Redpill me on systemd

Redpill me on systemd

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What an ugly infographic.

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Friendly reminder t's IBM/RedHat/systemd now

So we had modern and complex operating system, modern and complex window system, modern and complex window management systems, modern and complex text editing systems, modern and complex web browsing systems.
Now somebody has finally replaced a thin layer of outdated piles of hacks with another modern and complex system, and suddenly everybody has started whining about it.

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Wow, you cut the Soy up on a mirror and snort it dont you?

More like:

We had several working OS's many elegant hacks, from the 90's through 2010 or so, they powered the entire internets servers. Than some pointy haired bosses did a search for the right soycuck to write a bloated piece of botnet because they saw one of the elegant hacks did not work 1% of the time.

The soycuck threw out 50 years of prior art, and hacked together something with worse coding than a 2006 website, the pointy-hairs said "awesomw!!" and now we have a fucking botnet... and paid cucks like the idiot above.


Wow. This redpill thread is allowed to stay up. But I post one redpill thread about dot-matrix printer and it gets locked. Where is that anti-redpill fag who posted a bunch of bullshit I never read?

The redpill is that systemd is UNIX bullshit. It's written in C and full of typical C bugs and UNIX brain damage. It's an implementation of the UNIX "init" program. The "d" on the end is the UNIX naming convention for daemons (a CTSS and Multics word for programs that run in the background independently of users). It uses the UNIX time epoch of January 1st, 1970. UNIX weenies want to put the blame for why it sucks on unnamed "other operating systems" and bring up binary log files, because they apparently don't know that UNIX already has several binary formats, like ar and tar. They also blame systemd's log corruption on the fact that it's binary and not the fact that UNIX weenies don't know how to design binary formats that don't suck.
BUGS Names are only 8 characters, not 14. More important, there isn't enough room to store the proper mode, so ar always extracts in mode 666.
UNIX weenies have been misdesigning file formats since the first lines ran on a PDP-7.

Now, we all know that software has bugs. On every system.But Unix and X bugs are somehow different. Stronger. Moredistressing. More consistently dumb. More clearly based ona programming philosophy that says "oh, no one would everwant to do that. After all, *I* never want to do that."Somehow, these just seem to scream UNIX! X! at me.

Bullshit. Systemd isn't bad because of C and Unix, but because it is HUGE as fuck. It isn't minimal, nor does one thing well.
I'm not defending Unix philosophy(?) here, also C is not perfect.
Systemd is bad, because it is intended to cause harm to it's users. Hard to undersand, bloated tyranny.
A weak bait, your arguments are fake logic

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The actual redpill is that systemD was designed to generate money for RedHat.

As if logs need their own super special binary format instead of ASCII or UTF-8 any program can read. Fuck off.

Yep. If every distro is using systemd, you can offer paid support for just about every distro due to how much of the system systemd controls. IBM realized this too, hence their purchase of redhat

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It's a layer slowly covering the kernel, so that all calls have to go through it. Then it can kill/replace the kernel anytime.
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If you had written this message with elegant ed inside elegant terminal without using screen or tmux, without any ncurses program, not even more or less, I would agree, but I'm sure you did it inside some KDE using some Firefox.

That's a great summary of the history of UNIX.