rooted in vanity, or for monetary award corresponding to subscriber counts, it becomes clear that people are intimately vested in a gamification existence.

This combination of ratings and points is the underbelly for a "Social Score" system that is actually being realized in China today. Fail a test, litter on the street, say something 'politically incorrect', or perhaps staying out too late would result in demerits. Naturally, governments will issue rewards to nudge people into 'correct' behaviour. Those with low scores will be restricted from many services ranging from communications to travel; perhaps dissidents won't even have any freedom of movement! I'm sure you can imagine how such a scheme could also be tied into Universal Income.

(((They))) have primed the younger generation to accept this system, and you're kidding yourself if you think it will be met with but a handful of resistors. The question is then, how do we prevent this dystopian nightmare from emerging before it is too late?

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It's the jews son, nobody else has any semblance of power in the west.

Just wait a little. Soviet Union already had all that shit. And where is it now?
And socialism is a very good opportunity to get rich quickly.

We're already there, user. It just isn't all tied up in one friendly package.

They never had the technological apparatus to pull it off though. They had to resort to fear tactics that generated resentment. In the West, they will utilize a soft-tyranny. Look at all the good goys who give up privacy for Air Miles.

It's Chinese because they are the test case. Don't worry, Jews were named in the OP.

True, it is there, we just don't know our scores yet.

You stupid fucking nigger, what do you think will happen when you have an army of convicts at large, which is what they are since they have no freedom but that to walk around? Is your brain clogged up with semen or something?

I used to talk on investment forum with boomers that have millions of dollars, telling them what a shit the credit system is, and they always defended it. It's like they're brainwashed into really needing those free air miles or whatever "rewards" they're getting that isn't even worth the mental hassles of dealing with credit cards, especially not when you have that much money saved up. I didn't even bring up the (((bankers))) angle, since that was probably too radical. This was back around 2008-9, when the banks were raping everyone openly.

There's lots of convicts walking around right now. They do their time, and then are let go, sometimes early for good behavior.

Yep, just look at the average nigger neighborhood to see what I mean. Now imagine that applied to white people.

I'll leave for a different country. I'd just buy a Thai passport and spend the rest of my life fucking boypussy while laughing at the retards that stayed behind.

It would be a useful indicator of social competence for about 15 minutes, then an irredeemably broken numbers game demanding endless piles of manpower and money to fix the rampant cheating that would result from it. In less than a year you'd have employers rolling their eyes when they see another minmaxing faggot with nothing to show on their CV but a high credit number.

I lived in a trailer park where there where white convicts. So what? They didn't give me any shit.

Fuck it, let it come. At this point it can't possibly get any worse. There's already informal social pressure and secret gubmint lists that give you a score, as user said we just can't see it. If shit like uber and airbnb is any indication all it takes to have a perfect score is to be polite and civil (and HU'WHITE). The people who get one star ratings in these systems aren't poor innocent shy guys who are just quiet and have esoteric interests, it's NIGGERS. Oh boohoo, people gave me 1 star for shitting on the street, how will I live, what a fucking tragedy! Maybe with social scores, I'll end up dealing with a few faggots less every day.

And for how long will this "fairness" last? They'll just label the system racist and add bonus points for "cultural contribution" or something. What about 0 penalty for stealing bikes if you're black? Whites start with -50 points and point gain is 50% slower if not a member of left leaning party. Transgender people get daily point boosts for bravery. Muslims can activate their "religion of peace" aura to temporary nullify all potential point loss. Jews get double points on shabbat and can cast "Memories of Shoah" area of effect spell once per day to leech 1 point per second from nearby people (spell is active for 90 seconds).

This is why they should always and forever be considered history's worst generation. They will be the generation to lead us into eternal dystopia
That meme no longer holds up. It's over for all of us, and it's all Gen Z's fault. They will never change, they will NEVER be saved.

>(((They))) have primed the younger generation to accept this system, and you're kidding yourself if you think it will be met with but a handful of resistors. The question is then, how do we prevent this dystopian nightmare from emerging before it is too late?
Holy fucking shit, the blackpill user was fucking right. Why the fuck didn't we listen? There is literally nothing that can be done about this anymore and everyone on this site knows this fact.

Seems as if everyone ITT has given up hope. Goodbye, world. It's all over. There will be literally no resistance to this nightmare. We fucking lost eternally. We fucking surrender.
Suicide is our only escape from the dystopia. Why didn't you listen? Why didn't we listen?
Why, Zig Forums?

Bump so Zig Forums knows that it's hopeless to fight for freedom anymore

alarmist shit thread without any tech relevant discussion
retarded mods don't do nothing as always

It's a warning of what technology can do in the future, and how preventing the dystopia is futile. It is absolutely Zig Forums related. Go back to Fortnite, kid.

hyyterical Zig Forumstato spotted, running in circles screamin while waving his little arms.
take your meds, kid.

mods anchor this shit thread already

Yes, blackpill-kun, please kill yourself. Just do it and fuck off

Imagine what this post would like like if you could write coherently.

You're the perfect sort of goy they want. You won't rock the boat, and you only see the upsides.

It's actually quite well written, but then a nigger mutt would have a hard time appreciating it.

Chinese Social Score is just 1984. We cannot do anything if it arrived already. We just can resist before our governments adopt it!

I have analyzed all the options, and have concluded the winning strategy is to marry a cute Israeli girl, and use the law of return to raise a family in Israel. Not only do they have an increasing tech mindshare, it's clear that they'll be the only nation to survive the coming enrichment. In 20-30 years I wont' be surprised if owning anything as generally powerful as a PC is considered a racist act. KNOWLEDGE CRIME -- Advancing yourself beyond a negro.

Will use cheat codes in order to give me a slightly higher score than chad and they won't be none the wiser.

Checked based dubs. The only people that would hate this thread are the types that still haven't accepted that the blackpill spammer was right this whole time, and that we should have listened months ago before it was too late. This is a thread for oldfags like us who have rightfully lost hope.

The point of this thread is that we can't resist at all. The majority of society clearly wants this to happen, and there is literally nothing we can do to change their minds. We lost. (((They))) won.

At this point we can't do anything about it. The jews already won and it would be foolish to resist now. We may as well surrender like the impotent losers we are.

Israel is the winner of everything in this fucking world. We fight against it for nothing. We should not be resisting anymore, and everyone on Zig Forums knows this. This is why I visit this board, people have realistic expectations of the future, and have avoided the (((whitepill))) meme, as any oldfag should.

O Jewish Overlords, we pray to thee to spare us mercy! We shall fight you no more, for you are the clear winner of this war. We have nothing left in our lives, while you shall claim everything, as history tells it.

Apologize, Zig Forums

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The golden rule is to optimize the success rate of your progeny. I see no hope in the Western world. I'm sure there are some pockets of hope in the East, but what they lack in POZ they also lack in quality of life. Israel has it all right now, and I don't see it changing anytime soon. I'm a /fit/ guy with a good education, and high IQ. I should be able to have my pick of the upper echelon Israel girls, and I'll select one with a high percentage of European admixture. There's quite a few phenotypes there that look decent, not like the New York stereotypical Jewess with the bulbous nose. At least my genes will have the best chance, that's now cowardice, that's brutal efficiency.

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B-but muh yellow vest XDDDDD

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Are Israeli school children subjected to "Tranny Story Time", and force fed LGBTQ faggotry? Everything I've heard about the Israelis tells me they're pretty degenerate so I do wonder.

Tel Aviv is a degenerate place, full of jew homos along with muslim homos who travel from nearby countries.

Alright then, it's over. I'd rather die than join the Ant race of Chinese.

Blackpill user was fucking right and everyone knows it. It's all over, confirmed.

The West will never be saved. Everyone ITT has given up, kid. Deal with it.

It's not going to happen in my country. I don't understand the utility of maintaining a system.

Listen here Boomer scum! Your generation is by FAR the WORST! Your all so lazy that you have to rely on "daddy's money" while we strong workin' folk put in a days work to make ends meet. You spoiled little brats are so dang entitled, it is simply comical! You would rather ride around on your "riding lawnmower", well we Zoomers use our push rotary mower (the one with a bunch of scythes twisted into a cylinder) your LAZY generation wouldn't know a thing about it!
Get back to suckin' you peeno colada Georgie, the MEN have work to do.

What video game do you garden in?

it's a dystopic theme kinda like the bladerunner movies, except everyone hates you (for being white) and everyone hates plants so its a covert operation to protect your veggies from the jew monster and the "enforcers' will murder you for gardening and collecting rainwater. you should try it some time.

GenZ prefer to live in managed condos or apartment complexes. Gardening is just not something they do. They much rather to just pay service fees to live in a "smart community" in which, it, like everything else, is done for them. These are people who LOVE javascript user, they have no taste.

Savage. Zoomers are forever going to be slaves, and they will never wake up ever in their entire lives. There's a reason why us at Zig Forums universally consider them to be the worst generation in history, they hate doing anything on their own like us actual redpilled Gen Xers do. They want literally everything done for them. If only I could find the energy to do a school shooting so these little shits could die more. They have literally nothing good about them, as confirmed by many people ITC. They are the very reason why the Jews will forever win in the end of it all.
GenZ: The Generation that Killed Ownershio Forever

Damn. Micdrop moment right there. And these little shits will be like that forever. And don't fucking tell me they can't, jews bred them to love their enslavement forever. They'll never change for the better. They can not, will not, and should not be taught about the redpill. It is all so futile.

Gen Z doesn't want to own things themselfs user. Youd know if you went outside. The only people on this site who have hope in this full generation of 100% goyim are retarded Zig Forumstatoes whose only experience with history is reading SIEGE.
muh based gen zyklon
The Z in Gen Z is for Zombie, or ZOG.


Zoomers want you to hold their soymilk. See , theyre a generation of goyim who will listen to only the jew and noone else. Sorry but thats the reality told by us Zig Forums users through months/years of IRL and internet research, the last few sane of this earth.

Hi Zoomer

Generation Goyim. End of debate, end of story. Pack it up, folks, freedom's time is up. We lost.

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They extend the sentences longer then they should be, so that they can hold that sword over the inmates head throughout the incarceration. There is no justice.

He can't be one, zoomers are too triggered to respond to this thread. The ones that stumbled across this thread and read our red/blackpills probably ran crying back to their safe spaces where they can jack off to the Steven Universe finale in peace.

Welp. It's over. The Jews won. Whose up for a suicide pact?

We really can't fucking win anything can we. This timeline is just rigged for us bad goys to always lose and for the good goys and jews to always win. Dunno why we even bother anymore.


This thread is only proving the blackpillers more and more right with each post. Fucking dammit why didn't we listen

Eat your tidepods kiddo.

Trips of sad truth.

This pic remains the truth even years after it was made. Zoomers are only there for jews to control and us to despise

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This is why the war between generations in necessary folks. Zoomers are actively destroying society and everything we love. Many people don't like to talk about it but we are the few brave enough to openly speak of how unrecoverably brainwashed kids today are.

Remember when we actually owned things and were actually responsible for our own lives? That was our generation. Zoomers hate anything resembling responsibility, they don't want to improve themselves and they never will. Thinking they can be saved is fucking delusional. The scariest part is that these little brats are the fuckin future!
Reminder that Gen Z is unanimously pro-censorship and pro-gun grabbing. See: the popularity of online multiplayer games with censorious moderators such as Overwatch, and the March for our Lives protest from last year.

Well said. That's basically what I was going to say.

Ignore it.

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting. The whole world will become China soon and there's NOTHING you can do about it. Maybe some of us will protest, but newer generations will fall perfectly in line with the jews' plan.

Remember that the board owner 100% supports this shill. He refuses to ban him.

Kill yourself.

Reminder that this board doesn't cater to your personal tastes, and won't delete posts just because you want them gone

He's a zoomer, of course he wants posts he doesn't like gone. He's here to subvert this board.

We can rape all Israeli female soldiers!

Reminder that pic related is you. Fucking kike scum.

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You kidding? this cuck has a large number of IP's and has gotten good at switching them. His one man blackpill campaign has gone on for months and sometimes he seems convincing other times he's losing it. No board on the site is safe from his autism. The more I wonder about his plan the more I realize he probably has none. He probably thinks something will happen, but what? It's like gazing into the abyss of autism, something only present in the legendary autists of our times. Makes me think.

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I've seen him get banned on /v/. Not Zig Forums though, they very much support him.

Sure, you can imagine nightmare scenarios like that. Guess it would be about the same as now, I already get treated worse than blacks/muslims/trans by progressives.

But you can also look at the current rating systems. Airbnb, yelp, uber, many others. Obviously they're biased, cute girls or black guys wearing glasses always have an advantage for instance. But the advantage is pretty small. I think the reason is pretty fundamental: The fact is that people don't want niggers and other problem characters, for obvious reasons. It's instinctual. You can brainwash them all you want but you can never override their base desires, same as the most educated and feminist as fuck stronk womyn will still date abusive niggers and chads who cheat on them. Nature trumps nurture. So I suspect it will be a very long time until the dust settles and they come up with a rating system that isn't completely broken and actually rewards minorities that they want to reward. A lot may change by then.

We're already at rock fucking bottom, there's not much downsides left. I see them, I decided not to waste space repeating what's obvious and better said by other anons. Just pointing the less discussed upsides.

The centrist is really a lying snake trying to keep society together and toward center. He pisses everyone of because his goal has no value or ideal, it is just neutrality which has no meaning.

Which 'West' and 'saved' by who and from what? Source?

This is all the normal cycles of every civilization, this isn't anything special. Whites will recover considering their higher intellect and technological ingenuity compared to others. Every society that is somewhat to greatly better is because they are tethered to the West. Everyone else can't survive as anything other than a parasite on Western society. It is worth saving, user, even to non-whites it is worth saving.

Whites worship women, they can't be too bright.

I believe he's trying to replicate the change that happened to /r9k/ (change from OC and just having the ROBOT9000 filter to relationshit posting). Just that he's nowhere near doing it right.

The only thing that bothers me is how obvious each and every one of his posts is as if he's from 4chan/Reddit.

Man, this image takes me back. Wasn't this the first image that showed up on the encyclopedia dramatica offended page? Simpler times.

Who ever would have thought that image would conjure up cherished memories. I remember telling people about it, and giddily awaiting their reaction.

Well, maybe that's why the person who took it, for the memories.

I've noticed a lot of these people lately on here that intentionally cultivate a recognizable posting format. It's like they want to namefag but don't want to admit it, and all of them have some board ruining conversational habits as their shtick.

I wanna fuck her ass hole!

We all Palestinians should rape all Israeli girls and impregnate them!

It already has. Payment processors rely on reputation reporting services to decide whether or not they allow you to do business on the Internet.

As designed by Common Core

So it's too fucking late. (((They))) have secured a permanent victory over us. It's all fucking over.

Gen Z is truly the Obama Generation. Explains perfectly why they are so far-left in belief. They are controlled by (((them))) and can never be saved.

This user is correct in spite of the blackpills y'know

China has riots and protests every other month, right?

2012 - 500 protests every single day. They chased the police and politicians out of towns. Almost 200,000 protests in 2010 alone. It didnt stop.

Now they use cameras, online tracking and credit systems to try and stop protests and arrest dissenters before they even start.

Despite this, they still have tens of thousands of protests and cant stop them.

State controlled private journals stated the protests increased by 50% in a 10 year period. That was several years ago. Ex-PLA members are training and leading people in protests now. Theyve had marches to Beijing that couldnt be stopped where they staged sit ins at political buildings. Large unions are striking in reaction to non-living wages and 100 hour work weeks. Trucking and crane industries are recent examples.

China is on the brink of collapse. They have all their personal assets in housing, but its a giant bubble of debt. Those ghost cities account for over 50 million EMPTY buildings that exist for GDP reasons only and the speculation bubble on housing is similar to Vancouver and Toronto bubbles in Canada. Their money is tanking with tariffs. Shadow corporation debt is crippling the government. Local banks are having run-offs - just last week was one.

If America truly wants China destroyed, they'll enact full tariffs or embargos and make their allies fall in line. The Chinese people just need a moment of weakness and they'll destroy the communist party in a heartbeat. It's a pressure cooker thats held together by ever increasing debt. They have a ridiculous gdp credit ratio. Like 99% of the economies with their ratio have had economic collapses and they werent even remotely close to being as high as China's. If any pressure is put on them, China's housing market will collapses, banks will have systematic run offs and the protests wont be limited to thousands of people in different provinces - it will be everyone who have lost everything (80% of household assets are housing - its barley 20% in any other country). As long as China is allowed to spend and BIS gives them loans after loans and they are left unmolested, they can maintain control on their population through force.

China can touch their aristocracy. They have been in a state of rebellion for several decades. The fact the general public in 1st world doesnt know should tell you all you need to know about Jews and their control. Americans have it too good. The poor are rewarded with luxury. No one knows what it is to go hungry, let alone miss a daily coffee or takeout meal. America knows about the corruption. They know who is causing it. They dont care. Bugmen have more resistance to a communist dystopia than Americans to their gilded cage. They are all but guaranteed death or imprisonment for protesting, yet still do it. Americans have freedom and the means to fix their problems, yet refuse to get off the couch.

So not only has sesame come to the US, it was de facto implemented by Amazon. Say hello to your new puppet government, anons!

Meant to say PayPal rather than Amazon. Remove megacorp A, replace with megacorp B.

This fucking wall of truth has just 100% confirmed that it's all over for us. Nobody will fight back. Nobody will call this out. Nothing will ever get better for as long as we live. The kikes have won for all eternity. We have nothing left to live for. There is literally no longer a reason for us not to surrender and off ourselves. Our lives are over. The war for freedom has ended before it began, and ZOG has won. History has ditated that our enemies shall always win, and that all of society will be controlled by them. It's all over for us.

So much this. Resistance is futile. We are done, for ever.

Ok, I'm done with this place. It's nothing more than a fucking kike propaganda outlet. Even fucking /g/ is a better option at this point.

Read about the Kalergi Plan.
The jews will use foreigners (including asians) to conquest the western world.

Goodbye hopefag. We won't miss you. This is a blackpill board for people who see the real truth now.
Optimism is cowardice.

They have succeeded in that plan, as everyone on this board will agree. There is no reason to fight back anymore. Let the dystopia happen, and surrender everything, or get vaporized.

please escort these fine shills to the time-out corner where they belong

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If this shit happened here I would go put a .30-06 through at least one politician. My generation is already sick of social media corporate garbage. My small group of friends and I have been doing our part to bleed the system dry by doing things the kikes hate. It's not much, but I'm going keep every shekel I can out of the hands of big corporate. I shop at the dollar store and Aldi, I buy used clothing, furniture, and electronics. I don't use any Google services and I only own a flip phone with the cameras removed. I run Linux and an ad blocker on everything. I constantly clear my browser cache, cookies, and history to fuck with tracking across sites. And I only purchase used firearms from private sellers so there's not a massive paper trail. I have a few of them sealed up in waterproof containers and stashed in a scrap wood cabin I built deep in the woods. I also keep medical supplies, water filters, lighters, and a sleeping bag out there. This shit costs nothing but nails, a hammer, a source of scrap wood, and a few weekends to make. Just measure, cut and assemble like legos.

Protip: If you're a felon in the US you can still own black powder weapons. The federal government doesn't classify them as firearms. Percussion cap revolvers are no joke and they've killed thousands of men. You can buy them for under $300.

t. Gen Z

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Name a cheaper alternative without starting my own farm, dumbfuck.

the fucking mods are not doing their jobs. these "blackpill da ZOMG JOOOOS" thread are not about technology. take that shit to Zig Forums you mongoloids.

why are the mods supporting this cancer?

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thread should be about how the tech actually works and can be avoided or gamed. Any chinkanons in here?

I will say

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>Resistance is futile. We are done, for ever.

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Give your money to local farmers you dumb nigger