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Apparent 'Pipe Bombs' Mailed To Clinton, Obama And CNN
At least five suspicious packages containing what the FBI called potentially destructive devices have been sent since Monday to several leading Democratic Party figures and to CNN in New York, triggering a massive investigation.Some of the devices "appear to be pipe bombs," John Miller, New York Police Department deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism, said at a news conference Wednesday.

US white nationalist leader, three others charged with conspiracy
The leader of a California-based white nationalist group and three others have been charged with conspiring to incite riots at political rallies, federal prosecutors said on Wednesday,Robert Rundo, founder of Rise Above Movement, was taken into custody on Sunday at Los Angeles International Airport, according to court documents.

Italian budget standoff may consign euro zone integration drive to slow lane
An uncompromising challenge to EU budget rules by Italy is providing the first big test for reforms introduced to save the euro zone nine years ago as financial crisis threatened to tear it apart.The reforms remain a work in progress, and in urgent need of fuller implementation before the bloc’s next crisis strikes.

“City of Surveillance”: Google-backed smart city sounds like a dystopian nightmare
A Google-backed project to build the interconnected, data-driven ‘city of the future’ sounds like all George Orwell’s nightmares come true, and is now in the spotlight after a privacy expert resigned from the project in protest.Toronto’s Waterfront district used to be an industrial wasteland, but Sidewalk Labs – a sister company of Google – wants to turn that wasteland into a prototype ‘city of the future,’ where data helps planners micromanage every aspect of urban life

Nearly 150,000 New York City public school students are homeless
The ever-growing crisis of housing and homelessness in New York City is forcefully emphasized by newly released data which documents that during the last school year more than one in ten public school students, approximately 150,000 out of 1.1 million, were without permanent housing. This is the highest number ever recorded, and the third year in a row that the total has exceeded 100,000.

Tensions rise as NATO launches largest military exercise in years
This week, the Trident Juncture 18 military exercise will open and is expected to include the participation of 29 NATO allies, as well as non-members Finland and Sweden.According to US defence analyst Ivan Eland, the month-long military exercises are designed as a response to various Russian actions that have offended the West.

Migrants block Bosnian border, scuffle with Croatian police
Several people were injured on Wednesday as migrants demanding to cross Bosnia’s northwestern border threw stones at Croatian police who responded by firing teargas and using batons to push them back, a Reuters photographer at the scene said.

200+ Palestinians killed since March… and IDF alerts PETA about plight of tortoise
Having killed more than 200 Palestinians since March, the IDF has apparently decided to show its more humane side, alerting advocacy groups to the plight of a lowly tortoise nearly murdered by Hamas “arson balloons.”The official Twitter account of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Wednesday bemoaned the near-death of a tortoise allegedly rescued in the aftermath of a Hamas “arson balloon” attack – which has become more frequent in recent weeks.

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Canada: Postal union launches rotating walkout campaign
Canada Post letter carriers, workers at postal sorting stations, mail truck drivers and postal clerks walked off the job for 24 hours in four Canadian cities Monday—Halifax, Nova Scotia; Windsor, Ontario; Edmonton, Alberta; and Victoria, British Columbia.

Stock market drops again, wiping out 2018 gains for the Dow and S&P 500
The stock market sell-off on Wall Street intensified Wednesday, knocking the Dow down more than 600 points and wiping out the gains for the year for the blue-chip average and the broad Standard & Poor's 500 index. . . .

Markets Edgy Over China, Italy Budget Staredown, Saudis, Brexit, Too Much Private Debt, Strained Valuation
The cliche is that the markets climb a wall of worry. But sometimes worry wins, and for good reasons.
After a sharp two day rally, Chinese stocks swooned, triggering global stock and stock futures market selloffs. Investors like to explain why markets do what they do, which is why many reportedly use psychics and astrologers.

Trump admin approves Arctic offshore oil drilling project off Alaska’s coast
The Trump administration approved a company’s plan Wednesday to drill for oil in the Arctic Ocean north of Alaska, the first time oil would be produced from federal waters in the Arctic.The approval from the Interior Department’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is conditional, and Hilcorp Energy Co. would still have to get other federal permits and abide by standards like restricting drilling seasons.

China’s VP and Israel’s PM co-host trade conference
China's vice president and Israel's prime minister on Wednesday co-hosted a high-profile trade and innovation conference and toured an exhibition of Israeli technology start-ups together as the two countries worked to cement their fast-growing trade ties.
the disease is spreading


Video :Slavoj Žižek tells Owen Jones: 'Clinton is the problem, not Trump'
The philosopher Slavoj Žižek says the collapse of the centre-left welfare state consensus has led to the global rise of the new right.

Corruption and Gentrification in Post-Industrial Buffalo
The potential problem with all of this post-industrial rejuvenation is of course the well-being of all who live in these cities, and not just those with impressive qualifications attractive for whichever medical-industrial complex and high tech enterprise sprouting up in the city— the latter being those with enough cash to go to orchestral concerts and eat in a fancy restaurant in a gentrified neighbourhood fore-fronted by an avant-garde chef.

Is socialism the answer to the climate catastrophe?
In 2016 a survey revealed that, on balance, British people rather disliked capitalism – and more of them regarded socialism favourably than negatively.That year, a Harvard study found that a majority of Americans aged between 18 and 29 did not support capitalism. A survey early in 2018 suggested that about a third of US millennials actually self-identified as some form of socialist.Such results become less startling when alongside the latest report by the IPCC, a document that paints a frankly apocalyptic picture of what the economic status quo has wrought. The scientific consensus compiled by 133 experts from 6,000 scholarly publications holds that the planet will soon crash through the barrier of a 1.5 degree temperature rise, with horrendous consequences for the natural environment and, of course, millions of people.

US missile treaty withdrawal: “Prepare for nuclear war
On Saturday, US President Donald Trump announced that the United States will withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty, which prohibited Washington and Moscow from developing short- and medium-range missiles.It is difficult to overstate the criminality and recklessness of this action. The lives of billions of people in Europe and East Asia have been deliberately placed in the crossfire of Washington’s nuclear buildup against Beijing and Moscow.

Donald Trump, Lumpen Capitalist
The most important thing about Donald Trump isn’t his psychological condition — it’s that he’s a capitalist. And a particular kind of capitalist at that: a lumpen capitalist.


Smells like false flag to drum up paranoia. Clinton and Obama are irrelevant and I doubt MAGAtards would have the guile to plant a bomb without getting caught in the act.

It's like they're asking people to call them reptilians expressing solidarity with their kind.


That overton window is a-movin'.
Jacobin being galaxy brains as usual. Lumpenhood is typical of capitalists. It's only really the plutocrats who have a real class consciousness or agency. Even a lot of them are still idiot manchildren (see: Elon Musk).

Those people never open their own mails! Whoever sent them willingly put workers at danger of mutilation and death!

Talking with normalfags, they can only follow political and economical development with pop culture reference.
Huge are Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones.

Then you get shit (which is even encouraged by Rowling) like: Corbyn is like Voldemort and Eagle/Owen is like Harry Potter and Blair is like Dumbledore or some shit like that.

On the other hand, only MAGAtards are stupid enough to actually do that.

Expect for the whole "they have the entire half of the two-party system of the USA under their iron grip" part.

The Clintons are but a few of the pre-made tools of the bourgeoisie establishment. Replaceable tools, no less.

At this point everything that happens within the Dens is centralised wit the Clintons.
Sure they are replaceable, but it would take 16 years to get the party under control like the Clintons do now.
Look at GOP what happens, if you replace the Bushs.

When we bombed the Rockefellers it just so happen that their negro maid opened the mail and not them.
Necessary sacrifice, could've used a bigger bomb though.

Can somebody explain to me, why Rowling hates Irish so much?
How can a self-declared liberal be so racist?

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In many ways yes, but both remain very relevant to your average MAGAtard. Many blame Obama for any troubles Trump has in running the executive branch and they've been waiting almost two years now for Daddy to follow through on locking Hillary up.

They replaced him with a neigh-identical copy in McCain and later Romney?

And during this disarray Trump rose.
Sure, in the end the managed to subjugate him, but that was a scary powerloss there.


Was this done by illegalists or aut-right?

hahaha, based anti-imperalist lega

The only “city of the future” is a large Industrial zone surrounded by farming villages.

Fucking Eco-Porkies thinking animals are more important than prols.


I’d laugh if my father’s retirement wasn’t invested in this shitfest.


It’s Posadism

Does this explain why he hates China?


Oh god, can you just go away already, Zizek? Quit playing reformist politics.

Trump, while a puppet of the Bourgeois, was still destructive for many Porkies. Trump caused infighting between the international and national bourgeois in the GOP. Causing the International Bourgeious to flee to the Democrats. Compared to Socialism this dons’t change much. But from the American perspective, replacing the International Bourgieous with the National Bourgieous is a big change. This means that America’s foreign policy is unstable, and that we’re going to leave our allies, and get no new friends. This neo-issolation is also setting the stage for classes in America to morph into the traditional prol vs. Porky conflict, because with a return of Industry and an end to Imperialism, traditional class conflict is much more likely. In this way zTrump can be compared to the Liberal Revolutionaries of the eighteenth century.

Fuck off, Paddy! We're wise to your hibernian ways.

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The United States cannot be reindustrialized while capitalism is still the global mode of production. There is no such thing as a national economy anymore.

MAGAtards only recourse to what a tremendous fuckup Trump is is to blame Clinton and Obama… who they talk about fucking constantly.

Everyone on both Zig Forums and Zig Forums are calling the bombs a false flag but I just don’t see it. Besides claims the bombs are shoddily made or couldn’t even explode I don’t see any reason to start screeching about a false flag. Of course if more evidence became available I could change my position. I’m not saying false flags don’t happen (such as the White Helmet’s claims of chemical weapons in Syria or Operation Northwoods). Am I missing something here or am I just not a schizo?

Copied from someone else on leftypol

1) No postmarks on the stamps. It wasn't sent through mail.

2) These high profile people never check their own mail.

3) Pipebombs use leads into one end, they don't use a wire for each end.

4) The package was "sent" in a bubble wrap envelope, which NO ONE would do, because the device would be detected a dozen different ways, it's be sent in a box

5) even in a box it'd be detected anyway

6) NONE of the six explosives went off

7) the CNN one has a clock on it that has no timer and no alarm…so not only does it have no trigger, but even if it did, why would you use a timer for a bomb package? That practically guarantees your intended target isn't gonna bite the dust

8) this is extremely politically convenient timing

9) I don't care how fucking good your operation is, no one would possibly be able to organize all these packages getting to their destinations on the same day. I work in a shipping distribution center and peak season just started, there's no fucking way all six packages got where they needed to be all at once.

10) The postage is incorrect for the weight of the package.

11) Brennan works at MSNBC, not CNN, draw your own conclusions from that

12) these most obviously were not sent through any kind of distribution system, yet multiple devices were found in multiple states. How can a single bomber be in multiple states at once? How did these get to where they needed to be without going through USPS and were hand delivered by "messenger" or whatever?13) any bomb threat is handled very seriously. if this CNN pipebomb was legit, the last fucking thing that would happen is someone standing right next to it taking a picture of the damn thing, bomb squad would have destroyed it. Any image of it, if there were to be one at all, would only show mangled remains or at the very least cut wires. Someone removed that device from its pristine, not-mailed package, and took not one but several photos of it as it sits their undetonated…with a supposed timer on it (that isn't actually a timer but no way the photographer could know that).

Sorry, I can refute this in 3.

1. It's obviously not a single bomber. Most likely one retard assembling the bombs, other retards putting them out.

2. Assuming a collective of retards, postage weight, non-explosion, poor packaging, and rich people not checking their own mail are all irrelevant.

3. Distribute "bombs" in person at a meeting between individuals from multiple states. They return to their collective states, and a little later put all the bombs out on the same day. Only one of them knows anything about bomb making, and it's not actually enough to do this right. They opt to deliver by hand because they fear (rightfully) that the bombs would be detected before arrival. By pre-deciding on this, distribution in the time period given would be extraordinarily easy. It actually would be half-decent if they knew shit about making bombs.

God, please make my enemies ridiculous.

obligatory JK Rowling hate thread

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Wish they sent some to Bush, too bad they were caught. Democrats get the bullet too.

You seem pretty obsessed with fags. I hope you realize that's a classic symptom of being a closet case homo. If you're gay dude most people don't care. You should embrace it instead of all your self hate. Just don't hit on me or straight people.

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Fox News personalities and right wing commentators peddle these conspiracy theories like Sandy Hook crisis actors, Pizzagate and birth certificates. Then Trump gets on stage using violent rhetoric peddling conspiracy theories and calling his opposition 'enemy of the people'.

And then they simply can't believe there are right wing terrorists mailing pipebombs to Trump's enemies. It's morally degenerate. I'm not surprised about these bombs at all. We've seen a lot of these homegrown terrorists exactly because of this. Inane incompetent violence and terrorism is a feature of Trumpism, not a symptom.

The same was commonly said by smug robber barons in the 1800s Gilded Age, yet organized labor imposed trade/migration protectionism anyway. I see no reason it can't be done again.

How the fuck can the right even fuck up bomb making? They're all acquainted with Zig Forums, which is right next door to Zig Forums, who would tell you no questions asked. How can you be so fucking stupid you not only fuck this part up, but fail to test any bombs?
and how about

If you need any further proof that Zig Forums is a right wing PsyOp working hard for Trump's benefit then you're a fucking shmuck.




Right wingers are so fucking kindergarten level predictable.

But then how did they return the package to sender?

Well, i remember one Zig Forumsommando accidentally starting a forest fire and another injuring himself with mustard gas while idiotically trying to test his gas mask.. They aren't terribly bright either.

Wut? I don't have a problem with gays (I like boys), I have a problem with JK Rowling's flippant handling of declaring characters gay/whatever and acting like she's a progressive.

No, it didn't.

He actually used mustard gas to test his mask? Let me guess, he was from Florida.

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How dumb must one be to:
- give a correct information on bomb-making to a rando asking on an imageboard?
- trust info one got from asking on an imageboard?
Those were rhetorical questions, but then I realized "Zig Forums level dumb" might be a proper answer to them. And "some retard got trolled hard by Zig Forums" a proper answer to issues raised by .


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There’s people that aren’t reactionary autists that take the Dow seriously?

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Rich liberals who wave rainbow flags and then vote for policies that disenfranchise people are way way worse than idiot white trash shouting slurs who just vote according to what scares them.

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Yes, however the deindustrialization can be slowed down.

That's why you don't listen to the posters and just read the military manuals that get posted.
Then again I'm putting a lot of faith in Americans not being retarded here. They really are a special breed.

You don't seem to understand how Zig Forumstards work.

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This legit made me laugh. I'm a fucking idiot that thinks too highly of people.

Apparent 'Pipe Bombs' Mailed To Clinton, Obama And CNN

At least five suspicious packages containing what the FBI called potentially destructive devices have been sent since Monday to several leading Democratic Party figures and to CNN in New York, triggering a massive investigation.Some of the devices "appear to be pipe bombs," John Miller, New York Police Department deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism, said at a news conference Wednesday.

They deserve this for Waco, Ruby Ridge, Libya and Serbia combined.

why do ancomms have to be such insufferable faggots?

They're equally as cancerous, since both vote for porky. As a matter of fact, Trumplards are wealthy dickheads.