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I want to know why Linux has support for ACPI, throttling, etc and the BSD's don't.
Last time I used netbsd on a laptop and the battery would last for about 2 hours max, but when I installed linux on it, the battery jumped up to 5 hours.
Why is that?
It was a dell latitude with an i7 for reference.

Wrong. Linux is cucked by CoC. GNU is not.

power management is botnet

Ok. Hurd v1.0 when?

I don't know. Why are you asking though?

I don't know man. When working out in the field, I like to know that I can take my computer and have it run for a full working day without needing to charge 5 times, or carrying 5 batteries.

I read that when Apple start making their own processors, they may still include an Intel CPU as a coprocessor. Perhaps that's a good idea for mitigating the botnet. Use the intel cpu as a slave and a basic RISC processor to run the show.

Not every BSD. Only FreeBSD. OpenBSD and NetBSD are okay.

IBM to acquire Red Hat in deal valued at $34 billion
28 Oct 2018

Why IBM bought Red Hat: It's all open source cloud, all the time
October 31, 2018

Because right now distinguishing between GNU and GNU/Linux is futile if the former does not stand as an operating in its own respect.

OpenBSD and NetBSD are not usable as primary desktop operating systems. They are tinker toys for autists.

GNOME and KDE are also not operating systems but they are different to Linux. Same to GNU. GNU is different to Linux. Linux makes a kernel and GNU makes anything but a Linux kernel.

Difference is difference!

Why do I get the feeling that you learned this 10 minutes ago and now feel the need to preach it?

Give me a call when GNOME and KDE have their own kernels. And GNU as well. Your post might have been intelligent if GNU wasn't working on Hurd as a kernel in its own right.

I said "Linux kernel". I already know GNU makes their own kernel.

I said "Linux kernel". I already knew GNU makes their own kernel.

know -> knew

People making Linux kernel and people making GNU are different. They are different organizations and they make different things.

Though their working results can be combined together but it doesn't mean they are a same organization or their working results are a same thing.

What makes you say that though? I think OpenBSD is perfectly fine as a primary desktop operating system, whatever that's supposed to mean, although I haven't given NetBSD a try yet.

I just want a bsd with a decent battery life on laptops. Why is that so difficult for them?

I don't have to use any garbage nigger utilities. I can use ones programmed by a white man instead.
It's Linux.
Gnu is not an operating system.

cool story, kid


They already make their own processors you dummy.

only linux, besides i feell that the code of conduct usually only starts arguments on the mailing lists rather than introduce malware into the kernel. and if malware is or begins to infiltrate the kernel, then you use an old version or switch to another kernel/operating system

openbsd is meant for MAXIMUM SECURITY so obviously you might not be able to do all the things you could easily run on linux/windows and netbsd was only meant to be portable

id assume because of drivers or lack of support for laptops

This doesn't explain why linux would have the drivers / that support and bsd wouldn't.

Believe it or not, not everything is a phone. They are still using Intel processors in their laptops, you utterly incompetent dolt. Their plan, is to slowly phase intel out, but there will be an intermediate period in which two cpus may be present, faggot.

if you are not running the gnu operating system, then what operating system are you running with the linux kernel?

Linux, faggot.

Linux is a kernel though.

this is a biased source.
Linux is an operating system.
gnu is not an operating system.

GPL is revokable

You're right. GNU is just a third party developer. They just called themselves developers of Linux operating system but they are just third party developers.

GNU is not the only option for Linux kernel. We can combine any platforms with Linux kernel.

What other options are there?

You can roll your own, use BSD's, even pull them from Darwin and use Apple's own utilities.

OpenBSD on librem 5 when?

Microsoft/Linux yes



Where do you shitpost from?

Linux developers call it "Linux". Only GNU developers call it "GNU/Linux".

In reality, GNU developers are only third party developers not Linux developers. They want to steal Linux developers' working.

Linus Torvalds dislikes people who call his development "GNU/Linux". He prefers calling it "Linux".

It's perfectly all right to refer to the Linux kernel program as "Linux" because that's what it is. It's a confusing problem if you're conflating the GNU/Linux operating system under the single term of "Linux". Torvalds is the lead developer of the Linux kernel program while GNU team is the developer of the GNU operating system.

Embrace Apple & Linux


Unless you are a gaymer, OpenBSD is the only sane OS we have left: no-bullshit no-SJW devs, simple usage, It Just Works(TM), no CoC, SECURE by default.
Yes,yes,yes, you can say your meme buzzwords about it, nobody's perfect. But it comes real close.

Both are using Unix, a 40 year old OS that was outdated 20 years ago.
And it will continue to as long as the Pajeets are running it.
Ironically, it uses Unix as well.
Hasn't that already been confirmed for months?

And your alternative is what exactly? Should we just scream, "IT'S OVER! JEWS WON?"

I use TrueOS and GhostBSD.

What are those? They sound like memes.

TrueOS, formerly PCBSD, has been around for a long time. It comes with many things configured and setup for you on install.
GhostBSD does sound like a meme.

was meant for

My comfy home.

As far as I know, there are three current options: TempleOS, FreeDOS, and AROS. TempleOS (And forks like Shrine) are pretty much a meme, written in spaghetti code, and isn't good for anything else aside from programming and talking to God (Unless DivineOS manages to change something). FreeDOS is useless for any computer made in the past 20 years because it's "too fast" to really do anything. That leaves AROS as the only viable option, however, despite being a very usable OS, the developers considered to still be in the "alpha" stages with only a dozen people working on it and a complete lack of software outside of whatever you can get running on the Amiga emulator.

There's also MenuetOS, but, as far as I know, there's veyy little you can do with it aside from playing Doom.

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arent modern computers not safe anyways? i remember hearing how older computers are more safer than newer ones (post Core 2 Duo) because of how intel pumps in features that might not be needed (ME) or aren't ready yet creating security holes. using pre Core 2 Duo should give you a working FreeDOS and a somewhat secure pc, but outdated hardware that can limit you.

There has really been no need to buy a new computer for the past 5 years.

A basement no doubt.

Can you use FreeDOS for your basic computing needs? Like what’s the main internet browser for it?

>(((conveniently ignoring))) Haiku, probably the most practical option

BSDs are little more than toys in most cases.
The only one worth using is OpenBSD, and still, it offers zero advantages over Linux on a production machine or as a daily driver.
The only scenario where it's a good choice is for a server where security is essential. In all other cases, you're better off using Linux.

The big push for me is to get rid of as much GPL / GNU as possible. I don't like them. I don't like what they are. I want to be rid of them, and BSD's seem like the best and easiest course for that right now. It makes me mad however that they can't have any kind of throttling or ACPI support to get a decent amount of battery on a laptop.

What is an internet browser?

Another OS pozzed to hell:

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They do, you are just a fucking retard.

A bit late with that shit dude.

It isn't difficult for us. The question is why is it difficult for you. You literally don't have to do anything, everything works out of the box on a fresh install. You have to be really black to fuck that up.

Which is why you disgusting heeb trannies feel compelled to spend so much time spreading lies about it right?
You're not even funny now.


Dumb fuck.
I've already described the symptoms of the problem.
BSD's don't support throttling or other hardware features (ACPI) to help extend battery charges on laptops.
Fresh install of netbsd: battery lasts 2 hours.
Fresh install of slackware: battery lasts 5 hours.
Why the difference, faggot?
Why are they not the same, you piece of shit asshole fucktard?

BSD is Unix, a system from the 1970s with technological baggage reaching as far as the 1940s (teletypes, anyone?).

You are a genius!

I know. And I told you the cause of the problem. You being a fucking retard.
What does that have to do with openbsd? Why are you installing the broken OS even the developers don't use and then saying "all bsds don't work". Try installing the one that works you dumb nigger.

You are a fucking imbecile.
If you don't have a fucking solution, then shut the fuck up.

On every system I ever tried any of the *BSDs it had some garbage going on that made it not run right. Be it lack for support for multicore, be it lack of support for the graphics or something not working properly like that ACPI stuff. netbsd runs fine on Amigas, old 68k macs and ancient PCs, that's about the only truly compatible experience I ever made, and that probably works only because these systems are older than many posters here and they're so simple you don't need much to get them up and running.

It's a pity since I'd like to have alternatives, there just really are none. All those scary lines of code in the linux kernel all the Zig Forums's autismos break out in hives over seem to have a function after all - They make stuff work. Of course black boxes and corporations are involved there, modern computers are incredibly complex and the companies don't really give the info out one would need to make them running, one would need to make them understandable, and why would they give up that knowledge and power? Would you? ARM seemed to go in the right direction in the beginning but it's also full of all that trade secret bullshit and copyrights. All that really will happen there in the future is more lock down, so forget about ARM.

If you want to have a lightweight system that can exist without botnet influence, you also need the lightweight and open hardware architecture that comes with it. This architecture cannot be based on anything else that's already out there but needs to implement the entire hardware stack, similar to home computers in the 80s and early 90s. This is entirely possible in skilled hands, some bright people out there have for example implemented the Amiga on FPGAs, making it run faster and better than any Amiga ever did. Sadly these people are even greedier and obsessed with "intellectual property" than intel so don't expect anything in that direction from them. The approach would be the right one, though.

Problem is, this world is controlled by money and nobody with the necessary skill will sell himself under value, as these are skills that can get you far in that corporate world. Why would such people concern themselves with supporting some autismos to get their truly free OS and hardware that will never be as good (or as cheap) as some 30 dollar ARM SBC running linux?

The only solution is to go back to the old systems and technology that is often entirely in the open and easy to grasp for a single person and reject what modern technology offers, but nobody really wants to do that. How many of you have a modern graphics card/computer that can run modern games? How many of you a smartphone? How many of you have netflix? How many of you could realistically give all of that up? Yeah, I thought so. You're caught in this, like everyone else. They know that and they will only tighten their grip.

I don't game.
I don't.
Watching jew filthy, gtfo.
Quite easily. Your consumerist trash nigger-cattle existence is pathetic.

How much of an unemployed, antisocial NEET are you then?

I gave you the solution twice you waste of sperm. Learn to fucking read.

Ever thought about putting down your bong?

Nice ad hominem, friendo. I think that about answers my question.

Really impressive self-awareness.

You gave a solution to try a fucking bsd that has even less hardware support than the one I mentioned.
How about you stop guzzling sperm and actually understand the problem you brainless asshat.

Keep dodging or alternatively fighting me, as if you would make some grand stand against the system. I don't care. I don't know you. I'm just a random asshole. Point is, your fringe existence is meaningless. This is how this world works. No amount of calling some random asshole who tells you that a nigger or a jew will change it.


Tell us more about the jews

If netbsd doesn't have the hardware support, openbsd sure as shit won't.
Your dumb fuck doesn't even know that, because you are a stupid fuck.

Brilliant logic.

You stupid fuck.
OpenBSD has less hardware support than netbsd.
You really are a stupid fuck.
Now shut the fuck up you piece of shit.

No it doesn't, it has much more hardware support than netbsd. No amount of repeating that lie will turn it into truth. Again, it literally takes 5 minutes for anyone to install openbsd and see that you are full of shit. Who do you think you're fooling?

You're a fucking dumb ass.
Openbsd has less hardware support because they have their shitty methodology of vetting all the hardware and the software required to run the hardware before allowing it into the openbsd distribution.
Netbsd completely avoids all that shit and is one of the reasons why openbsd split off of netbsd.
Now shut the fuck up.
You don't know what you are talking about.

Absolutely nothing you said is correct. Yet again, reality won't change just because you cry. Everyone can confirm that you are a liar in 5 minutes, so again, who do you think you are fooling? Every single openbsd developer runs openbsd on their laptop. The reason our OS works is because we actually use it. Go to one of netbsd's lame attempts at aping a hackathon. None of them are running netbsd, almost all of them run macos. Gee, I wonder why their shit doesn't work.

Fuck off faggot.
You are some butthurt fag that is worse than gnu fucks.
Eat shit, homo.

Boy you sure showed me. All your childish crying has magically removed all the drivers from openbsd and made it stop working. My laptop just shut down from your amazing display of precision logic. Now you totally don't look like a fucking retard at all!

What kind of butthurt is this?

It depends. 32-bit ARM SoC R40 for example has allegedly support on OpenBSD (I can't verify it but it's listed on their hardware platforms page), but NetBSD doesn't show any supported version of the OS for this SoC. That's just one example, but it's enough to show that they are entirely different projects.
BTW, I have an A20 SoC board. OpenBSD boots fine, but the video shuts off as soon as the wscons driver loads. NetBSD works fine though, and also it has SMP support for 32-bit ARM (OpenBSD doesn't).
You just have to really do your homework before choosing hardware and OS, no matter what you're getting into.

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Which one? Submit a bug report so we can fix it, duh.

I don't even play modern games. Actually my last one was Quake II, and I played it in lowest resolution with the software renderer (I didn't have a 3D card in 1998, and continued to never buy one or care about them).
And yeah I'd like an Amiga again (used to have an A500) but they're fucking expensive now because of collectors. Also even with 68040 and 256 megs RAM you won't be able to run Firefox, but my little A20 ARM board can do that just fine for the few places I need it (like my bank and personal shit like that, I never use that bloated thing for "browsing the web").

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Cubietruck, and I use the VGA instead of HDMI (because I have a nice 5:4 VGA display). So I'm guessing it works fine with HDMI, but I can't test it. Anyway OpenBSD doesn't care much about 32-bit ARM, and Theo or one of the other devs is on record for saying that 64-bit is the future (IIRC he was talkinga about the larger address space makes exploits more difficult), so I'm not gonna bother them with this.

2031 must have seemed so far away back then, and now it is nearly upon us. LGBTQ+ is the crackpot religion of the state and we're eventually going to collapse totally as more and more nigger migration waves impact us. A joybooth sounds nice.

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Why would I want to when modern games suck, already have a backlog of 400 games, and have a wishlist that spans several consoles (All of which are emulatable for the past decade)?
5 years old and still kicking.
Cancelled last year
I spent all of last month trying to install another, less advanced, OS on my laptop before giving up because it wouldn't accept anything other than Windows 8.

I still have my old A2000 with 68060 accelerator board. Let's just say I did not want to let go for a looong time. That thing was a great Mac System 7 emulator (it really worked more like a VM) and that expanded it's life quite a bit, as you'd still get modern software for a few years while AmigaOS was quite dead. Amiga is also the only way to run System 7&8 with a 68060, you have to turn off the superscalar flag of the CPU though else it would crash. Apple *really* wanted the 68k to die then, and the first PPCs were actually more shitty than the 060. It was actually very efficient otherwise and that Amiga ran MacOS faster than any existing 68k Mac. Browsed the internet on it and even played new CD-ROM games Like Full Throttle. Not bad for a computer from '87 although admittedly the computer around it was basically only there to keep the accelerator board and graphics card from falling over at that point. Never checked what that stuff would be worth to some hipster faggot collector who then makes a youtube video about it, he won't get it.

It's of course completely power inefficient (uses 120W when idling, what's power management? ..and that 80s power supply probably is also not the most efficient) and any ARM board will run circles around it now, but hey.

I could imagine switching to ARM and more minimalism when there's really proper support for everything including graphics, and that with 100% open source non-blobs, stuff I could dig into source-code wise. Doesn't seem like that option is out there or ever will be. Also I'd really like more RAM (running gentoo) which all the ARMs don't offer for some reason.

The A20 (and various other SoCs based on Mali GPU) actually have some free replacement for the blob driver. Lima project link is given here:
I can't comment since I never tried it, and anyway 3D really isn't my thing.
Otherwise I guess there's Freescale, but problem there is those processors are vulnerable to Spectre, IIRC. I guess they can be patched, but I wanted a processor that doesn't do the speculation to begin with.