Brit/pol/ #2612: Stef Thumbnails Edition

Anti-racism campaigners hold vigil to 'welcome refugees to the UK'

Brexit: PM warns of 'uncharted territory' if MPs reject deal

UK weather forecast: Temperatures to plunge and 70mph winds to batter Britain TOMORROW

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good edition

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Good lad

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good lad

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If only Kent wasn't playing Rogue Trader rn

smh lad, mass immigration and a hatred for the English people is based

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the NHS was ruined & privatised by blair tbh

Someone should tweet this back at him tbh

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Good lad

is it true stef is a dafty now?

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riveting stuff

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Good lad.

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I cba smh

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Lol, also good idea

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can u explain this?

FAS is an epidemic tbh

Are you the Somerset lad who made all these pepes? Post the rest

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Forgot I had this one smh it destroys my sides every time

Thanks lids

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Though I also cba with the slovenly Chrimbo routine I've been doing where I stay up late, get up late, whilst doing nothing much really in-between. At least what I'm doing atm is physical/manual and I'm working with a couple of decent lads so it's not too bad.

Literally me irl.

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only toil from now on

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Yes lad same, at least during weekdays. I want to do it anyway, for my wallet more than anything.

Probably not the same lad, unless they're the pepes from like late 2016.

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disgusting if you're going to poison yourself at least do it right

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Patrician choice tbh

Nothing wrong with pepsi-max



Was you on the sauce in the week? I only have about 4 tinnies on the weekend. Still don't know if that is too much?


I need my baby fetuses lad it gives me my power to own the libs.

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Surely it would have already over lad smh

gooarn lad
I stopped drinking sugary drinks but it did me no good, nothing has changed

Are you mocking me lad?

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remember watching that on VHS at grammas eating macaroni and cheese

Good lad.

Christ lad I thought it couldn't get any worse than fingering your cousin that's revolting ;^)

the accents are soo good on andy devine and paul buttram. such virginia accents

I need to cut out the booze full stop tbh. I had too much over Xmas, plus the mountains of food and need to get back into shape pronto.


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cut it all out lad, once you get into a routine of doing something other than drinking, like watching movies/docs/studying/whatever you will see how you have wasted money/time all these years and you will start feeling better too - takes a few weeks to a couple of months to fully go clean

mumsnet has no mods? i dunno

Why are the degos pretending to be from Wolverhampton?

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bit antisemetic that lad

a mod showed up during the first raid but it tool forever
they had a jooey sounding name I think

pretty sure they shut it down within a few hours. this one still up and its been a day and a half, lol. not as fast tho tbh, smh

is the poos still there?


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check for yourself

Based and Norf pilled tbh.

It's a great childhood film, the saying "they don't make them like they used to" isn't just some glib catchphrase. Going to have to download it and rewatch it now.

I routinely drink at least 8 pints, or at least cans, a night, regardless of work/time to get up, whether I'm going to be slogging lifting tons of stuff or whatever, and it's fucking bad really tbh. So yeah imo 4 tinnies on the weekend is quite permissible
Yeah Chrimbo has only exacerbated the situation. Same here, going to knock that on the head and get back into fitness, a bit of meditation, and saving a shit load more a week.

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That Robin Hood film is responsible for taking far too many lads down the dark path of furryism.

Welsh cakes and a cup of tea for supper lads.

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Jordan Raskopoulos from axis of awesome is now a woman
wtf tbh

Kek. Dafties and commies BTFO by sensible, LOCAL bobby.

Fucking good lad tbh. He's unironically right, that and controlling/stopping immigration and you've basically got the winning formula with a face that doesn't have the baggage of the BNP. Good lad.

Fair do's. I used to binge from Friday night to Sunday evening and couldn't do that anymore. Xmas just gone I'd polish off a bottle of brandy on the eve and gin days after that. Felt like shit tbf and going to bed late ruined my body clock when I had to go back to work.

Nah, the internet did that.

this. if yank land wasn't founded by puritans then maybe they'd have made wholesome cartoons about sexy anime girls rather than make a generation of furfags with their sexual repression and a "we can get this by the censors, its just an animal!" attitude.

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who cares?


It belongs in a Cyberpunk 2066 edit.

I've just become acclimatised to having a tipple on the night, and I enjoy it and have no missus or other responsibilities atm, so it's not even an issue apart from the money (and yeah, probably my health). It's pathetic if I can't cut it out so I'm going to do just that, even if it's just for the money I'll save. I used to be a fucking fitness machine and I think it's the only thing that's save me from becoming a fat bastard.

Stuff like this seems to be happening every other week, and it hardly ever makes news.


Do the mummys know about Albert?

Very good lad

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Also Helmer pls delete this Zig Forumsshit spam thread

It's a shame all the right wing parties are neoliberal shits.

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It was the gateway drug lad.

tbh I think Loony Tunes did rather a lot more before Robin Hood

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For Crom.



america went from paradise to mutt hell in 30 years

a warning to the world

Couldn't begin to help you out lad. Have another one I can't backstory you on

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who cares?

Cheer up lad. Some of us like watching these vids of pakis killing each other