Brit/pol/ #2613: Owen Jones Edition

'We lost nearly £10k to TV licence scammers'
When Jerry Tack received an email saying the TV licence needed paying, he didn't think twice about it.

Brexit: Date for vote on Theresa May's deal confirmed
MPs will vote on Theresa May's Brexit deal on Tuesday, 15 January, government sources have confirmed.

Surrey train stabbing: Suspect Darren Pencille refuses to enter plea, claiming he is 'paranoid'

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Gud lid

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range always told regulars not to come on blackpowder night because of that


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fuck these cucks

hail cumrag


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did the welsh evolve to be tiny to survive the mines

Never underestimate manlets

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They're like that for ease of hiding tbh
Why do you think Glendower's rebellion was so tricky to put down? Sneaky little taffs just raided and then hid in the trees.

yeah seems that way, the bantam regiments in ww1 were recruited from mining towns where lads were shorter, below 5'3'', and they fought in some of the toughest fighting of the war and their unit was almost annihilated

there really should be a dafty height/fitness requirement tbh

It's clearly a photoshop, lad. Although we are shorter than the English on average (who are shorter than the scots, who are shorter than the Irish).

is 5'8'' high enough lad?


if you're a girl

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nvm then

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Tbh lads I'd like to see Owen Jones and all other lying journalists swinging from a tree

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I actually know a lad who's probably under 5ft3 kek. Bloody coal dust.

hmm.. pitifvl

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Nothing wrong with being short, should be judged on your achievements not your appearance, we're all gods handiwork right

t. big boy

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Simply can't compete with those north yorkshire chads

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Based F-4 Phantoms

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I heard the nips are getting rid of the F-4's to accommodate the F-35's.

oh ofcourse

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actually based tbh

And most of the F-15s by the looks of it.

Don't worry lammy people will be telling you the exact same thing as you're packing into a shipping container labelled 'to Africa'.

reminder a nice old lady called him "sambo lambo the smelly nigger"

Mike needs to stopped tbh

Ah they'll develop something new in house while purchasing the bare minimum of F-35's while scrapping all the ancient airframes. They'll probably continue using the F-16 as a base from what the people on Zig Forums have been saying. Apparently a large chunk of the electronics they've already developed for upgrades for the F-16 that weren't implemented are going to the new 5 gen.

im amazed how after calling people fascists for so long, they are whinging about how the police wont arrest people calling them nazis tbh


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It's not worked tbh

not one normie believes that

its a common opinion and why the government gets away with arresting dissidents and the media comes out to condemn the big meany proles who yelled at wealthy politician lady.

b-but the twitter echo chamber all think it so it must be true

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But they are victims, lad.

I think you're conflating power with liberal justifications for the exertion of power.

kek but he probably thought that was acid

It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged. - G.K. Chesterton

Lad, the only people who support the establishment are so retarded that they actually consider themselves anti-establishment. It's all downhill from here for the JWO tbh.

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Lads, I…

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tbh tbh

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Couldn't happen to a nicer gay scoobydoo

I pity the zogbots who have to monitor this bollocks


Gotta love Vincy.

Some people like collecting a paycheck for fuck all.

t. gchq

tbf at least the ones monitoring here are aware of how much they are hated by the people

zogbots are asleep post badgers

What if the politicians are punching people instead?

tbf if they knocked at the door and offered me a job to monitor here I'd sign up, may as well get paid to shitpost

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has anyone here ever had police at their door before?

nice try GCHQ

or a dole recipient.

Yeah. Stick your cock through the letterbox

C-can she rule out a No Deal tho?

they wouldn't bother tbh lad, any meetups you try to arrange will just get rejected because of the suspicious knights tmplars activities


This place is kind of pointless to monitor since there's no IDs attached to any posts.

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stop the presses

No one is watching this herp derp board put it to the test and bait them with something smart if you are so convinced.

there's no IDs attached to any posts.
He keeps trying to lure everyone into a false sense of security

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There isn't tbh, post history gets deleted after a certain amount of posts and there's no way for staff to see IP's or anything like that.

I get paid per post :^)

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This, all we get is gibberish, so even if the spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) managed to infiltrate the mod team there's fuckall they can find.

theres weekly videos of cops getting yeeted by wogs I reckon I could take a couple down (in a legal regulated mma match)


isnt 8ch server in the philippines or somewhere?

Good luck 5eyes

Wait no I think site staff can see shit since they respond to those FBI requests.

Isn't that just for nonce shit?

the police admitted 2 years ago to inentionally not arresting pedos because theres literally too many people watch CP to put in jail and process through the courts. So there's no way theyll go beyond a scare visit at the door for racist internet memmies.

The amount of effort it takes is all that matters.

tbf they go after people baconing mosques but not burglaries. I'd say it's not a matter of effort, but more a matter of what they are forced to prioritise. We're more of a threat in their eyes than kiddie-fiddlers.


Bomb/shooting threats mainly, you can see them on the transparency reports

If it's a terror threat they're going to press harder than over just nonce shit.

Well they'd rather go after Thought Crime offenders than actual dangerous criminals. It's easier.


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