At least she made 3 points that aren't bad

At least she made 3 points that aren't bad

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Israel is the only fascist settler colonial state in the Middle East right now.

Tankie Twitter is literally cancer

60% is still failing

Take that flag off

- True
- True
- I really wish that people who truly believe that China is socialist explained what is exactly socialist about it.
Last I've seen they were building fancy residential buildings in the middle of nowhere and trying to sell it for expensive prices while there's millions of people living in shacks.
- True
- Fuck Yeah!


I didn't think tankies and dengists were that bad in the past, but since joining a discord and being active on twitter I have come to resent them with a burning passion. I can't understand how they became so retarded.

Pick one then change your flag

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Tell me how much easier it is to organize and engage in direct action under 3rd-world regimes blissfully free of successful reformism

Zig Forums in a nutshell:
Opposing capitalism gets an apathetic approval, while hating on israel makes people jizz their pants.
Face it, this is the r/socialism of anti-israelites.

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If you are referring to Assad, MBS, Ayatollah, erdogan, I don't disagree with you on that
If you are referring to Palestinians than you are objectively wrong

t. butthurt zionist fascist

How’s the Sorosbucks?


leftist twitter is a treat

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After the nakba Israel offered incentives to jews in ME countries to relocate. There was antisemitism after the 6 day war (shocker, siezing a country and ethnically cleansing it riles people up) but it wasn't a uniform phenomenon nor was the antisemitism that occured unanimously government-backed. Iran in particular did not enforce any anti-jew policy, rather the central government had been weakened to the point where it could not adequately defend iranian jews for a brief period.

After his return from exile, Ayatollah Khomeni had this to say wrt persian jews:
"In the holy Quran, Moses, salutations upon him and all his kin, has been mentioned more than any other prophet. Prophet Moses was a mere shepherd when he stood up to the might of pharaoh and destroyed him. Moses, the Speaker-to-Allah, represented pharaoh's slaves, the downtrodden, the mostazafeen of his time."

"We recognize our Jews as separate from those godless, bloodsucking Zionists"

But you know, lolol towelheadsandniggers hate are tolerance

Absolutely. The Palestinian Territories have their own flaws, but they're too powerless for those to bear significant blame for their predicament.

If you're talking about communism in school, reforming capitalism and fucking Israel (imperialism), then yes.


Identities =/= personality. Although, I suppose that unnecessarily putting all of that shit about what teams you belong to onto your online profile does say a lot about your personality.

Woo wee, that's a scorching take.

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Where do you think that came from? Do you remember what a flaming shitheap today's 1st-world was for the average prole in the 1800s?

Radical and revolutionary unions, who were very different than the electoral reformists of their time and saw revolution as a necessity to abolish capitalism. The reformists of their time were anti-socialist and ended up supporting measures to purge the radicals, such as expulsion of immigrants to kick out anarchists or the castration of unions into law abiding and meek orgs no longer fit for purpose.

There was antagonism, but the two largely worked hand-in-hand to advance their shared agenda. And their eventual demise came decades later at the hands of social issues activists and ML LARPers that alienated leftism as a whole from its class consciousness.
Have you ever thought that organizing immigrants would've been a lot harder if the torrent of fresh scabs hadn't been dammed up?

That's like downplaying the issues between Anarchists and MLs because they currently work together on particular agendas. The antagonism was unreconcilable and it was the radicals who lost out after betrayal from their former allies. Given how that turned out, emulating the tactics of the left-wing of capital only seems good for managing capitalism instead of abolishing it.
You have this the wrong way around, the deradicalization of unions towards "pragmatic" strategies and the organizational shift from the work place to the university and ballot box were what allowed social issues and larpers to dominate leftism. Purging all larpers and social issues from current organizations is less important then getting involved in class struggle, such as the recent strikes or tenants unions that have been popping up largely divorced from existing leftist orgs.
We have far more to worry about from the resevoir of scabs who exist domestically and the potential of radicalism being a reason for expulsion of immigrants than a hypothetical mass import of scabs.

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- kind of, too atheist and needs just a tad more market involvement
- depends on the school you went to
- true
- obviously
- yes, yes, yes.


Le cringe xd

Also Chinese billionaires exist lol yep

every single point is tankie propaganda
don't know who is she but fuck her


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I would. she looks primed for fucking.

anarchists actually believe this

Baron Ungern was better than both.

This is too real to be funny.

Come to think of it, a female tankie is like a nazi jew.

Doesn't she even realise how women are treated in both north korea and china? LOL. How many of you wanna bet she's, unironically, a radfem?

whom'st'd've again shifte'd timeline?

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the only good point is the second one about capitalism. Of course I went to school in the 90s when the Soviets were still around and then in the aftermath of them dying, is education still that shitty about communism?
DPRK is bad. China is basically capitalist now, they've only kept the bad parts of authoritarian communism. Reforming capitalism is our best bet, everything else we've tried has been a miserable failure. And don't be anti-semitic k

Anti Zionism is not anti-semitism.

in fact, Zionism is anti-Jew as fuck
why does anti-Jewish racism have its own word anyway? its not like anti-semitism actually means anti-semitism either, since there are other semitic people as well but discrimination against them isn't included in the word.

Their shortcomings include no longer having a socialist system.
Agreed, al Mawt li Israīl.

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not that I care either way, Louis Ferdinand Celine put it this way:

Céline’s communitarian spirit distinguished itself from other forms of socialism for being racially oriented and distinctly counter-Semitic. “I became aware of another exploiter, at the League of Nations,” the writer explained to an interviewer. “I saw where the big deals were being made … I saw all I needed to see.”6 For him, Hoffman writes, France was “a country essentially owned and operated by Jews in which the native or gentile population could only exist with the indulgence of their Jewish rulers. Céline says that if the bourgeois can ‘smell a little Jewish,’ then this is all to their benefit as a kind of life insurance.”7 Céline did not, however, reduce Europe’s problems to the Jew. “Our Aryan bourgeois is debased, they wail like babies,” he wrote, adding that “they are a thousand times worse than the stinking Yids.