Are Hispanics good Socialists

They do tend to the "left", but they often just get tricked by fake Socialists. See Venezuela, where maybe a few properly communalized factories exist.

Why do they tend to the left, but can't into real Socialism?

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Isn't she just a mulatto, not hispanic at all?

She also isn't left, but alt-right. It's just a picture i used for the thread.

It's not just them, even on this board you have posters that think Corbyn is more than a socdem or that socialism is when Gucci and Wal-Mart slap on a hammer and sickle. Blame miseducation or reformism.

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They sometimes get it right

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Sorry to be unpopular opinioner but… am I the only one who thinks subcomediante marcos not only is waging a totally ineffective and isolated movement, but is also a dirty nationalist and has that "murica has no traditional culture =murica bad" ideology that just rings reactionary?

you're right
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I agree the EZLN is rather solipsistic, but I've yet to see anyone do better, and most of their kowtowing to spooks is a morale-building exercise free of any genuinely harmful ramifications.

It's a pragmatic praxis deserving of imitation over much of the world.

It really depends. I'm a mexican-american and I can assure you that, for the past 100 years or so, mexicans leaned heavily to the right (think of good ol' american conservatives, except mexicans are catholic). It wasn't until gen-z in Mexico came of voting age that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (the figurehead of the mexican left) won the presidency.

Either way, if you're refering to central and south america, when the US topples your democratically elected leaders and cause a coup d'etat to put a fascist in power (i.e: Fulgencio Batista, Augusto Pinochet) then of course the only thing that can stop fascism is socialism.


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The thing about nationalism is that here in Mexico the people are defeatist and individualistic, nationalism is unironically a revolutionary act

how has this thread gone on without posting daddy Fidel?

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But I was the one white knight-ing

Wasn't really saying that it was universal either.

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I know, seriously. Not even Che. At least Marcos was posted

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