Sture Fjäder, the chair of Akava (the Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland)...

But I thought it was nazbol propaganda that porkies want immigrants to push wages down

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expansion of the reserve army of labour pushes wages down no matter what
sage for fingol thread

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Rude bump

if they work they are not part of the reserve army you dumb shit

Wages are stagnant because of outsorcing and automation, not because of immigrants; also because of workplace hierarchy. Anyone that knows some basic economics knows this.

Immigrants are working class as well. Nazbols must fuck off back to Zig Forums

Why are people this dumb? FAS?
People like you can't seem to tell the difference between being against immigration and being against immigrants.
You might as well call yourself nazbol since you just blamed low wages outsourcing. user, foreign workers are working class too!
Quit this hysterical duckspeak.

They really are gobstopping, pro-immigration shills on the "left" sound like pro-offshoring libs praising sweatshops.

It's not rocket science any more than "anti-slavery, pro-slave".

Oops, bad encode was missing sound

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Why would you think that? Everyone knows that already.

The radlibs here keep denying it

Bullshit. Where do you think you are seeing that?

Boris, get the Kalashnikov

This is true, but there’s no radlibs on Zig Forums so this tread is just preaching to the quire.

Aren’t the Fins immigrants from Mongolia though?

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Literally a few posts above

Link or it didn't happen.


Reminder this degree of naked exploitative greed is not unique in Europe:

Especially ridiculous since anyone opposed to mass economic immigration is also opposed to free trade, and "automation" is a fictional meme:

Just an absolute tour-de-force of wrongness

Those things are not mutually exclusive. Immigration is used by bosses as a tool to depress wages, but the big reason that wages are stagnant is outsourcing and automation. As for this , that article's entie claim is based on a fundamental misuse of statistics, namely treating a lack of positive statistical evidence as negative statistical evidence. Further, it teats all automation as one monolithic thing, as if machines that improve the productivity of a given worker are the same thing as machines that replace said worker. Bad framing, bad argument.

"Immigration depresses wages" and "immigration doesn't depress wages" are mutually exclusive.

Read the article again, it makes two positive statements:
1) Technology doesn't explain any measured unemployment nor inequality, nor has it at any time in the past.
2) Open borders and deregulation (neoliberalism) explain the entirety of unemployment and inequality since the 1970s institution of neoliberalism.
Stop drinking the memes, put the Kool-Aid down.
Do not exist. They may shift jobs to different types of workers, but until strong/general AI is invented, machines can't "replace" people.

It's Nazbol propaganda to say immigrants inherently are scabs and that we should fight immigration through electoralism. Given the current economic situation of the west we have significantly more to worry about with factories in the third world and easily liquidated bullshit jobs when it comes to lowering wages than we do with some beaners who jumped the fence. In any case agitating against porky bringing in some immigrants or moving factories isn't going to stop porky from doing that and we need to build a revolutionary movement of all the proles and lumpens we can muster instead of failing to effect change through politics and protests like the left has been doing for close to a century now.

Who woulda thunk it? Zero consequences.

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Does this union leader not realise that what he proposes would still incentivise immigrants to come to work in Finland, even if Finnish labour law didn't apply to foreigners, that wouldn't stop a Finnish business from paying more than what the immigrant would make in India for example but still less than his Finnish employee.

We already have something similar in England where 16 and 17 year olds have their own minimum wage, as do 18 to 21 year olds, 22 to 24 and 25 and over ie 4 tiers, which serves to outprice older workers and prevent unions from organising in industries where older workers are thrown out on their are before they can think about joining one