What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and the internet was gone>

what would you do if you woke up tomorrow and the internet was gone>

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probably jerk off to porn i have saved to my computer

Continue my lifestyle of cultivating my body and my garden that gives nourishment to my body.

Take solace in knowing I wouldn't have to deal with crossboard retards like OP anymore.

watch tv

gas the kikes + race war


Smile, and then go back to reading my books.

go outside and live
never be distracted again
lament my lost youth
burn my computer

all of which i should be doing right now anyway

Offline PC is still comfy. You can still write nice software, and play with FPGAs and the like. Other than email and shitposting here, I really wouldn't miss being online.

get fucked by this guy here

It would be a paradise where the CIA nigger botnet was finally gone, the nigger-cattle lose their collective shit, people who make money doing nothing online commit suicide, and where sexual deviants would be at the mercy of society again, because they don't have any online support groups.

We could all go back to magazines and physical distribution. Mite b comfy.

eTHOTS would be hit HARD.

Isn't it funny, those that are the most tech savvy seem to be the greater share of those people who hate technology. Have you ever heard a nigger wishing he could live without his iPhone?

I am educated about modern technologies and I don't hate technology. My education means that I understand the implications of what each bit of technology does and this informs why I don't need to own a significant number of technology devices. Machines are just tools that I use to support my life. I know the limits of how machines can interfere with other parts of my life that I consider to be important such as privacy in my own home, and the ideal of having control over what I own.

Get my gun, my knife, my axe, and my pack and go out into the woods. I would then begin constructing a temporary shelter and fire, and then begin work on a more permanent cabin. There's no way I'm about to stick around with all the niggers going nuts because facebook disappeared.

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I'm sure your education included reading comprehension. I stated (admittedly without proof) that the greatest share of people who hate technology, are tech savvy. I did not imply that being tech savvy necessarily means you hate technology.

I want this to happen.


They are holding marches where homos perform sex acts in thongs around 7 year old kids. There are fucking furry conventions. Do you live under a rock? The internet disappearing wouldn't solve this.

Get my gun, my knife, my axe, and my pack and go out to rape girls!

I would make several backups of basic development setup, that is some Linux distro with most important libraries and C compiler installed.
Then I'd just write shitloads of software, including a solution that would allow me to create a meshnet. Then I'd convince people around to use it. Then shitpost on my own *chan.

We need it. Now.
This thread made me like Article 13

Finally free

The world economy would collapse, I'd be out of a job and I wouldn't be able to cheaply communicate with my friends and family overseas anymore but hey at least I won't have to deal with "the degenerates xd"

Work on setting up a mesh network between irl friends for exchanging files. I've been hoarding data anyway.