I voted for the Republicans, because of accelerationism

Tell us how much into accelerationism you are.

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It's time to stop

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Elections (in the US) have always been tilted and susceptible to all kinds of frauds, but now it's become a matter of course. In Florida this Tim Canova guy is being pushed aside by both parties. The DNC and RNC work together. Voting is wholly pointless now.
Accelerationism has agitated people and they're moving to the farther right and farther left, but the FBI are making sure it all stays capitalistic. Once you have this swirling pool of accelerationism, you have to act, like the post above says, organize, Find the people supporting DSA, or SA and when they don't make it this cycles or 2020 even, explain how there is no political solution. The state is too strong and the "elected" officials are just the clerks for this "deep state" oligarchy. There's only a social solution.
"Seize the means of production" is an old slogan, how about we just seize it all?

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the best kind of accelerationism is when you steal a T-40 and hit the gas and barrel into the White House.

I'm armchair, good enough?

My honest analysis is that acceleration has no signified, that it's just a void created out of postmodernism. I just imagine the people who subscribe to it read 1/4 of the accelerationist manifesto and then never stopped jerking off to hentai because they physically cannot stop jerking it to hentai.
It seems not thought out, lazy, defeatist, fascist, amphetamine induced, and retarded in the flame retardant sense. Just like how the European holocaust was a whoops-afterthought rather than planned, the big upcoming/present world holocaust will be due to this kind of dumb 'well we better not even try to stop producing automatic death and rapid cancer cause it's easy enough to ignore it for now in the most selfish way possible'. Just like how volume after volume of climate books come out saying, 'sorry future generations… starbucks was enough for us and you're stuck with a flooded hellworld' even though advances in technology by their very nature could rapidly fix these issues… Idk I think the timeline where we end up fixing things and not deathspiralling will leave the accelerationist gang responsible for a whole mess of willful ignorance

Not at all. It's literally the dumbest idea in history.

I vote for Democrats exclusively because of accelerationism

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what if their j-o material is snuff? ever thought about that?

but seriously

how does advances in technology help anything? if anything capitalist innovation in technology has made us more complacent and alienated than ever before.

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Accelerationism is dumb and voting GOP at this particular moment isn't even necessarily accelerationist. As far as I'm concerned, the only theoretically useful accelerationism is of capital - just making shit worse because it has to get better is retarded. The current GOP will make things worse with authoritarian policies, but their economics are shifting towards full-retard protectionism. If your goal is to vote for Neoliberal shills, you'd do just as well voting Democrat 9/10 times.

Or you also could run for congress and vote for yourself. If you lose it literally will not matter, and if you have the time you can use your run to spread your message. If you get elected, that's a bonus.

The idea currently floated is that you can end up with a society where labor is unnecessary and the profit motive makes no sense anymore because we can just produce everything we need from basically out of nowhere and the capitalists will have no value as "employers" whatsoever and without them we'll just have easier access to everything.

This sort of makes sense. We've come an extremely long way - arguably we're close to this. But there's a load of stuff we could make that would bring us so much closer.

The thing is that the assumption that we're going to make continuous progress like this (when rent-seeking is often more profitable and increased capitalism means increased PR) and then all these well-fed ex-proles will just be ready for revolution because they have nothing better to do or whatever… this notion is retarded, and assumes way too much about the course of the future. Guys like Nick Land take advantage of this absolute gap in thought and just replace "Gay space Communism!" with their post-humanity dystopia fetish - which probably is also better than what would actually happen, tbh.

Nick Land is a sick bastard tbqh, does even realize other animals besides humans exist? I doubt it.

one more thing its funny how some commies talk about eugenics and say "muh ebil nahtzees" but are often just as bad if not worse. especially the ones that felliate Nick Land.

I don’t understand this logic,

You got a liberal who wants more id pol progress, more diversity vs one that thinks its better to put a stop to it.

That's the major difference between them, both will screw you over and raise taxes in the long term anyway.

Hm, protectionism especially vs China seems to be a good move from US. They're just trying to re negotiate agreements with EU to favor US more, since US is currently in a growth period its a good time to do this and have leverage. It applies protectionism to gain something in return which I would say is a smart move a county can make for its own economy.

The current economic policies that are in place are causing more bubbles in the economy so its going to be interesting once that will burst.

Both are neolib.
If you have voted Democrat, you would get the same acceleration.
Arguably even faster, because leftists don't know where to go, when they get inevitably disappointed.

But really, it doesn't matter, so vote whoever you like.

Accelerationists might be the dumbest of all political positions. Collapses take time. You're just making the world slightly shittier until you die.

Real accelerationism is completely different than the kind of shit you people are performing.
Real accelerationism lies in increasing wealth disparity and polarization of the economic discourse.
Real accelerationism is the free continuation of the capitalist system, where it will crash against its own contradictions even harder.
Real accelerationism is removing banking regulations, pumping fake money and financial products into the economy, inflating bubbles and preparing crashes.
Real accelerationism will empower the reaction against the system, by proving the destructive principles against that system.
Real accelerationism can only performed on any useful scale by capitalists. And the only thing they'd have to be doing is following their own class interests.

Keep voting for the dems

Hilariously, I actually voted Democrat in hopes to accelerate the happening. Not that it matters. The end will be the same no matter what.

Can't figure out how to sage on this wacky board, hope I did it right. Also glad to see that leftypol also has dumbass, low-effort threads too.

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