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What does RMS think of 4cucks clover OS? It recognises itself as a GNU+Linux distro, which is something he likes. it would be based if he hated clover OS because it's Gentoo based, which he does not approve of, it would not make sense since he approves Trisquel and yet it's based of ubuntu, which he does not approve of.

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It'd only be RMS-approved if:
- They stopped using non-free software (looking at unrar and binary blobs in linux itself)
- They started actively preventing you from installing non-free software, by removing non-free software from the repos and having you go fetch it manually from the upstream gentoo repos if you really want it. Oh, don't forget applications with plugins like firefox, which should be rebranded and not recommend shit on addons.mozilla.org (see icecat)
- They started advertising themselves as such

Honestly, just read the free software distribution guidelines. It's all there.

That would be a good guideline for an Ouroboros fork of Clover OS.

thanks m8

That's the one thing I hate about the FSF, it has to be super anal about how free as in freedom it has to be, you have clearly labeled "free" and "non-free" software that these fucking dickheads start chiming about the monkey brained users might accidentally violate their freedom somehow.

Why are you asking us what RMS thinks about it when you can send email to RMS?

It may not be practical to live by his rules, but without RMS's extremism I doubt we would be where we are today with free software. For channeling his kike radical tendencies into something productive, I say we grant him a waiver to avoid the gas.

Let's pretend that I hate pineapple pizza and former president Obama loves pineapple pizza. If people ask me for my recommendation about pizza toppings, I'm not going to recommend for people to listen to Obama's taste in pizza toppings - his recommendation is contrary to my own recommendation.

The matter of recommending proprietary software is a similar matter. The FSF will never recommend for users to install proprietary software; the FSF will not recommend for users to listen to software distributors who recommend to install proprietary software.

It's completely practical to live by the ideal the freedom only comes with free software. However, this is often not practical in the short term when a particular title isn't up to your personal standard at that point in time. What's practical is that in the long term, you can make your software follow you as long as you're willing to invest the development time.

There is a massive difference between not reccomending pineapple pizza and actively making it harder for others to get pineapple pizza.

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Yes, the Free Software Foundation is really anal about Free Software, who would have thought? Complaining about that is like complaining how in Church the priest never talking about how great Islam is. The FSF's goal is to promote Free Software, so pushing users towards proprietary software would be counter-productive. Distros approved by the FSF do not forbid you from installing proprietary software, they just make sure you don't install it without making a conscious effort.

In other words, their idea of freedom is that you need to opt-out of (((reccomended settings))) to be able to do what you want.

Everyone on here is massively ignoring the fact that OP is a faggot and Jesus is mostly on Zig Forums these days.

Why would you really need to consider what RMS has to say about what you can use and what you cannot? The first step to decide what's best for you is understanding what you want and what you expect from an operating system.

If you want to double click and play AAA titles, you should probably use Windows.
If you want to work with Final Cut Pro, you should buy yourself a Mac Pro.
If you want to have a clean system and willing to step out of the comfort zone, use an operating system based on GNU/Linux, BSD or anything else that fits your use case.

etc. etc.

I do use a GNU/Linux without proprietary blobs, but I understand that every individual has different needs, some completely different than mine. Trying to force someone to install Trisquel that doesn't play well with his computer or the software he uses frequently would just scare off a potential free software user.

So therefore you should be the one to decide whether if Clover OS is adequate for your use case.

user, that's not how distro threads work.

It's binaries of gentoo.
the answer is another question, what does RMS think of gentoo?
Well, it's not an fsf approved distro for one, this is because they allow multiple licenses and even proprietary packages in their main ebuild repository.
Such as nvidia's own drivers and other things like jre.

So he obviously doesn't approve of it or like it in the same sense as one of the fsf approved distros.

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top freetard

This "extremism" like you call it was the standard before the printer incident (around the beginning of the 80s).
RMS made an oath to himself to never make other people victims like he was a victim himself see the book free as in freedom you get a good perspective of how these times were.

lol no. That's just another case of RMS making up lies.


user there's enough cross quotes to prove you wrong, between the books "free as in freedom", "Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution" and all the speeches of EsR, Torvalds, Gerald Sussman and many more, they can all tell you that companies shared the source code with the people who bought there hardware.
It's the Copyright Act of 1976 that brought dissolution to the hacker community, see chapter nine:

I see now. The BSD cucks are right.

no, i want to follow my religion with guidlines


Their idea of freedom is that proprietary software can never be freedom, it is a form of subjugation where the software owner controls the users who choose to agree.

What can I say, I’m a master at baiting.

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Does he not like firecucks? IMO it’s the best FOSS browser


He doesn't like the Firefox extension store. This is because the store promotes non-free extensions. One reason why GNU Icecat exists is to change the link to the extension store to point toward the GNU approved store.

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Is your idea of freedom "well, I did not make it technically impossible to do what you want"?

This is the classic "all disagreement is actually lack of freedom" thoughkiller.

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Hi bumper

It is a mistake to believe that all willing choices lead to freedom; not all choices will lead to freedom. For example, I could choose to handcuff myself to a single pole and never leave the pole or handcuffs for the rest of my life (assuming that this doesn't interfere with another person's life). My entire life will be conducted in handcuffs and next to the pole. My ability to live a life will be greatly restricted to any activity that's available next to that pole. I may have entered that situation in my right mind and with my own will but the outcome is that I would be missing out on a life where I could roam outside my own home to do things in society. I made a choice where my own freedom was greatly reduced.

Likewise, making the choice to install proprietary software is not a choice to make if you believe your freedom is highly valuable.

By this incredibly idiotic logic, choosing not to install facebook makes you less free because it restricts your ability to interact with other people.
Also, expressing any unpopular opinion makes you less free for a similar reason.
And ironically, not using windows reduces your freedom as it prevents you from running a lot of software.

There is a reason why making a choice to install proprietary software cannot lead to freedom. A piece of software is always controlled by somebody. If the user is forbidden to control the software, then the software is controlling the user. In order for a user to control software, 0) the user must be permitted to run the software for any purpose, 1) the user must be permitted to study the source code to the software and modify the source code, 2) the user must be permitted to share verbatim copies of the software, 3) the user must be permitted to share modified copies of the software. Users who are not permitted to do all these freedoms are being controlled by the person(s) who own the software. This all happens with the explicit consent of the user.

Freedom is not a simple matter of having more choices or having fewer choices. If I was a slave who was possessed by some slave owner and I happen to have the choice of 1000 different outfits to wear at my own pleasure, that doesn't imply that I would have more freedom when compared to living a free man in the wilderness with only one set of clothes.

Again, this is the same retarded rambling that is behind idiocy such as "all heterosexual intercourse is rape" and "criticizing mother Russia is unfree".

Cool non-sequiturs.


rms is old and he doesn't understand how everything works anymore, hope that helps op

That does actually help, thanks

so that's what the anchor is

RMS knows how things work and he believes that privacy and freedom are more important than shiny tech toys. That's why he's as pessimistic and as unconventional as he is.

great observation

no shite


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I made a list of things needed for CloverOS to become FSF approved gitgud.io/cloveros/cloveros/#things-preventing-cloveros-libre-from-being-100-free-software

You can get CloverOS with linux-libre kernel and no linux-firmware here cloveros.ga/s/CloverOS_Libre-x86_64-20190209.iso

It also prevents you from installing nonfree software

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