Brit/pol/ #2607: well take a look what happend SERIOUSLY edition

Britain is to shiver in freezing temperatures as Arctic blast and Beast from the East sweep towards the UK after a balmy New Year's Eve

Two large ships return to English Channel over illegal migrant crisis

Remainer Sadiq Khan defends London's New Year fireworks after he was accused of 'politicising' show by turning London Eye into an EU flag in tribute to Brussels

Hackney shooting: Woman injured at New Year club night

BP claims an oil spill off Australia's coast would be a 'welcome boost' to local economies

Suspected far-right attacker 'intentionally' rams car into crowd of Syrian and Afghan citizens in Germany

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what a strange accent tbh

Good lad

GOOD webm


Too bad she's probably some Pakis cock slave.

t. paki

Lad be honest you know if she isn't dating a nigger she's probably dating a paki.

blocks your path

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no she is a pure wheatfield lass lad

probly a paki, aint that many wogs in blackpool, ive never seen em there anyway
plenti of pakis tho


soph is a goddess and bulllies will die

dont understand how any of you live around pakis, I've never met a paki and If I did I'd probably punch him once I found out.

How can you live around those orcs when they raped our kids? I'd feel like a coward not to.

soph is a slag but assuming she fucks pakis is a bit weird tbh

Atleast juggalos made the culture their own rather than the dregs of wog culture she's decided associate with. Also pro bully board.

steiner on the right

shill or paki detected.
the answer is self associative segregation

Oh yeah, good lad.
The state of this site still.

Cheers lid.

tfw don't remember seeing a single paki or ethnic when I went there as as a kid visit relatives, it's happened everywhere so fucking fast.

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This tbh.

you should convert her to a trad jugalette lad, joe would be proud

30 years is a long time lad

you are lucky if you've never had to live around urban wogs and such. even liberals get skittish in wog neighborhoods

redpilled show tbh

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That's some nice online bravado lad. You'd definitely just be going around knocking the pakis out left and right if you lived near some, definitely.

is this real?

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if that show was on TV now the old bummy spinster bully who enforced rules would be replaced with a cool wine aunt who nonced TJ for having confidence




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do you think TJ grew up and got CIVIC with the asian lass?


I couldnt live life as a coward tbh.

he grew up and voted for the blimpf

statham poster?

I think she was supposed to be a wop though.

Even around the 2000's I'm sure I never really saw any.


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do they go to see chubby brown gigs?

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Wow you're so based and alpha chad, lad, please teach us to be more like you

a lot of people dont realise roy was trying to bring attention to the paki influx in bolton, blackpool, etc

this gives me feels, I feel bad for the zoomers who didn't get to be kids in the 90s before e-tech shite

In retrospect that show was really well voiced and scripted.

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What a load yankesque shite. Calling bullshit, you probably wouldn't say boo to them.

how long until I can just put on a wig and go take a fat shite in the womens bathroom because the men's restroom is occupied. they should just keep a wig in a box next to the bathrooms so men don't have to wait

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Is NA that desperate these days.

what does 'well educated' mean in Iran?

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I was 13 when I first saw Rotherham on the news and it drove me insane with anger. Pakis are everything evil in the flesh tbh

who cares for the boomers
javid has staked his entire career on this issue and anything less than stopping the boats WILL be seen and covered in the media as a failure
more border force boats will only increase the numbers with the pull factor and the current rules about responding to mayday calls
tbh just get comfy and watch the msm's favourite 'tory' effnick destroy his career

There are well educated Iranians and they are better educated than their neighbours but Neil can fuckoff. Nuclear physicists, engineers atc do not get on stolen boats when they can get visas and fly out. He's a boomer of the worst kind and deserves to have the wig ripped from his skull in public to humiliate him

I walk around with twin sais tucked in my gi for when some nigger dares to look at me, I would ushiro-geri him into the mf ground so hard because I am aryan warrior who is not a coward

Cor lads I'm so 'ard I once killed half the population of Bolton with a stern look because I thought they looked a bit to dark. Turns out they were coal miners but whatever.

We have two cutters deployed by the coast guard to detect and rescue not defend our borders from these enemy combatants

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the issue goes very deep tbh and javid's career will be ended by trying to please the two opposing camps of tories on it. he lacks the authority and legitimacy to change our course and either turn these boats back to france or kill their inhabitants so it's bye bye to him. good riddance

explains brightonhomo tbh

Push it all into the Channel.

I love the "once I found out" part of it.

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good riddance indeed

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You're making it sound too much like they're ever held accountable for their actions or lies lad.

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if people were paying attention they would be
tbh that peterborough mp refusing to resign has vanished from the news though

You're right jock
I would drag you back to jockland by your toupee and confiscate the vast wealth you have accumulated since your welcoming into the Anglosphere, you fat cunt

They're just accusing those calling for her resignation racist, not even lying rn either.

early night tbh

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how ghastly

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kek at the fact sultanate khan doesn't give a fuck about the EU but uses it as a battering ram of his agenda of undermining this country
underlines how the subhumans of the world have nothing to offer and are ultimately all negative and corrosive in outlook

just want to invade primitive villages tbh lads

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smh bullies

A face you can trust to have your interests at heart.

Indeed, it's almost impressive how shameless and transparent they are. They all pull it out every time.

I definitely feel people are more fed up and less likely to pander than they have been in a good while, and to not just tacitly accept the weak predictable excuses, but the machine is still strong and turning even if it's just from momentum (not pun).

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…think we should deport ALL scousers apart from Joe he's good for a giggle and his heart's in the right place

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pretty funny exchange tbh.

What's that from lad?


Sajid Javid under fire over Channel migrant comments
Is this an actual shift of the Overton window or just piss in the wind lads, place your bets

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Chelsea are getting some new players lad

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good old spain

….yes it is

tbf if we polished his head we could shine beams on it and use the reflection to blind prospective migrants so they never reach the uk

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Laura Catfisher|

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Isn't there a risk of suffocation?

iyar lad

The shift in opinion and general will to keep taking these people has happened, not that it was ever really popular just signal boosted by all the right people, but the words Javid is using is just piss in the wind to appease the commoners as always.

When's the next Kipper fashwave video tbh lads

why do burgers always think novelty letter-openers are some sacred dagger?