Theodore Kaczynski

I just started watching Manhunt: Unabomber over on Netflix. I really wanna know what leftpol’s thoughts on the guy are?

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Just another poorly-read guy who thought that liberals = "the left".

Most of this board doesn't like him because they are oversocialized and try to paint him as right wing even though he was clearly anti capitalist.

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Kind of respect him even though his actual ideas were shit. To be fair, he semi-btfos Zerzan and he made accurate observations about industrialization and capitalism. But he criticized the former as a stand-in for the latter. Also, if I recall, he was a huge social reactionary - actually a racist, if I'm not mistaken, just not his primary thing.

His manifesto was mostly a crock of shit, but attained respect from American 'intellectuals' because it was still tiers above the actual state of popular debate at the time ("culture wars" bullshit).


sort of one in the same in America, though. though conservatives are pretty Burkean too.

I like him, personally.

also heard he was a truecel. never got to have sex in his 75 years of existence.

but he made accurate predictions on consumer culture faster than you can say Theodor Adorno. Adorno was an idiot though for disliking atonal music, imho.

I don't see an issue. lemme see you pull off what he did and then we'll talk.

benis, also I wish mods would let us post nsfw content on obvious fedthreads like this so the glow-in-the-darks would have to look at goatse or something every time they made a thread like this

They also have to check spoilered images to make sure people don't communicate in those. And spoilered nsfw was allowed IIRC on Zig Forums at least.

How? By taking everything out of context, and fiddling with sources?

he's like a mix of Zerzan and Adorno imo

One more reason to actually get rid of moderators like I have been saying

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I don't have pozzscript enabled and need that to spoiler tho

true, dude.

Stallman is right and OP is a gullible for promoting a proprietary streaming service, but here's a magnet for u:

He's not lol

he's whatever I say he is, faggot

He’s a literal Faggot

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Extremely simplistic views on technology. Google (read Bookchin) and his chapter on the social matrix of technology in the Ecology of Freedom