Brit/pol/ #2615: *blows up the board* Edition

Brexit: 20 Tory rebels inflict no-deal defeat on government

UK house prices rise at fastest rate in almost two years, says Halifax

UK Weather: Will the 'second Beast from the East' hit soon?

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Very good lad

first for Joe

hate pakis

second for Joe


Good lad.

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cheeky pickled herring snack lads

7th also for Joe

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good lad

the sniffing mans fetish

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tories want to ban this

he looks so trustworthy

Do you think you could get a doorbell wired up so it says Hullo in his voice?

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fucking jej, can't wait for his reaction

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Would unironically vote for Joe if he was standing in my area, probably even over UKIP.

Good idea. Every time someone tries to bother me they just get a bellowing "That's not politics!" from loudspeakers set up neat the doorway.

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is it the 14-15 year old bit lad?

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what else could it be
was wondering what the pic wiki used for heaven was, didn't expect any of this shite but that all caps bit makes me want to burn down a gay nightclub in roblox

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I am not condoning that course of action but…

enjoyed nightclubbing last time i went
im blue came on


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I think Terry and Dave would approve.

dont think ive ever seen a gay nightclub in my life
benefits of not living in a big city

Is he still alive?

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Why are Norwegian hairlines so disgusting?

I went to a few on a night out with mates. No homo.

Look on eventbrite lad, it's full of their nonce events

didn't even know it existed, apparently it's hidden under a station

The fact that searches that should result with at least the first result being the meaning/definition of the word or concept being replaced by either corporate organisations or gay newspeak homo-globo indoctrination and severing of all past definitions of reality actively seeking to create a new world out of redefining the concepts of words leaving everyone a deracinated and ignorant self serving husk without meaning?

someone nicked all of shanes tools from his worksite overnight smdh

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Keke, this. Snogged a couple of lass friends in one tbh

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kikes despise God, they'd take every opportunity they can to spit at him

tbf it's where to find the lasses and you might get free drinks out of nowhere :^ )

I see you've got some first hand experience.

I honestly do subscribe to the theory that certain modern films or books get put out under certain names in order to throw chaff around whatever would also come up under that term if you did research on it
like nowadays if you google "Disney frozen" you get the film, instead of the mildly credible theory that Disney himself is currently in cryogenic suspension

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lads what would you do if everything your browsing history was made online?

I feel like one of those major data hubs used by google and facebook will be leaked eventually.


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Thanks lads

reminder that degrading your own internal state by fixating on the vices of others; leading to wrath and despair brings glory to demons and their works

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oh for fuck sake

why dont they just get rid of the british empire part of the award since it means nothing anyway

chuffed tbh

plead insanity tbh

interadasting tbh

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Amen the nonces are still getting the rope

tbf this is just a modern version of the pointless trinkets we gave to maharaj to placate them as we ruled india

I started browsing net in 1996.

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The most recent Judas Priest album is really good tbh

How would they even store all that data tbqh

Lad I was posting those two gazzas before you smh

because they make money from it

thats the reason why the government cant moniter everyone 24/7 but advertising companies can.

fair point, I'd imagine that decades of data would be a fucking nightmare though.


smh I may be misremebering

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Yeah lad I do, and far more sinister shit getting pushed out of the public eye.

Deny it and claim it was the work of spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

Not really the point tbh.

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so did I lad yet here we are

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could be worse, I'm in CET

Everyone on that stage needs firebombing in minecraft.

gazza looks like a lich who is low on souls

Probably true tbh.


sacrifice your days to him

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you know it ład

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we should get steiner help for his poo fixation

when she's gone the hysteria will be incredible lads

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This photo is so old. I guess the lad is going on 30 and living in England now.


smh this is going to be fun lads

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You should have someone suck it out like they do with snake poison lad

venom* smh


Is he? You tell me mate.


Drumpf live

nah I'm digging it out myself

his national emergency on the border speech?



Trump rn

smh that reminds me of a lass I used to know

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It reminds me of being happy

can't listen to certain songs in combination without being reminded of what I used to put on on nights at hers

Feels bad

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2024 is as far from now, as 2014

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Dems have a speech now, Chuck Schumer looks evil, Pelosi looks like a mental zombie

Only one more day off for me

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also she was fucking fit, ngl

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switched off right after 'no concrete wall'