Zig Forums are saying the bomb scare was a false flag by leftypol


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They might be democrat falseflags tho

They are right though.

It could also be a double false flag

Everything is a false flag according to Zig Forums.

That's Zig Forums typical modus operandi.

Remember when Trump became a zionist shill and Unite the Right was a massive shitshow, which ended up in the death of Heather Heyer? Zig Forumsturds inmediately disavowed the alt-right when shit hit the fan; much like that dickhead Gavin McInnes did some damage control when Jason Kessler was a member of the Proud Bois, inmediately disavowing him only after UTR went to shit.

Zig Forums are complete pussies, lacking the balls to admit they are on the wrong side, as always.

Pic related: Most terrorist attacks in the US are performed by far righters, so I'm more inclined to believe the right is behind this.

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I'd be glad to take credit desu, liberal oligarchs get the pipe bomb too

But user, Hillary is a commie :^)

They should have sent real bombs. Does Zig Forums actually think we support any of these Democrats?

user remember the feds are watching.

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A triple flag!

Fucking americans make the internet unbearable every time they have an election

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It was Q!

hi pol

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I'm not into smashing usually but I would smash that.


I always noticed how they are good in sitting on their asses all day only wanking about good old times and wojak+frog memes; talking if to marry asian girl and who is white and who isn't so I don't even know if this surprises me.

this is why reactionaries will fail

How does the driver see out of those windows? Okay, I get that retards like to put political stickers on their vehicles, but that guy put them all on his windows while carefully avoiding all the plain white surfaces. Was he trying to create a pedo van using stickers? You can't even safely drive a thing like that.

"Hey kid, do you like Trump? Get in my van, and we'll talk about illegal immigration."

If his social media posts, and the stickers themselves for that matter, are anything to go by this dude was likely schizophrenic. Of course once the media makes that more apparent the Zig Forums posters are just going to start claiming, "he was MKULTRA'd by the communist CIA!", or some such insanity.

Pretty sure feds have better things to do than monitoring a dead board


It goes without saying that a Zig Forumstard is schizophrenic.

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Really hope they keep this one up

I love how your "left wing" ideological terrorists like Dorner and the Unibomber (not really coherently left, but an "anarchist" in kind of a vague way) write like these at least semi-coherent manifestos that get all the pop pseudo-intellectuals slobbing on their knobā€¦ and then you go over to the right and like The Supreme Gentleman's Diary of Failure is pretty much the high watermark of literacy.

Dorner was still great, though.

Breivik is worth quite a few keks, shaping up to be the Charles Manson of the right. Of course, he's not an illiterate burgerlard, so there's that.

t. glow-in-the-dark

this, remember that one claiming the image Trump in the yarmuckle was a hologram?

s-some of them are probably paid shills tho, and we're not all like that

lel is that the actual title? It sounds like a magic item from DnD

On topic, fuck the media, special interest vultures and the political shysters on both sides of the isle hard and sideways up the ass, for using this shit as an excuse to try to shill for more censorship online.

Misblaming the leftists would've been more effective, if these fucks wouldn't leave their DNA material all over the evidence.

You can't expect these tards not to beat off over their homemade bombs.

Zig Forums thinks everything is a false flag conspiracy. They do this for every mass schooting.