Time to never leave the house again: Now Your Groceries See You, Too

Walgreens is exploring new tech that turns your purchases, your movements, even your gaze, into data.

Walgreens is piloting a new line of “smart coolers”—fridges equipped with cameras that scan shoppers’ faces and make inferences on their age and gender. On January 14, the company announced its first trial at a store in Chicago in January, and plans to equip stores in New York and San Francisco with the tech.

Demographic information is key to retail shopping. Retailers want to know what people are buying, segmenting shoppers by gender, age, and income (to name a few characteristics) and then targeting them precisely. To that end, these smart coolers are a marvel.

If, for example, Pepsi launched an ad campaign targeting young women, it could use smart-cooler data to see if its campaign was working. These machines can draw all kinds of useful inferences: Maybe young men buy more Sprite if it’s displayed next to Mountain Dew. Maybe older women buy more ice cream on Thursday nights than any other day of the week. The tech also has “iris tracking” capabilities, meaning the company can collect data on which displayed items are the most looked at.

Crucially, the “Cooler Screens” system does not use facial recognition. Shoppers aren’t identified when the fridge cameras scan their face. Instead, the cameras analyze faces to make inferences about shoppers’ age and gender. First, the camera takes their picture, which an AI system will measure and analyze, say, the width of someone’s eyes, the distance between their lips and nose, and other micro measurements. From there, the system can estimate if the person who opened the door is, say, a woman in her early 20s or a male in his late 50s. It’s analysis, not recognition.

The distinction between the two is very important. In Illinois, facial recognition in public is outlawed under BIPA, the Biometric Privacy Act. For two years, Google and Facebook fought class-actions suits filed under the law, after plaintiffs claimed the companies obtained their facial data without their consent. Home-security cams with facial-recognition abilities, such as Nest or Amazon’s Ring, also have those features disabled in the state; even Google’s viral “art selfie” app is banned. The suit against Facebook was dismissed in January, but privacy advocates champion BIPA as a would-be template for a world where facial recognition is federally regulated.

Walgreens’s camera system makes note only of what shoppers picked up and basic information on their age and gender. Last year, a Canadian mall used cameras to track shoppers and make inferences about which demographics prefer which stores. Shoppers’ identities weren’t collected or stored, but the mall ended the pilot after widespread backlash.

The smart cooler is just one of dozens of tracking technologies emerging in retail. At Amazon Go stores, for example—which do not have cashiers or self-checkout stations—sensors make note of shoppers’ purchases and charge them to their Amazon account; the resulting data are part of the feedback loop the company uses to target ads at customers, making it more money.


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People should stop drinking that poison anyway, you will feel better.

I no longer want to participate in this society and would be better off leaving it altogether before ((they)) make mind reading beacons to detect wrong-think so I was debating whether if I should gather as much as books as I can and move to the countryside. Buying and transporting thousands of books will be costly though so I was also thinking about buying a Kindle and storing all my books in there. But then there is the risk of Kindle breaking down.

What do you guys think? Is there a better way I can escape this hell?

What did they mean by this?

True, but it's not as much about the soda as being only a matter of time before there's a smart refrigerator in every single aisle feeding data to hundreds of food company's amazon rekognition AI. And do you really think a supermarket or convenience store is a prime example of secure computing? Anyone including food company spooks or glow niggers could access any of them whenever they wanted.


It is due to this news that we no longer have any means to fight back against our Jewish overlords. It is clearer than ever that we have lost and have no choice but to surrender. It's all over for us. We are done.

Suicide is the only way you will be able to escape. We lost. (((They))) won. An eternity of darkness awaits us.

My sides

Blackpillbot your opinion was noted but pls dont shit up my thread thanks

Those aren't safe either. In as soon as one year, (((they))) will have their tendrils in everything. There is nothing you can do about this. Dystopia is forever.

Not a bot, just someone who actually listened when Zig Forums users said to abandon all hope.

Target for what? Is the local supermarket going to send me ads to my mail or what? Bullshit. They just want to collect data because they can and storage is cheap as fuck. People should just put electric tape over the cameras in protest every time they go shopping. Or even better, stickers that are a bitch to remove without leaving residue.

These faggot journalists at the Atlantic can't even use the word "man" anymore.

Precisely why (((they))) will win in the end.

Nobody will do this. Protest is a pipe dream. Conformity is eternal now. It's all over for us.


The target audience for soda drinks are niggers. They're going to love this, because any time they see a camera, it becomes their opportunity to become famous.
Vid related. Look how the white people react versus the nog.

You'll never win an anti-botnet privacy argument against a nigger. All of their details are online, and most are raised by government funds anyways.

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Download the Libgen archive with torrents, store it in duplicate with one copy in a sealed lead box to increase chances of survivng an atmospheric EMP. If one hard drive fails find a way to venture back into society to get a new one to keep it backed up if you can.

We fucking surrender. It's all over. Jews are Gods now.

Society is what allows you reliable access to water and food, also whats enforces laws against theft and murder.
You need to take care of a lot of things by yourself if you plan to distance yourself from society, and you won't be able to escape fully.

If you don't fuck off.... I'm gonna report you.... To the jannies...

Indeed. At this point, there is absolutely no escape. We have lost. (((They))) have won forever. The dystopia is inevitable, and eternal.

The only thing left is to negotiate our surrender.

Fuck them. My fridge (Bauknecht) is running since the early 90s, and I only had to change the transformer on one occasion and the gasket on another.

Read the protocols. They want every race destroyed and a planet for themselves. No negotiation out of this, buddy. It's us or them.

I hope people vandalize this shit.

Leftists are okay with this as long as they get to keep their sexual liberation, get UBI, and are give n free healthcare/housing.

I seriously hope you top off the gas every once in a while

Nobody will. There will never be any pushback against this for as long as we live.

And leftists control us. They will call the shots and will totally permit this. We have laready lost the fight. (((They))) always win.

Bullshit. How long til law enforcement says this is an important method to catch criminals, by identifying them at the store when they're trying to buy a drink?

Yeah but soon it won't be just soda.

You're right, but it doesn't really matter anymore. They will spread this tech all over the world in 2 years, and everyone but us will celebrate. We have lost, and we will have to deal with that loss our whole lives. There will no longer be any fighting back. There will no longer be any freedom. It's all over for us.

Deutsche Qualität. Of course I have an entire autistic maintenance plan for every electronic and mechanical gadget in my household.

If the war is lost then why are you hanging around just complaining? Why not off yourself or just be a hedonist if you're so sure there's no hope?

Don't forget the compressor lube

Dude, I'm the guy you invite to your barbecue party, who then spontaneously wipes out a can of WD-40 because your veranda door made a squeaky sound...of course I refresh lubricant in regular intervals.

Please only put refrigeration oil inside your compressor

So basically, everyone but us 10-20 autists will accept it with open arms. We're fucking done. (((They))) win again. (((They))) always win.

But I do.

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You're not supposed to use WD-40 as lubricant? What are you supposed to use?

good goy, keep shilling a fake book

I love how you jews always jump on the "it's debunked" response when the protocols come up. Thing is...it doesn't matter who wrote it under what pretense. What matters is that it was written over a hundred years ago and that it point for point described the future more accurately than every scientist or your jewish nutjob Nostradamus ever did. Or in short; don't shoot the messenger, shoot the message...if you can.

Depends on the application. For a door hinge, you should apply something like a moly grease applied to the contact surfaces after unhinging the door.

I use WD-40 twice a year on my doors without unhinging them and never had any rust, sticky problems, moldy wood or squeaky noises. And it takes like 30 seconds.

Like I always say in these kind of threads: stop being a consumerist faggot, save a lot of money and buy land to live uncle Ted-like.

Choose one and only one, machine.

Try moly grease next time

Why tho? Longevity? Btw I also use WD-40 outside on my barn doors, seasonally and also without unhinging. Never had any problems for over a decade. Sell me on grease, user.


It's more durable, and when it gets used up the hinge won't squeak, it will just make more resistance.
Obviously, if you decide to change over, give the hinges a thorough cleaning and apply new washers.

This is the only future we are going to be living in. Ignore anyone who says otherwise. SV kikes win forever.

I've worked on several firearms that were gummed up beyond usability from WD-40 buildup. If it sits long enough for the volatiles to evaporate off this happens. It's a water displacer, it displaces water. Wasn't designed to lubricate and if it does it's just a happy accident. It's great for preventing corrosion though as it was designed to do.

Just dunk'em into Ameroid DC lol

Are the children delivered from the fortnite cage in 3-4 days also?
great satire

Indeed. Very accurate, too. There will be no other future for us, the powers that be have claimed this world to themselves indefinitely, and they will never be stopped. Anyone who disagrees needs to go back.

Did that transphobic shitlord cooler just gender me?

Someone please think of the Dew. Not everybody can sell the most soda from every given cooler. They must use another variable like the popularity by geographical location. This is somebody's job. Finding the geo-optimal soda pop flux rate by latitudinal and longitudinal sales volume and cooler configurations using copy pasted AI libraries in python. Truly, we are making leaps and bounds as a fully integrated cloud connected society.

Get your bulk tendies and never look back.

Gligar, don't you have some dragon dildoes to order?

They already do collect data on best selling sodas by region in order to target advertising campaigns, but yeah the fact that this is what nascent facial recognition software is being used for is pretty clown world.

sounds like a better dystopia then the one were living in tbh

This sounds like a potential Zig Forums op involving people mooning and/or flipping off soda coolers a Failgreens.


the only thing protecting any white person from theft and murder is a gun in hand, prove me wrong
you can't

someone needs to kill the people that program these things

Goddamnit. This sounds ten times worse than the xbone grinding a probe up your ass to check your privilege.

Stores and markets always send catalogs and etc in the mail.

They don’t fucking send me anything. I once forgot to check my mailbox for a month. I checked it and found there wasn’t anything there anyway.

It's what I've been doing for more than a year. Going outside is intolerable, I just can't do it, so I don't. It's that or suicide, I guess. I don't drink any of that crap, though.

And it's what's going to happen. There is nothing you can do to stop it. Everyone knows that. We surrender the future to our jewish overlords.

This. We have no other choice. We should have listened.

You are the only one saying that.

We get the point faggot, stop replying to every post with the same sentences.

Simple, are all niggers you see trying to kill you, or even steal your stuff?
Nope, because they understand that would go poorly for them, and they understand that because there's a society that protects its members.
If you go in a society-less place, something like Liberia when it was founded, you will notice the difference immediately.

There's something called saturation mailing. They can pay the post office to basically send a catalog to every residential address in a zip code. In fact that's one of the ways in which USPS supports itself now.

I also get a lot of shit due to bugmen who lived at my place before me probably just giving their info to anyone who asks. If it's in their name I can return it as wrong address and that usually stops the catalogs from that company, but most of them are smart enough to say "current resident".

It's mostly catalogs for stores I would never go to because there's closer ones that everybody uses that are a million times better. Why do they bother collecting all this info if they still utterly fail to deliver me any relevant marketing? Maybe the real meta here is to figure out the least targeted demographic and do everything you can to pass as that.

>lolishit Chest Flattener starts playing: youtube.com/watch?v=3Uizb8feoVg

Duh, he's the /b/ mod.

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(and possibly others)
die (((jew))). die.
(((kikes))) are dead forever. We Are Free. We NEVER fall for (((kike))) lies.

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