Brit/pol/ #2608: Tolkien Edition

Happy 127th Birthday.

UK army recruitment ads target 'snowflake' millennials

Two held over English Channel migrant crossings

Hate preacher Abu Hamza's son, 26, is man being quizzed over bouncer's murder at Mayfair New Year party as he appears in court charged with firearms possession

Student drug dealers are spared jail after impressing judge with 'spelling and grammar' in text messages arranging cannabis deals

Nonces on suicide watch

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good lad

Joe Owen's white wild west wonderland tbh

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I should re-read them tbh

There's something fucked when a quick search of this sentence throws 3 or 4 sources up with the exact same line. Still weed has been de facto legalised here anyway.

go for it lad

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You should watch this tbh


What's nantucket like?

better than hornblower tbh

never been there, its a bit of a tourist town now but its very much a new england cultural center. used to be the whaling capital of the world. read moby dick

Might have a bowl of Aperitif now.

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Still trying to get through "How to kill a mocking bird" courtesy of my yank relatives

smdh that book is shite

It just drags and drags and drags.

maybe don't read moby dick then its another long one, the sea wolf is good tho

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Alri lads

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should have just left that whale alone

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the whale was the only thing that gave him meaning or a reason to exist though

It might just be that I have no interest in how children, in early 20th century Alabama, saw their little town. It had no draw for me.

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we did twelfth night
looking back, it was probably an omen of things to come

yeah that book in general is just pure shite

the adventures of tom sawyer is better

I should finish off the Raymond Chandler novella I've been reading. He does a great, none pozzed, 50's east coast PI stories.


For my diploma in English Lit, I had to read and analyse Beloved. A black slave ghost story set in 1870s Cincinnati.

The whole diploma was about African slavery, at one seminar my Irish tutor started crying out of guilt.

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You bloody Welsh ponce.

My A levels involved a book that was just a collection of articles by women in journalism.

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They really are sub-human trogs.

nobody was a slave in cinncinnati though it was a free state, you should have that taig go to the hood in cinncinnati and see how much the niggers fucking ruined the urban midwest

I've still heard about stuff like that. Our English lit A-Level was based around Marxism and Feminism in literature. You had to write about texts from the perspective of a Marxist, we were basically made to brainwash ourselves.

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Yeah we just got some African author and wuthering heights the first year.

there is a lot of room to fight back with that angle tbqhwy

Never heard of this woman tbh

what a man

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It was set in the 1870s with former slaves in Cincinnati and huge flashbacks to the deep south in the1850s and 1860s.

thanks confederates

I don't get how they repeat the same phrases endlessly

I tried to be critical of a Marxist perspective in one of our first practice essays. The teacher's written feedback told me that I wasn't supposed to be critical of a Marxist interpretation of a text, instead, you should """"pretend"""" to be a Marxist, and write about a text as a Marxist.
Of course, the only way to really do that was to drown yourself in Marxism, make sure it's the only thing you know, and treat it totally uncritically.

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Yanks copied Kitchener poster for their Uncle Sam tbh\

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did you dab on her?

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You better believe I did

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All over her ugly boat

you can talk about gulags without being critical, you can even glorify it

ywn be this METAL

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So wot they're saying is, now that he's in custody, he must have a camel to ride around the prison yard on exercise?
Maybe if the DSS had given him one in the first place he wouldn't have knifed Dracula

Nothing wrong with locking up the undesirables and making them carry out high-fatality forced labour.


Shame he died so early tbh

Where is everyone?

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lad, that's CIA pro-WOG propaganda. You shouldn't boost the yank signal.

Watching it again lads

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presented without comment

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are you a yank?
the military in the US and the police force has become so swarthy and shitskin infested in the past 10 years its insane

they seem to have some kind of special program to make somalis cops in the US as well its disgusting how many somali cops are showing up in the midwest

this mong is gold

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Wouldn't be so bad if they sent the wogs to the dangerous places but they only send whitey there
Having a hard time recalling legless and otherwise maimed wog vets
They normally send te wogs to white countries to enrich the white girls and wybois to Killyoustan ot Blowyournutsofia

Are you not armed?

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lol at this cunt
Fuck off Schneider, you swivel eyed loon, we see you

I know what's going on the gay mod Bongo Bongo Land cabal is all off playing something. Get out the illegal memmies lads.

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No we aren't

I mean they aren't

was it frozen or powdered like your wig lad?

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You could just be respawning.

Milk and dark Toblers, lad.

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Got some Scho-Ka-Kola from Varusteleka tbh

< posting white knight vids


:^) Watch wat u say lads

Why are the incel community so hot right now?

I shagged a thot who worked at their factory when I was on a school skiing holiday. She smelled of milk chocolate tbh

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Was she fat?

you should have recommended him to download a password keeper app for a laff

>That scene in The ABC Murders

He wasn't even a virgin.

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nope but she had very soft skin from all the milk she imbibed in the factory

west coast (LA)

If you like Chandler, you should definitely try James Ellroy. Same 40s LA crime setting, but longer books with more complex plots, plenty of gory brutality and sleaze and corruption, and more closely based on the actual events and players of the underworld in a way that would have been unpublishable at the time. Probably also better if you like period detail because he knows which elements to play on to bring the whole setting to life to modern readers, whereas Chandler could leave those things out and assume his contemporary readers were filling it in from their own experience.

Yeah sorry I was getting my coasts mixed up. Which you wouldn't think would be hard considering there's only two of them Ty lad I'll look into it after I finish one of the 4 books I'm attempting to finish.


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>she will never "äuä" as she cums

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Leaked tape of CaptainCoo/k/

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my piece

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