Brit/pol/ #2611: Accelerationist Horrorism Edition

Man shot dead by police in Coventry

Girl, 13, arrested in London 'yellow-vest' pro-Brexit protest

BREXIT TRIUMPH: Brussels 'will GIVE IN' on THIS UK demand after EU economy WOBBLES

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dood dad

excellent edition lad

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this lad seems a bit cringe tbh

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he went insane lad

That duck definitely doesn't miss leg day

well i can empathise

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In other words he was punished for one of his crimes rather than all of them, what the fuck, I never knew such a thing existed.

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xth for Kugelpanzer

He's late night slightly drunk twitter posting personified

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If you plead Guilty you can get a lesser sentence. Which in some ways is a cynical threat.

Lad, it would be raycis to punish him for all of them and make the sentencing judge cry in his limo on the way home

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lads, just remembered I saw an old black guy at the supermarket today, wearing a blue and gold cloak with matching trousers and footwraps. All he bought was 1 bag of flour

word of advice whatever you do don't lift with bad form or put undue stress on your joints
my dad carried someone a few steps in karate over a decade ago and suddenly a disc slipped in his back and now he's in pain everyday and has to take painkillers and gets immobilised with pain

but why? prob stepped on his foot accidently or something. I had that happen in a kebab shop once when the wog came too close to me and I was leaning over the counter and lowered my feet again. nearly a chimp out

keeek i actually played those games on facebook donkeys years back tbh

Cutting his diz smh




I thought it was a snap of some illustrations from an old book about the oirish with some text over it tbh

making rotti or something carribean style. I dont mind the older negro gents, its the hot headed youths which are trouble.

He'll burst it over his head at home and pretend to be a white man for the rest of the night

that's it but the memi is from those shitty facebook games where you level up by logging in everyday and have to pvp people

do you live north of lumbridge ?


same really, I was just wondering why he wore the Kang gear

Thanks lids

Good lad

I'll have to take your word for it lad smh

I know thats actually Indian I just dont know what they call them in the West Indies

I love Nick Land tbh lads

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Oh shit I used to play that but when it was only on browsers, I recognise none of what is on that paid kek


why are old white men such evil bigots lads?

can hear a man shouting wwe quotes with a large bag of silver outside lad i think he has a gun

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Better luck than me. The other night I manage to walk up my road with wasted girl from this party when a guy friend of hers doubled back with his wasted gf and decided to make sure I didnt kidnap her. fkn white knight faggot

Don't backchat nignogs if you skip leg day, arm day, chest day, kung fu day, boxing day, learn how to stab first day etc tbh

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friends of 20 years will backstab you for one whiff of a crusty minge



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they should just let all white people carry batons at this point

but did he tho? Does anyone know what transpired? That poor kid.

ill trade you some carrot and coriander heinz and canned sardines for a fray bentos lad


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Is it honourable to look like Ed Balls tho'?

nah I need them to maintain my norferly physique

Thanks lad I've been trying to work out who he looked like.

I mean she was maybe too wasted to walk home but I should have had the chance to at least ask if she wanted to come inside.

Fray bentos will be the feast of Kings come SHTF day

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Cattle prods would be better

UK: Illegal Migrant Caught Roving Street with Axe and Meat Cleaver
An illegal migrant suspected of dealing cocaine and heroin has been caught roving the streets with an axe and meat cleaver after police lost him last year.

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Bad feel, you sound like a rapist though tbf

based Poles

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YES Another win for the Open Borders Fans!

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I was chatting with her all night, we got on. I would have just got her number if nothing else.

kéék my dad wears the Polish versions of these T-shirts

They go first into the fire. In no particular order

eastern euros love them lol

yeah I just remembered it's slightly hypocritical to laugh of these as I've got a few of them, and a Solidarnosc t-shirt, and I'm wearing a fake Adidas t-shirt right now

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any lads watching I, daniel blake tonight

is it on tv?

bbc2 9:45pm

If you elect me lads I will introduce a thot tax and use it to build work houses to home rowdy hos who annoy gentlemen folk

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I'll give it a watch tbh

I cant stand this barmy bitch

number one thing we can do to limit our impact on the environment is an immigration moratorium

The nice thing is that the download is something like 9GB now, you've got plenty of time to change your mind after a moment of weakness

Women must be enslaved for the good of mankind

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she's oddly compelling tbh

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Its true tbh, they cant into logic or reason.

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I know lad

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she cute


You can tell theyve decided they need a memi candidate so she is being pushed as the next Obama or something. Just ignore her, the more attention and press a politician gets, the more votes they get. US politics seems to work by pure memi power.

I love her

demiurge begone

sauce on tune lad?


ta, thought I recognised it

its sandstorm by darude

okay, this is epic

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wrong picture smh

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Return to pre-1832 voting laws tbh

tbh we should rewrite Fascism: 100 questions asked and answered for the modern age

Turn them into glue. Good idea