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Update on the murder story:

I haven't made a thread in years

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what if the RNLI lads stop """"""rescuing""""""them?

that's illegal

What's he up to now?

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ummmm so was the slave trade and the holomocaust sweetie xD

Think of women and children

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Been thinking about philosophy and academia a lot lately lads. Been wondering why it is that so many philosophers and academics are radical leftists. I always used to attribute this to Soviet subversion, but I feel there's more to it than that.
Bowden once mentioned something about how philosophical thinking leads to the most radical thought; there are no centrist philosophers that I can think of. But, why is it that there are so many radical leftist philosophers and so few radical rightist philosophers?
Marx believed the purpose of philosophy was not to analyse the world, but to change it. This poses a problem for conservative types, they don't want change, especially not radically so. This creates two forms of far rightism: those that believe change should be in a rightward direction, this manifested itself in fascism and national socialism, and those that believe that change should be fought against no matter what, we think of these as traditionalist conservatives. Of these two options, only one is allowed (if begrudgingly) in the academic world, traditional conservatism. Why? A leftist would say 'because fascism causes war and genocide', therefore, traditional conservatism is left as the only permitted belief for the right. Obviously this argument makes no sense, traditional conservatism isn't free of warfare, and if we're using violence to judge whether opinions are permitted, leftism should be outlawed all together.
Leftists are perfectly happy to have conservatives as their opponents, a conservative today was a radical leftists 80 years ago. Even if it's moving slowly, things are moving leftward. But leftists detest fascism. Fascist ideas are disqualified because they provide a rightward way of looking to the future. Fascism is the antithesis of communism, therefore, it cannot be permitted in academia. Of course, this leads us back to what we already knew, leftists don't want opposing ideas because they stand in their way.
But why do leftists hate fascism with such vitriol? 'Fascist' has been used as an insult by leftists since before the second world war, we know the leftist doesn't hate fascism because of world war two, they hate it because of what it represents. From both a leftist and rightist perspective, fascism is the same thing: the cementing of hierarchy, elitism, etc. The right views (and knows) that hierarchy and elitism are natural and good, the leftist sees them as oppressive. Therefore, at this fundamental level, we see the conflict between leftism and rightism emerge. Thus, if someone were to have an idea about how to carry these 'oppressive' ideas through into the future, they pose a threat to leftism, they must be shut down.
Think about this in regards to the gay marriage argument. I'm permitted to say that I don't think gays should marry because marriage is between a man and a woman and that’s the way it is. I'm not permitted to say that gays are more likely to help spread disease. Why? One of them looks to the past for answers, the other looks to the present and future.
So back to my original point, why are there so few radical right philosophers and academics? As discussed, fascist thought has to be destroyed by leftists. Conservatism doesn’t work well with philosophy, one can only say so many times “I like things to stay the same” or “I preferred things a while back” before the entire thing gets dull. Conservative thinkers also face a different much more pressing issue, how far back do we need to go? How do we stop things turning out the exact same way? Furthermore, there is no guidebook on how to govern as though it were X time period; How does the radical conservative propose to deal with drone technology or populations of hundreds of millions? From this perspective, conservatism seems fairly useless, a perfect opponent for leftists to leave alive and easily defeat in every academic debate.
There is a silver lining though. As I said, hierarchy is natural, elitism is natural, generally, the best rise to the top. In this manner, rightist thought is pervasive and appears everywhere. Weak animals die, strong survive. Rightism will always appear, animals will organise themselves as a hierarchy, the strongest will become leaders, planets will be destroyed, suns will burn out and form, galaxies will fade away, and leftists will always be seething about it.

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he's povvo lad, throw him a bone.

ummmm sorry sweetie but the slave trade was only made illegal in 1833 and the holocaust didn't happen xx

fuck them to hell

hate speech

good post but try formatting it in a more readable manner

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calling it now it was a dafty that got shot in coventry tbh

reminder that allowing foreign journalists to interview your death row inmates isn't a very good idea.

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Great post to wake up to thanks lad.

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feel like editing the hit or miss girl into the fascism panel qeek

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Checking Twitter for the Coventry shooting story. Scarce details, and not much info.

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cart and castle, lad

The photographer was Belgian. And prostitution 80's USSR was wide spread, I'm talking 18thC-19thC Portsmouth tier but countrywide.

Those women were whores.

Firefighters are using his cranium to scale burning buildings and then slide their rescues down to safety

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ye but in most countries you go to the lake when it's summer and see your qt fellow villagers in bikinis.

mawnin' lads

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hullo there

what le actual fug

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How bad is it gonna be lads?

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curl in the squat rack to set a good example and assert dominance

Ofcourse, as you said lad the institution which facilitate academics are filled to the brimmed with leftist vitrol for any remotely right wing.
However, primarily what we consider 'far right philosophy' is diametrically opposed to academia. Hierarchy necessitates a Hierarchy of knowledge as well, since the enlightenment all these insitituion freely hare their knowledge, it used ot be so that only a few would have acces to the deep knowledge which determines our worldview. Which is how it should be because it is not up to a plebeian mass of Uni goers to determine what is right and wrong for society, but it should be for those special few to truly understand

The essential split in we consider 'right wing' thought with 'left wing' thought is the philosophical belief in the dialectic. Marx, who completely stole and bastardised the fundamental ideals of Hegel made dialetical materialism the mainstream thought throughout most philosophy. Apart from the dialetics other applications in leftist the most pervasive is the idea in a gradual progressive view of history through technology. The whole idea of 'progress' necessitates a host of other pervasive degenerate thoughts. There is the constant want to consistently move society to the next extreme.
Apart from defining things arbitrarily though the left wing/right wing dichotomy it should imperative to us to be able to define our own worldview, with the need to dialectical that of the progressive thought of the last 400 hundred years or so. This why they call us reactionary, because all of our worldview is currently only defined in opposition to their own. We need to withstand the 'trial of air' as a manner of speech. We keep on playing in their ball park. And losing at their own game. Why is there even a need for there to be right wing academics? the whole sense of academia is just a leftist way of shilling out there ideology to the masses.
Sorry for dafty infographic lads buts it allrite tbqh

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[F] lad

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Prynhawn, butt.

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So they have the magic that lets them shit/piss themselves where they stand and make it disappear immediately without a trace, and then they decided that plumbing was a better system? Also, would the same be true of baths? Could they previously just magic themselves clean?

the rescuing isn't the problem, the fact we aren't sending them back is.

Man Charged After Pedestrian Knocked Down by Car on Bradford Road in Batley
In the early hours of this morning (4 January) Hamza Ali Hussain, aged 23, of Middle Road, Westtown in Dewsbury was charged with section 18 wounding. He will appear at Leeds Magistrates Court this morning to face the charges.

It's a children's book lad, it's going to have stupid problems like this as it's not meant to be thought about.

Holy fuck is that Ellen Page? Why?

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envisage my shock

wew esoteric


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how the fuck is this shit being put out in public
these degenerates need to be burnt at the stake

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Salvini's looking good.

Yellow Vests are outside Parliament

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That's embarrassing.

It's what happens with copycat movements and spy infiltration.

are they blocking traffic
that never endears you to the people tbh

Gotta make sure no such protest ever takes off in the UK, lad.

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Tbh I'd say the main reason academics are overwhelmingly left wing is because academia is inherently decadent and bourgeois (the irony of this is of course lost on the leftist). People without material concerns - and cocooned in the safe-space of the educational institution - are drawn to utopianism as a means of massaging their own perpetually adolescent egos. Such people are unlikely to worry about the preservation of moral standards because the importance of said standards fails to resonate with the detached (and oh-so special) individual (in his academic bubble). Thus all they see in conservatism is a series of arbitrary rules and habits which are, to the leftist intellectual, as superficial and personally motivated as his own ideology. Leftists assume that the values conservatives concern themselves with are merely the playthings of privileged decadents on an ego trip: just as left wing talking points are.

On a related note, intellectuals (and the upper middle classes generally) tend to care disproportionately about appearing intelligent and refined (more than actually being these things). Leftism is built around the signalling of social status via glib words of charity and compassion aimed at those assumed to be too stupid to do anything but blush and curtsy in response. The left wing academic knows that his intelligence is never going to be questioned so long as he unthinkingly flatters his client-groups (his designated 'victims'). Right wing thought concerns itself with what actually is: and any measured reflection upon the world will lead one to the conclusion that all people are flawed and that every individual and every social strata must actively work against moral and social decay. Such notions are far less palatable to the general public and do not enjoy an audience of saintly morons (eg LGBT, women who want to be men - minus the responsibilities, negroes etc): thus they must be argued well, and with reason. Any individual seeking to counsel personal responsibility and moral intelligence is an extremely easy target for defamation by the effeminate husk who has chosen saccharine pandering as his life's work (really he has chosen the cultivation of his own ego as his grand project).

TL;DR: in a battle between PR bullshit and the actual facts of life - the former is always going to win in the short term (so long as the society is comfortable enough to allow such decadence in the first place).

I'll give the British spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) this, they are quick to clamp down on any potential movement here.

Gorky was right again

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mmm yes, it's a werner herzog interviews death row inmates and you're wondering why he's allowed to do so episode.

freedom of speech innit

would be fine with this if i could watch dank documentaries about russian death row inmates. alas. smh.

Nothing will ever convince me that this bitch wouldn't ultimately react well (on instinct) to a man slapping her and putting her in her place. Her lesbianism is a paper-thin shit-test.

Who? Where?

this specifically. channel 4.


Tbh Hollywood may have raped her gay, she wouldn't be the first and won't be the last.


This is more embarrassing

smh lads, there are lots of youtube documentaries about le death penalty. They're a kino watch but they aren't fair to the pro death crowd.

I don't know much French but this sounds pretty antisemitic

It's all embarrassing if you aren't losing hands to tear gas grenades and cracking ribs to close range rubber bullets.

oy gevalt

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oh wow

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Smh. Why do I even bother?

Killed by a nigger who had never met his father.

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Who is taking the taxi?
The good ones
And who pays the fuel?
The villains
Who babbles on LCI?
(LCI is a French TV news outlet)
The good ones
Who shouts his anger to the fields?
The villains

Who makes the economy?
The good ones
And who is short of money?
The villains
It's the ENA, Rothschild, Bercy
(ENA (Ecole Nationale d'Administration) is the French major school for future politicians and high-ranking officials)
The good ones
It's the small traders
The villains

It's like a puppet,
Permanent show!
And long live the banks,
And long live parliament!
Everyone laughs
And nobody believes it anymore.
There you go !

Who do you dislike?
The good ones
Who's seventy percent?
70% of the French people supports YV from latest polls
The villains
Who gasses with lacri bombs?
("lacri" meaning lacrymogens)
The good ones
And who finds himself in front?
The villains

Accomplished sixty-eighters
(68ers, as the boomer's marxist rioters from 1968 were called)
The good ones
Are afraid of cobblestones now
(68ers were known for throwing cobblestones on police officers)
Bad peoples !
They want Europe at all costs,
The good ones
They want to feed their children,
The villains
The nice villains!

The song roughly translates to the gentils being the ones who are helpful and keep the economy going, whilst the méchants bitch and whine and demand more money.

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Well they have to respond now he's a boomer tax payer, can't let them catch on the country is crumbling.

Can we bring the fucking death sentence back already.

The political machine is a scourge.

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We will scourge the political machine.

When has popular public sentiment even effected politics?

Excellent effortposts.

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The use of this word irks me tbh. It smacks of inevitability and also of romance.

when the people have unionised tbh.

baste le alt-kike zio-puppet tbh

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Good point tbh

Statement from the family:

I'll add any more if anyone continues it later.

tbf it is a tragic story, innocent man gets dindu'd by modernity.
Yes he could have been more aware of the dangers present but you have to realise just how disconnected a lot of normies are from the problems that occur. They see these issues at most in the worst boroughs of London from the news but they do not expect it to reach them in their distant suburb, or to be met with the problem on the train.

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That's what happens when you separate the warrior from the monk. Or don't at least have someone to occasionally raid the monk to remind him about reality.


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why did they shoot him?

I guess he didn't pay this months protection to them.

You don't ran from armed police. Pretty simple.

big chebs though



The toblerone hard alcohol mix starting to get to you lad?

why though? what threat do you pose by running away unarmed?