Manly Richards: A Story of Americock

I have written a story that satirizes both the homosexuality of the right and the islamofascism of the left. Let me know what you think about the themes in it as well as whether it hits the mark or not.

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Ok, so had some hearty keks but what the actual motherfuck.

It's an allegory for the American condition.

Praise be to the prophet Marx, peace be upon him.

There's a lot of leftists that defend Islam just because a lot of brown people practice it. It's not an unjust accusation.

Those are called "liberals", not leftists.

No there aren't.

There's a lot of leftists that defend Islam just because a lot of people who practice it hate the USA. It's not an unjust accusation.


I will admit they think they're leftists, but by any objective definition, they simply aren't.

It's not the USA as much as Israel. Not only that, Islam is an interesting religion that merits more respect than most. I believe that Christians and Muslims alike should come together to combat capitalist exploitation under the guise of muh Israel.

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All religion is. If the person is more secularist, they more to the left.
Jesus freaks can say that Jesus was a socialist, still others can justify slavery with the bible. Cults are social tools for controlling the masses. Semi-religions like capitalism included.

Socialism/communism/anarchism are supposed to be about freeing yourself from these sorts of things.


Please put on a filter so I can filter you already.

I mean put on a trip/name/whatever.

Nice looking out.

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There are leftists who defend Muslims or Arabs when idiots call for imperialism or whatever. Maybe you're confused.



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