Brit/pol/ #2616: Big Brexit Bigots Edition


Brexiteer Bill Cash warns of 'unthinkable' consequence of May's deal

BBC forced to delete tweet after asking followers to debate whether they 'respected' Saudi woman who fled threat of murder

Republican rebellion against Donald Trump's border wall shutdown stance gathers pace

Egypt repatriates smuggled artefact from the UK

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They whacked the price up on it as well, the stupid cunts will still fall for it.

here we go

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interdimensional sentient fatbergs

what about a robbin hood esque group that destroy traffic metres and other forms of control over rural areas

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delet this


deutsche bank soon.
manufacturing decline

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r8 my new waifu

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very tasty given the entire EU negotiating strategy hinged on the memi of the UK entering recession before the march deadline and so accepting a shit deal or cancelling le bregzit

Did they outsource it all to china as well or is this just the global stall we've been waiting for?


I think it's the whole world economy lad

What about all those millions of engineers they imported from shitholistan?

Fuck em tbh. And yet NPCs wanted to remain part of their EU machine? HA!

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What did you do to be more local today?
What did you do to be more big lad today?
What did you do to be more big brained today?
What did you do to be more moral today?

for me, finally started using our local butcher, just got back from a run. can't think of anything for my brain and just normal on moral stuff.

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You should become a trapper lad

I've lived long enough to see the end.

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good post


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dressing up like a woman is for saddos and freaks lad

lad… ladd.dddd.d.d ladddddddddddddddd


chin up lad

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Kek. He should have got something about lucky larry and the melting point of steel girders in there.

Suppose so, time to break out the war paint and heavy metal. London is going to be such a shitshow.

yeah that looks comfy af I would die really fast from exposure though since I am not innawoods pro


They're notorious for shagging boys though?

r8 new waifu

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maybe he wanted to cure the homos of gayism?

she looks 50 y.o. but is basically the same age as me smdh spic genes suck

why is she even standing in front of that flag tbf. its insulting to the men who built the USA for an open spic commie traitor to play dress up in front of the flag


Good lad

No i think they're all pretty broadly hypocrites, if it isn't the boys it's the local wildlife.

he was probably upset his bum boy was not dancing for him anymore so he killed him to fight gays for allah


Is at least 50% of 137 billion times better looking.

im just le girl from the bronx xd

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It's legitimate politics now lad.

If you want to get technical, 25%, because that's what you're looking at if you bag that ho.

should really have gunned down all the nonce cunts in the audience

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I could live on 25% of 137 billion USD.



new york city is a cesspit it should be napalmed like in fritz the cat. its a cancer on the rest of that beautiful state

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that's meghan markle lad

They shoot each other at weddings, funerals and all sorts, it's Pakistan after all.


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This. Probably a jilted lover or something. Degenerates.

oh wait that was the wrong one

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Moment teacher was caught ‘masturbating’ under desk in class full of children

Spoiled his face because it looks like shit tbf

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its okay when women nonce tho

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he looks like a character from jimmy neutron

She does have a nice hip to waist ratio tbh

tbh lads

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typical hebroid skull shape

Designed to deliver 1 anchor baby every 9 months without fail.


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A good war bride then, first time I saw that vid when she was spinning I thought she was that tasty chug that gets posted every once in a while

Why does Rachel Riley keep calling other scoobydoos anti-semites ( Noam Chomsky, Gilad Atzmon ). I didn't think scoobydoos could be anti-semites tbh.


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there's a split between zionist and globalists scoobydoos


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shes a dumb bint

trash pandas are cunts and should be killed


It's a lie lad they work both ends while supporting each other tacitly while offering talking points and token support.

scoobydoos aren't some united hivemind.

smh tbh lad

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stupid fucking gooks took trashpandas back to japan because of a TV show and now there are trash pandas all over japan lmao. trash pandas are cunts who will rip your childs face off


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Even the most severe of autists get more fanny than pandas. That species was doomed from the start. The only reason why the chinks don't eat them is because it's the only animal they have something in common with.

lad I'm on nofap. can you just give me a quick run down of the porn

Have you seen the video of the lad that kicked a racoon down a set of stairs because it was bullying either his cat or dog, I can't remember?

nuclear powered smh

heard you were chatting shit

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Just google mate, there's articles about it without lewds.



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Sure. But how many whites go around screaming "anti-white" at other whites?

it's a thing tbh

yeah primarily thanks to scoobydoos

does anyone have that webm of the guy throwing the raccoon down the stairs?

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