Brit/pol/ #2618: Osman Mohanty Edition

Peaky Blinders political rally scene in Stockport as crew transform modern shopfronts into 1930s Birmingham

Shocking new pictures lay bare scale of NHS body parts scandal: Inside waste disposal firm facing criminal probe after allowing amputated heads. limbs and torsos to build up in huge stockpiles

‘Perfectly healthy’ boy, 10, dies 72 hours after routine surgery to remove kidney stones

Sadiq Gave £21,000 of Taxpayers' Cash to Group Campaigning for Second Referendum

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SA is a nonce

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Is that a piece of pancake on a stick?


No lad, that's a man dressed as a woman.


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smh maybe I need glasses

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No, it's some sort of insect.


Bourgie as fuck.

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t. actually brainwashed


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crispy creme doughnuts are the biggest memi

This nigger is middle class.

They are shit.

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champagne socialism will never change
they were cheap belly fillers when I was a sprog


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compare and contrast

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delet this image immediately

Put them in the freezer to go hard, lush tbqh.

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very good lad

Fucking demon nonces

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almost comically evil

i can't stop laughing tbh

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the democracy worship instilled in the young by liberals is coming back to bite them

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Jesus Christ, how can anyone look at this and say that he's not being sexualised.

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It just keeps getting worse.
That kid is just a kid though and is clearly being manipulated, he should be rehomed in a normal family and allowed to be a normal child, although he's probably a bit mentally disturbed at this point by being surrounded by oversexualised adults (hopefully they haven't nonced him.) Reckon if he had a good father figure he would turn out like a normal lad.

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Anti-rage posting tbh.

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Very nice

Even his background story they use makes no sense, apparently at the age of two he sat down and watched Ru Paul and decided to become a drag queen. When I was two I was watching Thomas.
The whole thing is clearly a lie and I'd put money that he's being abused.

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Not too shabby, but then again it's pretty hard to mess up gin.
Big brands are going to have to improve tbh, these small own brand drinks are just as good, if not better.

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5 vanilla custard donuts in Sainsburys for 65p tbh

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Apparently he is on the autism spectrum as well, people with that type of mindset can very easily get obsessed with certain concepts, if you feed a vulnerable autistic child loads of LGBTQwhatever propaganda (Which they clearly have) they're going to latch onto it.
Feel sorry for the poor kid he has never had the chance to have a normal life. Kids are harsh as well, if he's going to school he's not going to be able to interact with normal children.

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hang on is this the same scottish geezer as the /fit/ bloke

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No child just sits down to watch a drag show, they forced it on him.

How do you get it so loud without the audio cutting out?


It's really telling of a person that buys 12 doughnuts for £10 tmh.


You don't expect sense from the bougie do you lad?

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What do you lads think of the Houthi's? Just a bunch of derkas derka'ing or a respectable spiritual/political movement?

It's admirable how they can hold off half the world fighting a successful guerilla campaign against two military powerhouses.

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That bowl of noodles or whatever it is looks like shite tbf.

Alright lads

one of yours lad?

Don't that music is appropriate for that as all of that is perceived as fine and progress.

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he's a renaissance man

This is what I'm talking about
When we were poor hungry kids it was a bag of doughnuts for 50p to fuel hours of running around the park kicking a ball

Pretty banter but apart from memmies I don't really care what goes down in Yemen

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nah stole it from SA or someone months ago

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As long as they don't come here I couldn't care what they get up to. Internal shit flinging within the mudslime community has been going on since time immemorial and it won't change.

smh, they appropriate the worst bits of other cultures

ello there mate
where in essex are you from then

hullo yes, thank you.

we used to own all of that smh

Top lad tbh

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Here have the webm user.

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tbh I reckon it's more to do with the efniks realising they can rip off the retards

Not mine tbh

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Maybe we will again one day.

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what a load of slop
>Vom, how intredasting, what's in it?


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Which ones?

it's what the efniks sell to thick rich ferringhis, while they'll actually be eating pics related

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this is the life of joe's mum

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bless her soul


almost threw up in my mouth
foreign "food" is always shite but this takes things to a new level of depravity

don't knock it til you've tried it lads, since chickens actually use their feet it's good strong meat, especially for free range chickens. Wouldn't recommend you tried it on Tesco chickens though

oh dear

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Don't dox me, lad

why not just have a yummy chicken pie
with mushroom

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Leave the EU without a deal in March 2019

Their 'evidence' was "he's missing something prevalent in British DNA, therefore he's black"

I couldn't eat 2nd world cuisine. It looks like the menu was written by David Cronenberg

how can I dox a spy?

ffs lad I haven't eaten today, the food talk is driving me nuts tbh you can do both, it adds a bit of variety, and I always find noodles and stuff is easier to take to work

tbh you eat it or it eats you

Those prices are often to cover the stupid rents they have to pay. They just pass it on to the punter

Valid point.

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