PNG is actually smaller filesize while being higher quality for most images uploaded on Zig Forums

All jpg cucks will hang.

All the time I see these stupid jpg thumbnails that Zig Forums is using and they are bigger filesize than if they were just png while looking like shit.

Worse yet random anons keep thinking jpg is always smaller and so they save their screencaps as these shitty jpg fuzz ridden higher filesize images.

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it's no surprise that jpg performs poorly on images of text and geometric shapes, its compression was designed for photos.

lmao those posts have to be bait


legitimately didn't know about this, thanks for sharing OP

Worse than lossless webp.

this is bait


A format that nobody uses.

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But yes, FLIF, webp, all crap.


SVG text is king

..but that's exactly what I said.

why doesn 8ch supports webp?

Y'all are retards. PNG can virtually always compress to a lower file size than JPG at any given quality, but not with MSPAINT. You need w1zz4rd h4xor skillz to control it. By default MSPAINT will try to keep more quality than what would be optimum for most web posting.

Because that's a good thing to do. We must avoid at all costs the spread of this utter piece of crap that wants to become a standard.
The less sites supporting it, the less adoption it will have.

I'm sorry Dave, but AV1 is inevitable.

You'd think by this point people in imageboards already understood the strengths and weaknesses of image formats, but I guess you can't underestimate the stupidity of retards and newfags.

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Let me simplify it for you...

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That image shows that png is higher quality.

It doesn't point out the fact that png can not only be higher quality but also smaller filesize.

Why did JPEG 2000 and JPEG XR never take off amid the wider Internet?

People like it simple...

And they weren't exactly supported despite being superior.

I love jpg crust

But it does?

But then you can immediately detect a dumb person.

Should just try encoding it into PNG or WEBP lossless, and use it instead of JPEG if the file size is the same or smaller.
Optionally also use color quantization to the point where it introduces less perceptual oss than JPEG would.
Also use mozjpeg for encoding JPEG.

less perceptual loss

Webp is shit. Here is how you disable it in Firefox:


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lmao what settings you used for that?


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hell yeah I at least got close but still not as epic as 2.75 KB

Opinion discarded.

could also use one of those new meme formats

jpg is not good for anything because its lossy

also, jpg is a botnet

yeah, but uncompressed photos are huge.

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they are but jpg is not a good format for distribution. everyone wants to add their own round of lossy compression on it so you get that blurry crap that the internet is full of.

I agree, server-side image encryption without consent is an attack on the user and should be taken seriously.
Also phones with their retarded uncompressed 2mb photos are a big reason why serverside encryption is so huge.

It's called RECOMPRESSION or REENCODING and the thread is full of retards.
If you use JPG in 4:2:0 with 95 as quality setting for the encoder, you generally get decent results.
What's really awful is the recompression everywhere and JPG for images that were digital to begin with.

If you digitally draw something, release it as PNG even if it's 20MB!

Continuation of above:
Digitally produced images should never be compressed in a lossy way.
If you use a JPG image as wallpaper you can truly see every fucking compression artifact.
I have all my wallpapers in PNG and keep the originals in a separate folder. I just filter them with either gigapixel or waifu2x.
Lossy image compression is a burden on humanity. It's no longer necessary and only causes shit images.
It's okay for shitty vacation photos since those are full of artifacts to begin with but everything of quality should be saved in a lossless way.
What I also hate is all those scaled versions of individual pictures and thumbnails.
I hope FLIF will some day get in a state where its version is final and can be implemented everywhere.


Use optipng for stripping down pngs. Pic related is identical to yours.
I bet used a lossy encoder like pngquant, which is why it looks so shit.

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.jpg becomes bigger because its lossy and due to this more colors are added to compensate.

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Use 4:4:4 compression like I do

PNG is high quality but it takes forever to load on a webpage.

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The worst perpitrators are the disgusting fools that save thumbnails and then have the gall to actually post them. It's fucking disgusting, I tell you what.

the new thing is taking a screenshot of the picture on your phone. then its often also a poorfag phone that has a low res screen so the picture is smaller than the original and theres often all kinds of unnecessary buttons on the picture that werent in the original


I just use png because no exif tbh

Actually, you can chuck exif in a custom png data block.
In the good old days people would put CP in a custom png data block.

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It baffles me why people still use jpg

Its the boomer image extension

Well screw you i can use what ever format i want how ever i never really cared for bit maps or bmps

If you still use bmp you are a true faggot

Spoken like a boomer.

Hell you can't even upload a bmp to an image board

with png you cant just have one setting to get the smallest image. you need many different settings for different image types and that cant really be automated for a website like this.

What about a .tiff?

I remember making textures for a model saving them as tiff Our color blind football coach who was currently teaching us how to make video games using the unreal engine and told us save it in a tiff Yeah I don't even know why I took that class it was a joke that wasn't funny

From my understanding of that format It's OK if your making textures for 3d models But that's the only thing you would really use it for Like I tell everybody don't listen to me I'm not that smart

Png is for doodles and icons jpg is for sharing photos online and tiff is for model textures

Your showing your age grampa. These days, kids like to take a video of the image on someone elses phone, then add a caption to it with snapchat.

Is it just me or is everybody getting dumber and dumber I'm a millennial and I feel pretty stupid I can only imagine what's going to happen the next generation

I can also imagine that the quality would probably suck ass

Shitposting aside, it gives around 20% of lossless compression (compress-decompress cycle returns identical jpeg data) on my multiterabyte corpus of hentai and chan images.

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You do realize that JPEG does not use indexed color and 'more colors are added to compensate' makes zero sense?

thats alot of hentai but its isn't enough for me yeeer

this has been a thread for more than a month now and still nobody talks about the superiority of the farbfeld image format

I rarely see people JPG shit that should have been PNG'd, but I see lazy retards copy paste images (becoming ClipboardImage.png or something similar) and turning a sub-megabyte jpg into a 6+ megabyte png all the fucking time and it pisses me off.

this is what i mean with png needing custom settings for every imege type. it wont just work as the default format


Farbfeld isn't intended primarily as an image distribution format, but instead as an image processing format. This is why it uses 16 bit channels, which will double the file size to no gain when viewing. This extra data is useful when processing.

Wrong. Farbfeld is intended to be a super simple image format. Compression is left to external tools.
This is UNIX braindamage of the highest degree. Suckless niggers are truly the dumbest UNIX weenies.

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Look up FileOptimizer. It combines optipng with a bunch of other png optimizers

general purpose compression algorithms perform not that well on images
yes, you have it
no. _dumbest_ weenies. suckless are the _dumbest_ ever

i really like your picture :) pic related :D mind if i save your picture?

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They do on farbfeld, faggot, well enough to beat PNG on stuff like lineart, photographs, and paletted images. Also, learn English you fucking shitter.

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How about real world cases? Try it out, nigger.
Also what's wrong with my english?

PNG is much better for payloading zero-days onto vulnerable devices.

Only if you're decoder is written in an unsafe language like C/C++.

It's actually better if it's written in rust, because you don't have to rely on the author of the software making a mistake, you just know the language itself will have multiple overflow vulnerabilities built in to it

Rust's std has 2 CVEs. Let's compare that to GNU libc:
Keep in mind that libc doesn't even contain data structures or else this list would be at least 10 times as long.

It's "don't perform well", nigger

rust shills pls go, there are fuck tonnes of vulns in rust

nobody wants your shitty botnet children's language

Nobody outside the developers of the language itself use rust. It's actually a miracle that any vulnerabilities were found, and it hints to much deeper systemic problems in the rust project when people are finding vulnerabilities in a language that is not used by anybody, so it has never been independently audited, nor is there any real payoff for security researchers to search out and discover vulnerabilities on their own

You're wrong, faggot. It is 100% correct english. Prove me wrong.

Not everyone is a Rust shill. Some are just sick of C/C++ singlehandedly fucking everyone shit up again and again and again and again.

Absolute bullshit. There are a lot of people/companies that use Rust.

That's not funny!

You're that trany rust shill who also lurks half.

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t. can't into C++
The thing I dislike most about C and C++ is how strings are handled.
The BString implementation in Haiku is a lot more comfy.
However it's okay because std::to:string() in C++11 does the job too.
You just shouldn't ignore any compiler warnings. You can't compare signed and unsigned int or you'll get (signed int)-100>(unsigned int)50 is true or bullshit like that.

t. LARPer

t. calls people who program larpers while hoping for his magic flawless LISP machine which he wouldn't be able to use to view a video because his language and machine are too shit to access the HDD.