Obvious FBI Honeypots

Other than this site, what are some FBI honeypots for leftists? Pic related.

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The SRA isn't a honeypot.

all the cyberspace

Lainchan, reddit, Facebook, cpusa, red guard USA, bunkerchan, leftyboru, systemd, youtube, twitter, Linux kernel, tox, irc, Photoshop, krita, Gentoo, Viod, Freebsd, any union in the us, Langley Virginia itself, any resident in Maryland, the great lakes, the cemetery that Terry Davis is put in, TempleOS, Intel, And, ARM holdings, Tencent, Samsung, John Madden, Democrat cops of america, Socialist Alternative, the Pentagon, the department of homeland security, wsws, Jacobin mag, your local gang, your local drug dealer, the KKK, Proud boys, Atomwaffen, that cute Walmart employee, that burger fliper at that joint you go to, those cars that seem to follow you wherever you go that alternate, your city hall, that homeless guy that looks a little too fine to be homeless, that voice in your head, and last and most importantly not least, OP.


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I love that it is a fagbook group spreading this meme about SRA.

This guy gets it

Lainchan is a honeypot?

No, Zig Forums is, but seriously: proton mail, tor, and bitcoin

Apparently a ton of Tor exit nodes are run by three letter agencies. There's a reason people are caught using the service for illicit activities all the time.

This but unironically.

Yes, use Arisuchan instead

Most honeypots are old orgs from Cold War times, like the CPUSA, but the contemporary left is far to marginalized and the one that isn't is in cahoots with the establishment anyway.

Even if there was a cop in my org, why would I give a fuck? We have no right to bear arms in Europe anyway and illegalism is fucking stupid when there is no revolutionary potential.

I believe this is partially right, but much people who got caught through tor did one mistake (like do a login in silkroad without tor enabled once) and that was the reason why the cops could trace them

nice meme my friend

ProtonMail and RiseUp are both honeypots too, compromised by the US.

Please no

Basically any org that takes a very sectarian but also nonsensical line is probably FBI. Look into the Ad Hoc Committee for a Marxist-Leninist Party, the fake Maoist faction they used to create divisions within the early CPUSA and SDS. It's a proven strategy still in use for weakening orgs that rely on their members' unity and resolve. If we're naming names: the DSA Disabilities Working Group, and the RCP (interesting that they are better funded than ever despite ascendant tenants' unions and the DSA being more effective for the interests of 95% of their membership).

Personally I don't think there is much FBI activity targeting super online leftists, we're too ineffective to interest them. And what are they going to do, arrest me for posting egoist memes? Groups that organize irl action, whether protests or assisting unions, are a different story. But those people are by definition not neckbeards, so they use facebook groups for everything. Easy to subpoena, or just infiltrate the old fashioned way.

Yeah all of that is correct, and reading about subversion in the 70s, the feds were really concerned about disciplined, democratic centralist groups coming together. The strategy was to introduce infighting to keep them apart.
If there's even an inkling of civil unrest in any kind of organized way in the U.S. you can be damn sure the feds know about it in advance. Any metropolitan area of a given size with an 'organized' left presence is likely to have a dedicated officer on them, maybe more than one. Their intelligence is extremely good and they know everything already. Basically, you're already locked, stocked and taken into account. Not to induce paranoia but just stating the obvious here.

It's interesting you mention the RCP because they dress up a liberal line in revolutionary language, and they like to escalate situations with the cops. During a tense situation (such as after a police shooting that draws protests) you'll see guys in "BA Speaks!" t-shirts right up at the front trying to agitate.

Incidentally, the left underestimates the extent of monitoring of white nationalist and militia groups. I think there's this belief on the left that they're in cahoots with the feds when that is not accurate (the white nationalists certainly don't feel that way), although there are some groups that are run by informants. There's a tradeoff from the feds' perspective toward doing that. Local police departments are different and are a crapshoot of prejudices and varying levels of laziness and incompetence, but one of the FBI's dedicated missions is rooting out white nationalist infiltration of local law enforcement and they do enjoy bringing the heat down on podunk departments for that.

The white nationalists are also correct that the feds put the screws down harder on them than the black-clad antifas (though the feds monitor them too and always have) but that's because the threat calculation is different. While it might not seem this way from outward-facing statements, the FBI knows very well that the white nationalists are far more dangerous and likely to pop off as the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh the other day demonstrated. At the same time, lone-wolf violence like that is extremely hard to prevent. Even the antifascist researchers on Twitter who had seen this guy before were caught by surprise. You've got thousands of neo-Nazis posting anti-Semitic drivel to their Gab accounts all day and all it takes is one to yell Leeroy Jenkins and unleash a murder spree.

Feds are also worried about autonomous groups of several individuals willing and capable of carrying out "complex attacks." This is a relatively new phenomenon on the extreme right and is demonstrated by the recent indictments of the Rise Above Movement. I believe the number of indictments involving RAM is now up to at least eight – and one member was arrested after fleeing to Mexico. They were acting as these organized neo-Nazi fight club that was both training to and actively traveling across state lines to attack leftists at demonstrations.

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Last comment. So I guess the question is: what does the left do? Hell if I know. But while it might not be popular to say this here, I'd suggest … not breaking the law. That Jacobin article about the Ad Hoc Committee made a point to mention that the feds like the law. They understand the law. They like it when people break the law because it makes their job easier. Knock off the drugs [glances at anarchists]. Read theory and history but don't front like you know everything. Put yourself in the shoes of your enemy and ask yourself what they don't want. What the big bourgeoisie does not want is a big, organized and disciplined left coming together.

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FBI, is that you?

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Conor Arpwel is 100% an agent.

The Progressive Labor Party was also an op

I'm curious what makes people think SRA is a Fed honeypot. Their obvious involvement with firearms definitely makes increased scrutiny and vigilance necessary, but they do not seem to engage in (from my admitted perspective as an outsider) the kind of hyper-revolutionary, hyper-sectarian behavior which tends to characterize those sorts of operations as a way to isolate and legally neutralize the organization's marks.

Nah but I'm fascinated by how they work. We're still seeing fresh charges resulting from UTR in Charlottesville more than a year ago – and there's a lot of paperwork involved and they don't want to prosecute unless they've got the defendant dead to rights. They are sometimes prodded to go in various directions due to politics but that can lead to prosecutions getting fucked up (Malheur and J20). At the same time, a lot of these white nationalist guys go around breaking the law repeatedly and because they are not prosecuted on the spot, these Nazi guys think they're untouchable – that's hubris – but these things eventually catch up to them. The feds have longer memories.

Any kind of paramilitary activity combined with the word "socialist" like that is going to bring scrutiny but from what I've seen the SRA is being pretty smart about it and is trying to act as an NRA-type organization for the left: firearms instruction for self-defense purposes like some of the scattered liberal gun clubs, the Pink Pistols, etc. Now, that's legal so long as they don't cross the line into inciting violence or civil unrest. The organization needs to be on guard against anyone showing up and trying to prod people into doing things like that – and from what I've seen, they are.

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i.e. they are extremely wary of people like that. Keep it legal, folks!

PSA that ProtonMail is a chat service that pretends to be an email service: protonmail.com/support/knowledge-base/expiration/ .

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Please try to prove how it's a honeypot. And I'm talking about the real SRA, no the one you have to pay to join and is owned by a fucking landlord.

Ah yes, the unimpeachable source known as white nationalists' feelings.

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Who said white nationalists are in cahoots with the feds? I don't know any feds.

they should merge with the NRA. They could be the National-Socialist rifle association.

I bet you thought that was incredibly clever, didn't you