My computer broke while watching certain material that is illegal in my country Denmark...

My computer broke while watching certain material that is illegal in my country Denmark, possession of which can land you in prison and your life ruined (motherboard failure as far as I can tell, cooler no longer working). Sensitive stuff was at the screen at the time of the occurrence. I've already cleared the HDD and RAM, are there any other components I should worry about before geting rid of the system? It's an older system so no SSD.

I'm guessing the RAM isn't a concern but it's still useful to have. I'm *guessing* the CPU won't hold any data either but what about cache and other components?

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Do you have a reason to believe someone will investigate your electronic waste? If not then you're probably fine. If so you're still probably fine. Also you should be using FDE if you do illegal stuff.

everyone should be using FDE

Just forwarded this post to the police, I hope you rot you sick fuck

Non-interracial porn?

Ok you sick fuck, no sympathy for you. You can be pretty damn sure whomever fucked your mobo got your IP etc. For your sake I hope you were just looking at political dissident shit and not NSFL shit.

But for everyone else: OP likely hit a honeypot of some kind and the rootkit fucked his bios or northbridge. Or both. Hell, it could still be sitting in the hdd firmware or the touchpad microcontroller.... But usually I only see this shit happen when the Chinese or Isrealies or Democraps think you are interesting enough to fuck with. Be boring anons. Be boring af.


For the love of god remove the fan belts.

Have tried filtering the blinker fluid?

if you're paranoid, drill a few holes into your hard drive.

Call this number, they will fix it for you.

+45 33 14 14 48

I usually encrypt C and D drives by using VeraCrypt. But you didn't encrypt your H.D.D. so you have to overwrite them many times. Security professionals say 35 times is safe but I usually overwrite 3 times or 5 times using Eraser or CCleaner.

Child pornography is very dangerous stuff in some countries such as Denmark.

You have to concern only HDD and SSD not CPU and RAM.

the simple fact alone you were doing something which can ruin your life for no reason other than your beat your dick is bad enough as it is. you fucked up user. you could either disappear into the russian wilderness, or into the afterlife. either way, life as you now know it is over. computers don't just randomly bite the dust for no reason, it would probably start acting strangely before dying.
if it is as says then you could probably sell it to some deepweb hacker faggot who is more interested in the malware that fucked your comp.

anyone else here except OP also collects child pornography?

why can't you just get another motherboard?

Ah, I misinterpreted your post OP, thought it was an electrical issue with the motherboard since I had one short on me recently.

But if the l33t hackers (or CIA) have shut down your computer then you can be sure that you're fucked, go book a hotel room or live homeless in a distant location for a while.

OP is in Denmark where it is "prohibited and punishable by fine or prison publicly to threaten, insult or demean a group of persons because of their race, skin color, national or ethnic origin, faith or sexual orientation." So maybe he/she/it was watching old WWII speeches with the volume too high.

Why would the government potentially damage evidence against you and alert you to the fact that they are aware of what you did? It's probably just a coincidence, or it caused by someone else. Anyway, posting about is even more retarded than whatever you did.

They'll magnetically read the signal remnants in your visual cortex and there's only one way to get rid of them

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The RAM and Video Card may contain traces of the last thing you were doing. Make sure you remove and destroy them.

proof that the whitehat community is filled with autistic faggots. also OP is obviously a cuck intel user so he has no northbridge

Volatile storage is massively unlikely to have sufficient evidence to prove you wilfully possessed illegal content

you're fucked


Ultimately it all depends on who you are and what kind of illegal material you were accessing. Given enough motivation, time, manpower and funding, they could even get remnant data from your ram chips, video ram chips, bios, screen or whatever.

You're probably just some random loser with a cp stash though, in that case just overwriting your hdd with zeroes is probably enough. Or, if you're really paranoid, do a 3-pass random data overwrite.

just throw a magnet on it

Microwave your whole computer.

go to the police and tell them you did have CP on your computer but you've also been hacked. That always works.

just turn yourself in, op

ram is not persistent and hdds can be destroyed separately. the real risk is that i just reported you to the danish police. enjoy pound me in the ass prison, pedo

He's danish, the worst that will happen is that they'll give him a playstation 3 instead of a playstation 4 in his apartment cell.

Child porn is really good fap materials!

Provided it's a conventional drive and not an ssd. The only reason to wipe a drive rather than utterly destroying it is if you plan on using it again. Failing that, the best way to destroy data on hhd or ssd is to physically destroy every piece of it


there is no "if".

this too but unlikely.


how do you know? I'm gonna report you.

it can't hold more data than it can hold, however. but if it's worthless to you for some reason (already malfunctioning for example), why not smash it to add more certainity.

I'm stuck in this ethical dilemma whether if I should give actual advice that prevents this sort of thing from ever happening in the first place or just ignore it and let this disgusting pedo get raped in prison.

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