Live distros

How come we never talk about live distros?
What are your lightweight go-to distros for system recovery/secure things?

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puppy linux is kinda nice imo

can you shill it a bit? what makes it different from other live distros?

Does alpine come with any DE in the live versio?

lol just backup regularly my dude

comes with FS tools and 133t haxor shit. good for OP afaik but there is likely better ones designed specifically for forensics
great for file recovery
Will put you high on a watch list but you are already there. Pretty secure, most private+secure+user live distro afaik
just werks (TM)
same, for windowsfags

no installation required.
extremely lightweight.
multiple flavours.
generally works better on older hardware (may need tinkering on newer stuff)
no systemD
excellent community

great wonderful distro with helpful active community but personally i dont use it because my hardware is new. see also: tiny core linux

Last time I checked Puppy Linux had Firefox 38.0 or some shit like that by default with other ancient packages last updated a couple years ago. Isn't that project dead or am I missing something here?

imo, parted magic is the best for recovery. luckily, I burned a disk before it went to a paid software model.

Problem being that the 2013 version which was still available for free without a download fee is outdated (for instance, if you have a GTX 700 series or newer Nvidia card, it will freeze during boot when trying to switch the framebuffer console to the native resolution).

Are there any lightweight haxxor distros? I just want something to ssh into and use on challenges I don't want 4gb of shit including an office suite.

Why is that? Why isn't a 2014 Nvidia card not backwards-compatible in such a basic regard as a framebuffer terminal? For contrast, Hiren's boot CD 15 which is based on XP works without a hitch.

Puppy is no longer a standalone distro development-wise though; all the actively maintained official varieties (puppies) but Slacko no longer have Firefox 38 preinstalled in favor of later versions.


You're asking the wrong questions.
You should be asking why would Nvidia even care about compatibility with that kind of 0,1% marketshare setup, and why would the maintainers of such a setup not use more robust and supported APIs

does void linux count?

from a scale of 1 to 10, how fucked TENS is to do legit, non-crypto banking stuff with?

while 1 being badest and 10 being goodest to user?

that was funny

you tell me

would really like to know what IS a good distro for online banking?

You could use Fedora, Ubuntu or Debian. Either of these distros are well maintained and relatively stable compared to their counterparts.

and all are systemd-infested, devuan would be nice if its dev take positive security stance tho

All non-systemd distros I tried to work with were really fucking buggy and looked like it was designed by some codemonkey on multiple drugs. But you are free to point me towards a distro that is systemd-free, stable and doesn't take half a day to set up.

You seriously can't install devuan? lmao

Devuan is so shit the fucking installer is out of date.

I only tried it out in a VM, but MX Linux seemed fairly good. Based on Debian stable, but has sysvinit, some newer packages for programs like firefox mostly. Bunch of utilities to change settings and install drivers.
Clover OS gets you gentoo with binary packages while taking maybe a minute or two to install. Still gentoo in the end so it might not be your thing.

one would naturally assume TENS are botnet, what's its alibi?


Just use Void user~

what is black-arch?

stage 4 gentoo

I have to agree, MX is by far the best debian. It's tweaks to XFCE almost makes the GTK/gnome ecosystem tolerable. Almost.

Calculate linux is fantastic preconfigured gentoo. It's an easy to install, uses OpenRC, and KDE isn't a second class citizen which is a huge plus for me. I highly recommend it.

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How does that prevent you from installing it?

can i easily install i3 on it?

just install normal debian if you want to use that shit

I'm going to install Calculate in a VM and if the experience is good I might start shilling it to windowstards.
I won't install it myself because I already run gentoo.

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well thats fine...

I don't get it

Calculate linux appears to be the distro that comes the closest to "linux for retards" after *buntu. You can update from the GUI but you're going to install packages from the commandline. They taunt binary package distribution, but the official documentation tells you to install with emerge, and doesn't tell you how to install custom packages the binary way. The distro also tells you you can change your make.conf, but apparently it then expects you to switch to emerge or overwrite your optimized packages with their binary ones whenever you update.

If it's just gentoo with binary packages, then it's useless, and Void is a better binary distro.

It's made by russians, the english translation of the custom utilities they use in the distro is bad.
As for the tools themselves, I'll look into them some other day. But they have some cool ideas, I want to see if the distro actually achieves its goal of letting you have one admin computer that controls a bunch of other computers that on paper would be used by workers in a company, however I don't see any tools that allow you to manage multiple computers at once in such a way.


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For system recovery I just use the latest Arch install iso on a flash drive, it comes with everything you need for system recovery, that is, if you are comfortable and know how to do recovery from the command line.

Kali Linux

Project Trident

Why does anyone ever need DBAN when linux/bsd comes with disk destroyer?

Don't know about that "disk destroyer" but /dev/urandom should always be reliable.

Because while they have a ton of legit uses, most live distro users around here are larper kids who won't (or can't, most likely) get an actual installation up and running on real hardware.

join us

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How come?


Eugh. I can't stand those "click anywhere to open the program list" environments.

Same here. Main reason I quit using Bunsen Labs


MX Linux is the best imho.



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