Brit/pol/ #2609: Gamers Rise Up Edition

UK army recruitment ads target 'snowflake' millennials

UK is world's 2nd most powerful nation claims study - and Brexit will NOT impact dominance

Two held over English Channel migrant crossings

Hate preacher Abu Hamza's son, 26, is man being quizzed over bouncer's murder at Mayfair New Year party as he appears in court charged with firearms possession

Student drug dealers are spared jail after impressing judge with 'spelling and grammar' in text messages arranging cannabis deals

British Intelligence Infiltrates Voice of Europe Media Outlet

Fake social media accounts pretending to be chicken nuggets and ice-cream are being set up by sick paedos to lure school kids

Nonces on suicide watch

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We need your anger

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plaaaaaaaace your bets!

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xth for the Circle Trigon Party of the great Aggressor nation

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What happened to Somerset lad?

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This tbh

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bomber Hasib do it again


Lads, red pill me on this Guildford train stabbing attack

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With the liberation of Texas we can finally make our final moves to defeat the USA.

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It was almost certainly an Islamo-Communist terror attack carried out by crypto-vegan SJWs

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wow what a bitch, doesn't sound like she was any good to begin with

Yeah, she told me if I ever tried to break up with her then she'd kill herself. After I broke up with her, when we next saw each other she tried to attack me and my friend had to intervene.

We're definitely having less sex than boomers did/do.

In fact I reckon age gap relationships will come back into fashion.


mummy gfs never went out of fashion lad

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tbh lads, TBH.

Likely gang violence tbh

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it has low lying war going on though

This whole thing is complete bollocks and clearly set up to promote her, no-one fucking complained about it.
ironic that they are promoting this whilst a few months back they were attacking Kavanaugh for his antics in college, rinkies the dinkiedoo


Well yeah she's got a really good PR firm behind her can't really compare some dumb dancing to rape claims though lad


probably foaming at the mouth on the kitchen floor with a myocardial infarction trying to raise help

the boomer fears the heart attack

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WW2 mod and the Vietnam one at the same time, just make loadouts in the VR editor tbh.

I had this image saved for a shitpost about you and chugs but I guess I might as well post it now since it's relevant.

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Except in reality he would have been a really hairy manlet and she would have been ugly as sin.

This panel was a clown show.

It's not even the rape claims, it's the way they were critical of him going to parties and enjoying his college years, saying it wasn't professional and reflects poorly on him. And then applauding this bimbo for doing the same thing.

unironically probably habbened in english colonial/early US sault saint marie colony

why have they drawn the chug to look like she's from Napoli?

john smith was like 52 and pocahauntas was 14 IRL

Yeah that was pretty much it tbh

Because actual chug women look weird.

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the push to normalise coprophilic acts fucking sickens me and cements it in my mind we are governed by anti-humans, satanists

so glad I am a "incel" tbh, rather be a "loser" than be part of this disgusting bum/poop eater society

fuck qt time tbh not worth getting wound up over

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its just a constant stream of bumming related propaganda in all forms of media tbh. bums are disgusting

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Haven't really noticed it tbh

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really want to see an indian/ european roleplay with that little slag with the last name of the biggest bleaching conqueror of the new world

for fuck sake didn't even know that

for the past 5 years they have been pushing analingus in everything. its so completely revolting

twitter search 'eating ass'

The fact that the US used the M1 until 1957 and it's replacement was basically the same gun but with a magazine instead of a clip is kinda crazy tbh.

Solid war bride ngl lad

Gonna go back to my sheltered monastic lifestyle now lads.

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would colonise


But that's your fault for using twitter.

I use it to research the normans

yeah lad I am right there with you, I would not even want to bum a woman yet half of all pron is bumming lasses like its "hot" why would I want to have poos on my b*nis?

possums are good lads

death penalty for pornographers

bunch of fucking poo obsessives ITT

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Missionary position while holding hands with the lights off to avoid seeing accidental dick snaps is the only thing that should be allowed.

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Why Do All My Friends Want to Kill Themselves?

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Why do you need the lights off, you're blind anyway?


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I was thinking the same thing but "qt time" girls be trippin

lord shine your light on me

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True but I'm trying to help others.

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I never understood the lights off bit unless you're fucking a pig.

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they represent the fall of western man

Why not just say poo for fuck sake

open the curtains and let the moonlight shine in tbh tbh

All nudity is a sin.

Very protestant of you cossack.

my eyes, unleash the ban hammer SA

Just hit F5 you poof.

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Plenty of Protestant groups in Ukraine tbh, like these guys:

Why they exist I cannot tell you.

yeah but at the same time they represent what actual trad people should do, drop out of the wagie system and build your own subculture and foster creativity no matter how silly it is

that's only been provoked by the collapse of society around them though lad

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trust the spam

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its gunna kick off tomorrow in australia

its not technically cyberbullying mummy G

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Couple stabbed at Manchester Victoria station hope incident won't 'divide communities or create tensions'

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I would make a speech worthy of enoch if I were attacked by the terrys tbh