Brit/pol/ #2617: Golden Calf Edition

Shocking new pictures lay bare scale of NHS body parts scandal: Inside waste disposal firm facing criminal probe after allowing amputated heads. limbs and torsos to build up in huge stockpiles

Theresa May deal means UK ‘CANNOT walk away’ from EU negotiations

Jeremy Corbyn 'will demand a General Election if May loses Brexit vote' - as shadow Brexit minister Keir Starmer says a second referendum may be ONLY way to avoid No Deal

Number of women over 40 having babies surpasses teen pregnancies as births to mothers under 19 hits LOWEST EVER rate

Model has brushed off criticism that her appearance at an agricultural machinery show was "outdated"

Donald Trump says '100pc' he will declare national emergency if Democrats don't budge on wall

Yellow vests wreck two in three French speed cameras

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Fuck corbyn tbh
fuck the world tbh

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Fuck the mongols tbh

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Fuck labour

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would fuck that ice cream right into her mush tbh


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all the pretty gooks look like ayys tbqh


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She want's to steal the white tumblr aesthetic so bad.



wonder if this ever happened with the celts who travelled to egypt
love t'sphinx me

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shitskins need to fuck off an die tbf. I got shat on so much by niggers as a kid for having blond hair and blue eyes then eminem came around and all the shaun king tier whites dyed their hair blond and then it was cool then it became gay again now all the gooks do it. fuck off and die poohairs

Funny that they try pulling the DM memi when literally everything they ever fucking say is just repeated from the grauniad, indy, beeb, etc

Cheeky prick. Does this mean we can demand a second vote if we don't like the outcome, or do we just have to put up and shut up? Fuck this cunt tbf and his comrades.

they were probably jealous lad.

there is celtic graffiti in the temple at memphis its just some norf FC tier stuff like deotauruseruz was here

Still whiter than you achmed. A lot of them skin bleach too, wonder how many would pay good money to get BLEACHED.

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I want the government to aersolize carfenynal and make them all fuck off


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This is absolutely fucking textbook from the EU tbh, we're not the first country to be pressured into voting again because the EU didn't like it. And they claim to stand up for democracy and the people of Europe. It's fucking communist.

lmao alegs is throwing tomahawks at the camera keeeeeeeeeeeeeeek

na the wogs are quite openly just here for miscegenation now. they genuinely think white women are lusting for their dicks now thanks to media.

spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) have stopped the site working for me can only listen to audio


nothing will change until we start hanging the bastards

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It's top tier projection. It's not necessarily false in most cases (norf fc types may well get a lot of their language/talking points from the media), it's just galling when I've been on the receiving end of it (when obviously I don't give particular credence to any media outlet). Everything about leftists ignites a blinding flame of pure hatred in me tbh - so when camp little lefties start proudly citing the bbc and the guardian as the sources of some new piece of extremely important information, I find it difficult not to go full PJW about the lamestream meteor.

It's so obviously yet another example of middle class lefty snobbery when the pricks proudly pronounce to the world that they read the guardian, and have a go at anyone reading the daily mail (which is obviously read by the working classes for the most part).

I really don't know how the left gets away with being so class divided in a way the right could never dream of being.

Pakistani Christian Faces Forced Deportation from U.K

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literally everything on their part is projection

yeah its super cringey as well this one asian fag was trying to give me shit for getting sunburned and saying I should have some "asian" blood so I could tan better and I literally just said who's language are you communicating in?

Pissed off my mum earlier when I pointed out the only reason we had a pop boom and a need for more schools in the late 90's was because of Labour's immigration policy. She did the typical women thing of dropping the subject like the conversation had ended when logic was starting to impinge on emotion.

Absolutely fucking no way that will get through the court tbh

looks like he was the one who was getting burned :^ )

imagine not even being able to redpill your mum

its not even worth it lad

Fucking ell, women really do seem to hit the wall all at once. She looks about ten years older than the last time I saw her. It's amazing how suddenly most women seem to age by the time they get to their late twenties (often much earlier tbh).

The EU did it to Ireland and I think it was 3 votes until the kikes got what they wanted.
We're not a member of a union, but a member of an autocratic council of money grabbing European traitors and globalists.

Best way to deal with it. We're still the winners to them even as they drag us into the shit.

And on top of that our country is ran by an autocratic council of money grabbing European traitors and globalists.

No she sees it but she refuses to consciously acknowledge it. It's bizarre watching that sort of cognitive dissidence at play but she's moving out of this city for a reason and I know it's not the ones she's voicing.

I wish I still had that quote about how the entire world still views themselves through the european lens despite the fact that current europeans literally don't care and just want to send them foreign aid or whatever and don't think about it

who tf cares tbh dont blackpill your mum

You're not wrong there tbh

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Any sauce for that lad? I'd like to send it to a few people I know.

Like women. Who are like scoobydoos. It's always preemptive 'retaliation' with the lesser strains - so convinced are they that white men are as base, as conniving and as wicked as they are.

smdh I don't get this cringy obsession with le wall in terms of looks. they only start shitting out tards in late 30s. if anything the sweet spot is when their looks begin to fade so they have to cope. 22 year old lasses are like talking to a gaping vacuum to deep space in terms of personality

also modern women have such shitty lifestyles

tbf she's also leaving the nation.

Can't remember the book tbh lad

She's such a cynical bitch as well. Bloody scoobydooess, actually attempting to look like she was about to cry at the end of the video.

It's partly schadenfreude, partly just a depressing observation, lad. As far as the former is concerned, I simply can't help but feel some comfort in the fact that pampered bitches who've never known anything but smoke being blown up their arses are not treated like total goddesses indefinitely.

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what the fuck is this


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this is what years of modernity do to you


Thank you spellcheck.

They seems really close together, do they not have gardens or is this a trick of perspective

I find it cringy because instead of just not giving a shite we end up ticking down some thots who ignored us clock until she becomes uggo. tbh I feel like a teenage girl when I do that

I think everyone likes seeing someone get what's coming to them like the overly vain destroying themselves with plastic surgery as they age.

o-oy v-v-vey

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Is this what hell looks like?


Mordhau when

if you pay taxes youre a paypig to your government domme

It's going to take a virgin sacrifice to get this game to be released.


Good suggestion lad, now get on the altar.
never ever

Katie Price's life is a comedy of fuck ups and now she has to sell her tiddie implants, also the only blokes who go for her are 'muh dik' thinking chads who aren't interested in her at all. It great seeing women fade into the background and turn into an attention seeking pathetic husk on the dole.


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The moment any relatively famous tart starts fading they go overdrive on the political nonsense.


Tbh there are some girls who've given me plenty of attention for whom I'm quite glad the wall will come - mainly because their attitudes stink and they're utter whores kek. It's perfectly reasonable to look on gladly at the downfall of a monster, and tonnes of young women are monstrous.

Tbf, no-one listens to what some trollop has to say about politics. It quickly becomes background noise, just like QT tonight.

Same goes for normal women tbh. There must be a strong correlation (and is anecdotally) between women hitting the wall/not having the husband/kids they want by a certain age and them becoming """interested""" in poisonous left wing guff.

Exactly, any bloke with stones won't give a ha'penny toss what any tart has to say, they aren't respectable as any sort of authority figure.

Unfortunately I have failed to remain chaste for St.Mary.

Is QT on tonight? With whatsherface?

It is, hosted by some dumpy roastie called Fiona

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Who is Slavoj Žižek and why should I care about him?

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>steiner defending barren thots again like ginnie

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World record holder for "longest case of the common cold"

Cute dog.

All I know is never ask him his name if you're not wearing a wetsuit and face mask.


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Sadiq Gave £21,000 of Taxpayers' Cash to Group Campaigning for Second Referendum

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Not even mildly bewildered.

he should be stripped of his job for this

dinkles the rinkles